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[MERGED] What can u say bout pier 1???

ei hav u tried pier one???mura ng drinks noh???

wat can u guys say???


  • IraIra PEx Rookie ⭐
    I personally absolutely detest this place. Food is very lousy. Parking is lousy. Music is lousy. Service is lousy. Seating is lousy. Drinks may be inexpensive, but there are also a thousand other places which serve inexpensive drinks and offer much better food and service.
  • ZenZen PExer
    Yes, they do have very cheap drinks but the food is really lousy, relatively expensive and of small servings. The place may look cute from afar but the place itself leaves much to be desired; very uncomfortable.
  • aticusaticus PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Never heard of the place. Where is it?
  • IraIra PEx Rookie ⭐
    It's the restaurant in Libis on the junction of the Acropolis-Greenmeadows area made up of stacked cargo containers.
  • cheap drinks and that's about it.

    pier 1 is along libis, it's like one of those metal shipment carriers you see in the piyer ..thus the name pier 1.

  • haynako....
    the place to be daw....(?)
    cheap drinks...korek...
    food is not so nice...
    hirap ng parking...

    sardinas ang feeling...
    katakot...might collapse...god forbid!
  • Ice BurnIce Burn PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
  • yup! they have really rude waiters...it's like you have to kiss ***** just for you to be seated...been there once..that's it...
  • aticusaticus PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Wow. :) I'm not inclined to try this place now... I mean, I don't even drink! :lol:
  • Am really hopink the place is goink the way of Shawarma booths. Is only fad and is not havink anythink good to be contributink to society.

    [Edited by Pitr Dubovich on 03-22-2001 at 10:13 PM]
  • their food is expensive, small pa yung servings, and its nothing great. too crowded, service sucks. i'm never going back there!
  • i think people go there for the sex! hahaha! dami sa mga friends ko go there to meet chix then hit and run!
  • never been to the place...pero almost all my friends usually hangout there..maganda ba?! :D

  • personally, cute yung concept...
    aliw yung dive!dive!dive! na drink...
    when it was really really new, i liked it there..

    however, when a lot of people started coming in...
    it kinda sucked big time.

    super puno because of the drinks. and the crowd is about 80% teenagers. i don't really like the place anymore.
    it's always that way, it's always full, and the food changed.
  • The food is less expensive than Gerry's Grill. I treated my regional managers in Pier 1 because it's near our office and I was a bit disappointed, almost everything we want to order is not available. Should've eaten in Gerry's.
  • yup ... i agree with yehveybey_14_gsmb

    people go there to meet other people they can boink.
  • Yeah, it sucks.
    Food is bad and the service too.
  • Hay naku we went to their Libis branch. Okay sa labas pero sa loob sobrang crowded and suffocating because of all the cigarette smoke! I don't know what people go there for eh wala namang live band. Di ka rin naman makapag-usap sa ingay tapos kung kakain ka rin lang eh di dun sa mura na at mas conducive to dining ang ambience.:rolleyes:
  • OKAY pier one sa fort! *okay*
  • horrible place! The Libis branch has incompetent and lazy staff and bad food.
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