Knee Injury!

hello good day.. hope someone can help me or just give me a clearer picture about my problem..

last month while playing basketball I got injured, I felt that my knee twisted and got dislocated. I fell down and was cursing because of the unbearable pain. after 10mins the pain subsided and I was able to walk limping.

I went to an Ortho the next day and he advised me to have an MRI scan, 3 days after I was diagnosed with complete ACL tear and complex LCL tear. w/c means that my very active lifestyle would turn into sedentary.

The Ortho doc told me that I can go on a surgery to fix my ACL and LCL problem but It will not bring me back to my active lifestyle like playing basketball, badminton, biking etc..

Is it true?? Does any PEXER here who has the same problem as I do?? Hope you can share it with this thread.. Thanks PEX!!


  • NkmDedNkmDed IgftrBdMthPka4Lvn PExer wouldn't worry if I were you should be able to function like before your injury provided that your Orthopedic surgeon knows what he is doing.I totally blew my ACL & partial tear on my MCL during training in Tae kwon do I thought that I will never be back @ 100% I got so depressed because of my active lifestyle,aside from martial arts I fly paragliders w/c involve plenty of hiking up mountains, I pump iron attend spin classes etc.,the whole nine yard, if you know what I mean. I was in my mid 40's when it happened, I had a choice before my arthroscopic surgery either my surgeon harvest a ligament from my leg or use a cadavers, I chose the latter w/c means my healing process will be minimize, the hard part was the rehab/therapy that I went through religiously but in the end everything went perfectly as planned.I had to wear a custom fitted fiberglass brace for awhile whenever I involved myself in any physical activities including work. I've been back ever since which was 6 years or so ago.I had another surgery last January though of this year but this time it's Achilles Tendonitis brought about by bone spur or better known as Hagland deformity from cross training @ the gym, I worry more about this cause I'm still rehabbing. *okay*:)
  • mangboymangboy Member PExer
    we have the same problem. mine happened 10 years ago playing basketball. was able to recover but not 100%. still was able to have an active lifestyle but not in the same level as before. if your into competitive basketball i believed it is difficult. for exercise purposes you should be fine after having surgery. bata ka pa naman yata. be on the safe side and wear hinged knee braces.

    had an mri recently because the pain has come back (pain even when walking). results confirmed a meniscus tear (lateral and medial). i'm also contemplating on going for surgery.
    just sharing

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