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    Full Name: Richard Rama Gutierrez
    Nickname: Chard
    Birthday: January 21, 1984
    Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, USA
    Nationality: Filipino/American
    Height: 5'11"
    Weight: 170 lbs.
    Color of Eyes: Dark Brown
    Color of Hair: Black
    Father: Eddie Gutierrez
    Mother: Annabelle Rama
    Brothers and Sister: Ruffa, Rocky, Raymond (his twin), Elvis and Ritchie Paul, plus half-brothers Tonton Gutierrez and Ramon Christopher
    School: De La Salle Zobel, graduated from high school in 2001

    Actor(s): Cesar Montano, Tom Hanks and Edward Norton
    Actress(es): Maricel Soriano and Julia Roberts
    Fave Music:Bob Marley, Sublime, Red Hot, 311, Dave Matthews, Incubus, Chicane, atb, 2pac, Biggie Smalls, Wutang, IceCube, Rivermaya, Eheads, Bamboo, Oasis, Ludacris.
    Movies: Gladiator, Scarface, Godfather, Blow, Homegrown, Pulp Fiction, Old School, Rush Hour, Friday, Cruel Intentions, Blade, Bad Boys, Monsters inc, Finding Nemo, Natural Born Killers, 21 Grams, Mystic River, 50 First Dates.
    Fave BookArt of War, Bob Marley Biography, The Power of Now, The Alchemist
    About MeMe im just a simple man.. laid back type of guy.. Man of few words... critical thinker... Always up for any kind of adventure... playa livin on d fast lane... Food: Pasta
    Sports: Basketball, boxing and golf
    Color(s): Blue and black
    City: Los Angeles
    Hangout: Malls
    Drink: Iced tea
    Perfume: Burberry
    Weakness: Driving fast cars
    Fantasy: To own an island
    Expression: Say what!?!
    Type of Girls : Someone I can trust, smart, cute and sexy
    Motto: Life is short so you should live it to the fullest.
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    From wikipedia

    [highlight]Richard Gutierrez[/highlight]

    Richard Kristian Rama Gutierrez
    , more popularly known as Richard Gutierrez (born January 21, 1984 in Beverly Hills, California) is a young Filipino film and television actor. Richard Guttierez is a Kapuso Star since he started showbusiness. He also renew his contract under the management of GMA-7 last April 25. He is one of the most talented, famous, and handsome artist in GMA-7. GMA Network announced that Richard Guttierez is now the King Of the Primetime Drama. Currently, he is to be expected to have 2 shows in GMA this 2009, namely, Zorro and Full House.


    Gutierrez is the son of former Philippine cinema matinee idol Eddie Gutierrez and former actress turned talent manager Annabelle Rama. His sister, Ruffa Gutierrez, is an actress and a former beauty queen (Miss World Second Princess), and Richard is the identical twin brother of Raymond Gutierrez. His half-brothers, Ton-ton Gutierrez & Ramon Christopher Gutierrez, are also notable actors in the 80's. He had acted alongside his brothers in both film and TV.

    Early work

    Gutierrez began acting as a child, with his twin brother Raymond Gutierrez. He has worked in many movies with his famous father and his brothers. Richard Guttierez first show in GMA-7 is Click where he was paired up with a Kapuso Star Chynna Ortaleza.

    Television career

    Gutierrez gained nationwide popularity through the TV fantasy series Mulawin which aired from August 2, 2004 until March 18, 2005, where he was paired with Angel Locsin. The series was so popular that a feature-length film was created, Mulawin: The Movie. Mulawin is about two races of winged humanoids, the Mulawin must fight the Ravenas to protect mortals from its wrath. It also tells the story of Aguiluz and Alwina, whose love for each other hinders their mission. The TV series was panned by critics for being too complicated. As to date, Sugo is the least celebrated by audience and critics with Gutierrez in the lead role. Gutierrez also starred in Codename: Asero opposite Heart Evangelista. Parts of this series were shot in Dubai. Gutierrez also choreographed the fight sequences.

    It was confirmed that on 2009, Gutierrez is set to play the role of a fictional Mexican character named "Zorro." To prepare for this role, he has to learn fencing and sword handling. The lead female character is yet to be announced.

    Some rumor said that Richard Guttierez will going to do the remake of the hot Koreanovela Full House. He is set to play the role of Justin whose being played by Rain in Korea.


    Year Title' Character

    2009 Full House Justin Lee
    2009 Zorro Zorro/Antonio de la Vega
    2008 Full Force of Nature Host
    2008 Codename: Asero Grecko "Agent Phoenix/Agent Asero" Abesamis
    2008 Signos: Ang Banta ng Nag-Babagong Klima Host
    2007 Carlo J. Caparas' Kamandag Vergel / Kamandag
    2007 Lupin Andre Lupin de Dios
    2006 Mars Ravelo's Captain Barbell Captain Barbell/Arell/Potenciano "Teng" Magtanggol
    2005 Sugo Miguel / Amante
    2005 - 2008 SOP Himself/Host
    2004 Mulawin Aguiluz
    2004 Kakabakaba Adventures Raffy
    2003 Love to Love: My 1, 2 Love JM Rodriguez/Tomas
    2003 - 2007 Nuts Entertainment Himself (Host)
    2003 Love to Love: Maid for Each Other Ralph
    2002 Habang Kapiling Ka Basilio Malvarosa
    2001 Beh Bote Nga Peter
    2001 Click Enzo
    2001 Ikaw Lang Ang Mamahalin Inyigo


    Year Title Role Notes

    TBA You'll Love Me Someday TBA Co-stars KC Concepcion, Angel Locsin
    2009 When I Met U Benjie Co-stars KC Concepcion
    2008 For the First Time Seth Alexander Villaraza Co-stars KC Concepcion
    2008 My Monster Mom Waldo Cameo role
    2008 My Best Friend's Girlfriend Evo/ Primitivo Gonzales Co-stars Marian Rivera
    2007 The Promise Daniel Co-stars Angel Locsin
    2006 Mano Po 5: Gua Ai Di Nathaniel Ramirez Co-stars Angel Locsin
    2006 I Will Always Love You Justin Co-stars Angel Locsin
    2005 Mulawin the Movie Aguiluz Co-stars Angel Locsin
    2005 Let the Love Begin Eric Co-stars Angel Locsin
    2005 Pinoy Blonde Cameo appearance
    2004 Sigaw (The Echo) Marvin
    2004 I Will Survive BJ
    2004 Kuya Ted
    2003 Mano Po Two: My Home Erickson Tan
    2002 Bakit Papa? Dong
    1992 Takbo Talon Tili
    1990 Bikining Itim
    1990 Mga Batang Pikutin
    1989 Feel na Feel
    1989 Love Boat
    1988 Juan *****, Super naman, at ang Kambal na Tiyanak
    1988 One Two Bato Three Four Bapor
    1987 Lahing Pikutin
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    lupin-andrei lupin




    codename:asero-grecko,agent phoenix,codename:asero





    Captain Barbel











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    full house as justine

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