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'Tis the season. Happy Holidays, PExers!

The 2009 61st Primetime Emmy Awards - hosted by Neil Patrick Harris



  • mini_stop wrote: »
    Congrats to 30 Rock! :D

    aeonflux23: May speech pa rin naman si Tina Fey! Hehehe! :lol:

    Yay tina & 30rock. :-D

    Ben Linus winning,there's the awesome speech I've been waiting for :-D
  • YAY 30 Rock! :D I always look forward to Tina Fey's acceptance speeches. As usual, she didn't disappoint! :lol:

    I just noticed, so many back-to-back wins:
    Glenn Close, Alec Baldwin, Bryan Cranston, 30 Rock, Mad Men
    Si Tina Fey lang ang hindi back-to-back sa major awards, but at least she won for Guest Actress! :bounce:
  • jammerakwaii10jammerakwaii10 SeeTheLight PEx Expert 🎖️
    The booooorrrringggg Mad Men won? Yawn!

    True Blood should have been nominated!
  • forgforg Administrator PEx Moderator
    :bounce: for The Amazing Race for winning for the 7th straight year and Jeff Probst for Host. Kung may tatalo man sa Amazing Race sana Survivor hehe :D

    Too bad Neil Patrick Harris lost but he really did good as a host. I love the Dr. Horrible part :D

    I was pleasantly surprised Kristin won for Pushing Daisies :bounce: and finally an Emmy for Michael Emerson, "Ben" is really the role of his lifetime.

    I love the last part of Tina Fey's speech when she said thank you to NBC for keeping their show even if they are more expensive than a talk show an obvious dig to the Jay Leno Show :naughty:

    Sayang walang yung nanalong director for E.R series finale, ganda pa naman noong sinabi nya dun sa advice nila sa nomination reel.

    :( for Hugh Laurie, Sandra Oh/Chandra Wilson losing again. Bryan Cranston is really good in Breaking Bad so in a way he deserved to win again but just feel sad that Hugh Laurie (and Michael C. Hall for Dexter) are still Emmy-less for their roles.

    The Daily Show won again, akala ko Saturday Night Live because they had a great year last year with the Elections skits and all.

    Although I expected, still felt sad Jim Parsons lost. Maybe next year. :naughty:
  • Great wins for Tina Fey and Justin Timberlake - providing a banner year for guesting/hosting at SNL. I must say, 08-09 is one of the best seasons in recent years. Too bad it lost on the program side, but Tina and justin did fantastic jobs showingup at SNL. :up:
  • Congratulations to Michael Emmerson, Cherry Jones, Hugh Jackman, Jeff Probst and to the whole team of Amazing Race. Nakakadisapoint lang kasi hindi nakuha ng Lost ang Best Drama. Ive never seen Mad Men kaya no comment na lang ako. Congrats ** sa Emmy for the succesful awards night. The host, the memorial, etc..
  • Yes! KCheno!

    I am literally crying when she did her speech. :mecry: She was such a gem.

    Can't wait to see her in other shows. I just bought the Pushing Daisies DVD. *okay*
  • rockstaridolrockstaridol PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    LOL @NPH who really sat down while his category and the noms are being announce. I don't think it was meant to be funny but I found it funny :laugh:

    A bit ho hum show though I like the sketches of the nominees like the directors and stuff. I'm just glad Michael Emerson finally won :bounce:
  • Solo2carinoSolo2carino PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Yes! Amazing Race Won Again... :D
  • Paramedics Called For Kristin Chenoweth Backstage For Emmy Emergency

    LOS ANGELES, Calif. --

    Paramedics were called backstage at the Nokia Theater for Kristin Chenoweth, according to an Access Hollywood source on the scene who witnessed the incident.

    The star, who won her first Emmy award earlier on Sunday evening for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy for her role as Olive Snook in “Pushing Daisies,” first complained about a migraine headache, then said she couldn’t open her eyes.

    Paramedics on site cared for the star in the room outside of the backstage gift lounge. She rested and then left the ceremony, the source told Access.

    The source added that Kristin, who had given a tearful acceptance speech just moments before, remained in good spirits despite the ailment.

    According to The Associated Press, a rep for Kristin later said that the star was fine and would potentially participate in the after-show festivities.

    Oh no. Let's pray for her to be well.

    She recently tweeted "sometimes the aura of a migraine. im warding it off w meds then gonna hit the town! thx 4 ur love n well wishes!!!"
  • forgforg Administrator PEx Moderator
    ^ Oh na overwhelm siguro si Kristin, good is she doing okay now
  • ^ I think so. Who wouldn't be? Super unexpected. I lose hope when I knew about her competitors.
  • forgforg Administrator PEx Moderator
    ^ Ako naman happy na ako she got nominated kasi last year pa na cancel yung show, so wala na sa radar yung Pushing Daisies but I'm glad she pulled an upset, this is a good way to end the era of Pushing Daisies. I was really touched during her speech, you knew she was really surprised
  • forg wrote: »
    ^ Oh na overwhelm siguro si Kristin, good is she doing okay now

    she just tweeted so she must be okay now:)
  • farkasfarkas PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Tina Fey is the funniest lady on TV! She was robbed.
  • she just tweeted so she must be okay now:)

    "The star, who won her first Emmy award earlier on Sunday evening for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy for her role as Olive Snook in "Pushing Daisies," first complained about a migraine headache, then said she couldn't open her eyes."
    --Very same thing that happened to me when I tried sitting through an episode of Mad Men. :lol:
  • Sooo happy Grey Gardens WON!! Both Drew and JL were fantastic, but Drew deserved the cred it would give her career. She finally did something worthy of the Barrymore legacy. Plus, I think Little Edie's performance was the easiest to have been a parody had Drew not taken such care with it. It would have ruined the whole piece if she hadn't nailed it...But anyways, Congrats to Miss Jessica Lange for winning..!!:D
  • Congratulations to AMC's "Mad Men" for winning the Emmy for best drama two years in a row! In that vast wasteland known as TV, "Mad Men" is that very rare oasis of quality and creativity! It's the best show on television!
  • lol @ the opening monologue for Supporting Actor Comedy. Binili ni Jon yung award. Haha.
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