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Who should VivaVintage send to the NBA Finals this year?

BuLoyBuLoy PExer
it's the homestretch for the NBA playoffs now and i'm sure viva vintage will soon be deciding on who to send this year to the nba finals? sino sa tingin nyo dapat padala nila?
ako honestly sukang suka na ako kay Quinito Henson at Andy Jao. tama na. sawa na kami dyan. mga bago naman!
me thinks Anthony Suntay and TJ Manotoc are ripe and prime to be the new duo to bring us the excitement of the NBA Finals. Anthony did a decent job last year. and TJ naman has improved tremendously this past year. at bagay sila. parehong young at may spunk and energy. i think for once we'll enjoy our local coverage rather than go bitchin around as usual. whatya think?


  • please lang...wag na si quinito!

    if vintage is gonna send him back to the states to represent our country...dyahe lang talaga. he'll probably ask some nba player na naman kung may kilala syang pilipino o kung yung maid ba ng ate ng lolo ng driver ni shaquille ay may aso na dating pagmamay-ari ng isang pilipinog callboy or something?!?! kakahiya talaga ang stufid questions ni quinito at times. the trivia he dishes out, sige pwede pa, pero the antics he does when he's representing our country ay talagang dapat ikahiya.

    pero if vintage decides to send quinito anyway, please, one-way ticket lang ang i-issue nyo sa kanya! :bleh:

    Peace. :smokin:
  • Mas mabuti pa nga yata kung walang ipadala ang Viva Vintage sa NBA Finals this year.:rolleyes: After all, marami lang namang maiinis ulit sa bobong coverage nila, siguradong magpapatawa na naman at magiging corny ang mga ipapadala nila, at puro endorsement na naman ng mga product ang sasabihin nila every few seconds.

    For example: "At 'yan na naman si Shaquille O'Neal mga kaibigan, By the way, we'd like to thank PLDT TXT 135 for being a sponsor in Viva Vintage's coverage of the NBA Finals!":grrr: Mayayamot lang ako sa ka-cheapan na gagawin ng mga mokong ng Viva Vintage sa NBA Finals!:grrr:
  • Pwede ba ako na lang?? :D Hindi ako magp-plug ng unnecessary products, promise. :D
    But seriously...I think TJ Manotoc would do a really good job...not just of giving us a great analysis of the game, but I think he'd make a good basketball ambassador for our country as well. I mean, check him out...he's, what, 24? He's editor-in-chief of a magazine, he's a highschool basketball coach, he's impeccably groomed, undoubtedly smart & articulate, he's NOT a know-it-all, and no one seems to hate him. In fact, I think he's pretty well-liked here in PEx, which is really saying a lot considering how brutal we can get :p
    I'm not all for that Anthony Suntay thing, though...I still think he's too raw. Noli Eala would do great! He's soooooo funny! Ed Picson, too, I think.
  • Si Anthony Suntay kaya??
  • neth_rowneth_row PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    anyone but anthony suntay and quinito henson :grrr:
  • Can't we just have the NBC commentators doing it from the states as the audio patch? Nakakainis lang yung mga yun. I don't understand why we need someone from here since Albert, Costas, Collins and company are so much better than anyone we can offer.

    We're an english speaking country and tagalog even offends some parts of the Philippines.
  • Oh please!!! Wag na sila magpadala, for the love of God!!!

    I understand American commentary naman eh!

    Wag ka na Quinito!!!!!

    Nakakawalang gana manood!!!
  • j3sj3s PExer
    suntay lang. u guys said it all.
  • tagalog ain't that bad. wag lang naman yung mga commentator that use phrases like "patay ang butiki!" or people who have chino trinidad's diction. although kung tagalog, si chino na lang, pero pang larong-buko naman ang commentary ni chino :lol: but nonetheless, if we're sending someone over there, it should be someone who can speak tagalog and english pretty well, and who won't make a fool of him/herself while on the job. anthony suntay looks goofy e. quinito is annoying naman. dr j - ok naman as analyst and so is tj manotoc. as for noli eala, pwede siguro, although funny kung hihirit sya pagnag-alley-oop si brian shaw to shaq ng "SUSMARYOSEP!" but hey, oks lang naman siguro wag lang useless trivia and stupid questions that will embarass our country. so taglish is ok for commentary, depends on who delivers it e.
  • :lol: SUSMARYOSEP :lol::D
  • nussnuss PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Imagine Noli Eala saying this: "Magandang umaga po, welkam sa Bayan ng Superstars..." :lol:
  • Instead of hearing Noli Eala saying "Ikaw na ang maging Danny Seigle!"

    you'll hear him say "Ikaw na ang maging blablablah!"
  • j3sj3s PExer

    hey how about ronnie nathanielz? viva vintage pa ba yun? honestly, i dont like his english. a thousand pexers can speak better english than he does.
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