Tokyo Magnitude 8.0


Another great new series for this season. If I were to compare it to something, it would be those shows on Discovery/National Geographic where they show what might happen when an epic natural disaster strikes. As the title suggests, this series shows what might happen if a magnitude 8.0 earthquake hits Tokyo. But instead of just having the story narrated, Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 shows it from the perspective of a pair of children -- the siblings Mirai and Yuuko, and a woman they met just before the earthquake -- Mari, as they try to make their way back to their homes.

The animation is top-notch, as it is done by Bones (who also did the old and new FMA, among others).

Highly recommended.


  • dspr8 ruggeddspr8 rugged Exia facepalms for you PExer
    This is another one of the four shows that I'm watching for the summer season.

    I don't belong to the Mirai-hate camp. As much as she is disagreeable at times, I can't hate the girl.

    I mean, she takes a lot of [email protected] (literally and figuratively) in Episode 4. I loved it when Yuuki trolled her by playing dead. :lol:
  • NeverenderNeverender The Afterman PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    ang ganda sana kaso ang ikli. 11 episodes lang yata to eh.
  • dspr8 ruggeddspr8 rugged Exia facepalms for you PExer
    I don't think this series will work with more than 11-13 episodes. This is a disaster-themed anime and it's hard to come up with ideas on each episode. I wouldn't want it to be a Mirai-angst-fest every week until 26 episodes.

    Unless BONES stirs sh!t up by doing a sci-fi twist ala Lost. It will be the most epic thing in anime ever. :lol:
  • hiro_nakamurahiro_nakamura Member PExer
    i watch this and umineko for summer season.
  • RomanconRomancon I dont care a damn! :D PExer
    after reading this thread pinanood ko na rin.
    its nice.
    hangang ep 4 pa lang ba?
  • HK-47HK-47 Member PExer
    Yup, 4 episodes pa lang. New episodes air on Fridays, subs usually come out on Saturday.
  • anomolyanomoly The Shiznit! PExer
    This is actually sounds and looks "out of the ordinary" one of my many eyes put on it.
  • HK-47HK-47 Member PExer
    I just watched episode 8, and
    All signs point to Yuuki being dead, and that the Yuuki shown in the latter half of the episode is just in Mirai's head.

  • anomolyanomoly The Shiznit! PExer
    Interesting episode.

    Yuuki is actually dead.

    The show was in definite need of something concrete happening that directly affects one of the main characters, the moralizing, foreboding and near misses of the last eps were getting a little repetitive.

    Mirai is in denial, imo.

    Nice to see that T8 can still deliver the drama. My faith is being restored.
  • dspr8 ruggeddspr8 rugged Exia facepalms for you PExer

    _|¯|O _|¯|O _|¯|O _|¯|O _|¯|O _|¯|O _|¯|O _|¯|O _|¯|O

    In all seriousness, though, I have to applaud Studio BONES for what they did in Episode 8. They sure teased and made viewers speculate up to no end on Yuuki's fate. I tell you, there are some heated discussions on some places that I go to. If you ask me though, I'm okay either way. I'd spare myself from speculating though.

    If Yuuki was indeed alive (and Mari's reaction was because of something else), I bet my @ss that the whole internetz will start to rage about the show trolling its viewers. But I feel that Yuuki being dead is going to have more impact on Mirai and where the show is going.

    I can't wait for the next episode.
  • greavergreaver Dexter, Evry City shud hv 1 PExer
    ano kaya yung legal papers na kinuha ni mari?
    tingin ko yung death certificate yun ni yuuki at yung sinabi nyang nagleave siya ng message sa parents ni mirai eh tungkol sa death ni yuuki... discuss
  • EmmriEEmmriE hitotsu yakusoku shiyou... PExer
    Well, I believe that Yuuki is dead. Kasi look at Mari's reaction every time that Mirai mentions Yuuki. And there's also the documents that was presented to Mari. And napansin niyo ba na nde na tinatawag ni Mari si Yuuki nung huinanap niya si Mirai? And there's also two beds for them when Mirai woke up.

    How sad... I wish that c Mirai na lang. hehehe... Joke lang.
  • greavergreaver Dexter, Evry City shud hv 1 PExer
    sigh.. i bet the ending of this anime is a sad one. Mirai's gonna get what she wished for.
  • dspr8 ruggeddspr8 rugged Exia facepalms for you PExer
    The raw for Episode 9 is out and subs won't be far behind. We will finally get our answer. Hopefully.
  • dspr8 ruggeddspr8 rugged Exia facepalms for you PExer
    The answer is finally out.
  • HK-47HK-47 Member PExer
    It pretty much confirmed our suspicions. I can't wait for the final two episodes.
  • dspr8 ruggeddspr8 rugged Exia facepalms for you PExer
    I am still in denial. Yuuki is probably in a coma.
  • anomolyanomoly The Shiznit! PExer
    Episode 9 is one powerful episode.
  • RomanconRomancon I dont care a damn! :D PExer
    teary-eyed ako sa reunion ng mag ina. T_T

    nako wag naman sana..
  • anomolyanomoly The Shiznit! PExer
    I'm gonna put my money on ghost. Actually a ghost wouldn't be all that bad. :lol:

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