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how to get a minor course

how do i get a minor? i heard that i need to get a specific minimum no. of units in order for that particular course to be considered my minor? how how how? de caraba0?:bashful:


  • do they even offer minor courses in DLSU?
  • is this possible? i'm already in my 3rd year and i have never heard of getting a minor through taking a number of courses. i would like to, though.

    edit: antagal na pala nitong thread na ito.:lol: for CS, may mga specializations. iba ang subjects ng ST, CSE, NE and IST. although may ganito na, sana pwede yung pagtake ng other courses to be considered as a minor, for example: minor in accountancy, or something like that. i really want to take some courses in business, pero di offered sa curriculum ng CS eh, electives lang sila and di sila laging inooffer.
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