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who likes to press their coffee here?

did u ever buy a coffee press..do u use it?


  • I bought a coffee press from Starbucks. Some ground coffee beans taste better kasi when you use a coffee press instead of a drip-type coffee maker, like their French Roast blend.

  • I have one and I use it when I have coffee beans. I use the grinder and I make sure that the coffee isn't too fine. Kasi pag pino masyado, lulusot din dun sa seive ng french press.

    The best coffee tho is when you use the espresso maker. Kasi steam yung lalabas and the flavor of the coffee really comes out. Just use the same "recipe" as you would with a drip coffee maker. :)
  • Me, me! I have one too many.

    I love French Press brewed coffee. A French Press retains all of the essential oils of coffee thus retaining that rich taste & aroma. On the other hand, paper filters basically filter out these oils & leave a cardboard-like aftertaste.
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