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DLSU students. Question ***

Im new at this forum.

Im a frosh student from De La Salle-College Of Saint Benilde

hindi ako nag post sa benilde forums baka kase one sided ang maging answer.

so eto, pag inaadress ba ang school namin. dapat ba La Salle Benilde? kase may mga nag sasabi sakin na magandang ganun ang tawag, kesa sa CSB lang.

Do students from DLS-CSB have the right to call themselves Lasallians or ''Lasallista''?

or students lang from DLSU have rights to call their school la salle or be called lasallians or a lasallista?

this is my first time being in a la salle school. So mejo confused pa ako

thank you!:)


  • CSB Lang. Benildean ang tawag. Hindi Lasallista. Hindi Lasallian.
  • kung pride ka talaga sa CSB, Benildean ang itatawag mo sa sarili mo.

    yun ay kung proud ka talaga sa school mo :glee:
  • Oo naman. Lalo na kung ABMMA student ka. :)
  • ok mga sir :D thanks!

    im just a frosh in benilde. Im sorry:)

    Animo La Salle
    Animo Benilde:D
  • Yes you have every right :D

    you don't need to leave out the name ''La Salle'' to be proud of your school.

    can't you be proud to study at ''La Salle Benilde''?;)

    not csb. not la salle. those are just shortened terms for DLS-CSB
    . La Salle Benilde,DLS-CSB or De La Salle College Of Saint Benilde are the proper terms.

    IMO we should stop drifting away from our Lasallian heritage. And stop creating our own image.

    some might say if we stick to la salle we will always be under the shadows of DLSU.

    that is wrong. If we drift away from our lasallian roots, the more we will be bashed by other schools. IMO instead of moving away from our lasallian name. We should stick by it, be proud of it, and prove to them why our school is worthy to carry the la salle name;)

    don't listen to people who say. ''hindi ka la salle! benilde ka lang!''
    They must have serious problem with their eyesight. Because we can clearly see the name ''la salle'' on our school.

    i hope one day all students in the DLSU system will all be called lasallians:)

    you are a Lasallian from DLS-CSB :)
    we are called benildeans to be distinct from la salle taft

    but officialy you are a Lasallian ''Lasallista''

    i hope more lasallians will be more open minded to my ideas:)

    Animo La Salle!!
  • [k]jwan[k]jwan PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    CSB is CSB. DLSU is DLSU. That's the reason why students from CSB are called "Benildeans" and students from DLSU are called "La Sallians". CSB is a different entity and has an identity of it's own. La Salle is also the same.

    It doesn't really bother me that much, pero students from CSB should be proud and acknowledge that they are indeed from CSB.
  • It don't bother me if our school if just CSB.

    it's not. Our school is ''DLS-CSB''.People from DLSU or other people can't change that fact. Benilde is a ''La Salle school'' *okay*

    They can't destroy the fact that we are a La Salle school.

    And i have to disagree with you on the statement that we are a different entity. We are a different school. But we are also a ''La Salle'' school.

    We belong to ''De La Salle Philippines''. Along with DLSU-M and the other la salle schools in the Philippines.

    We should represent that we are not just benildeans. But legitimate lasallians too:)

    we are La Salle Benilde:)
    De La Salle - College Of Saint Benilde :)

  • I think it's okay for Benildeans to call themselves Lasallians since we're all under the same system. :) But benildean is better since yun naman talaga tawag sa kanila.
  • Agreed;)

    treat the term benildeans as a first name for students at benilde.

    And the term lasallians as a last name. Or official name:)

    lasallians from DLSU please don't segregate us benildeans from being legitimate lasallians.;)

    ayaw nyo yun? benildean kana lasallian pa?:D

  • kitang kita naman sa name ng school natin db? De La Salle - College of Saint Benilde. You don't need anyone's consent on how to call yourself. The first time you knew and planned about going to school in Benilde, you should've known that you will definitely be LASALLIAN. Before we are Benildean, we are Lasallian. Kaya nga dash/hi-pen College of saint Benilde. I'm sure most DLSU Lasallians disapprove of this but wala silang magagawa. Its like telling other Lasallian schools that they don't have the right to be called Lasallians. Panu na ang mga taga La Salle Green Hills? How will you call them? "Green Hills" ba? or mga taga La Salle Lipa? Lipa ba? So don't be afraid to call yourself Lasallian. YOU HAVE EVERY RIGHT. But yun nga, just don't forget to add BENILDE right after you say La Salle. It has a nice ring to it rather than just "Benilde or "La Salle".

    Animo La Salle - Benilde!

  • Apir supermarumanfly!

    Im glad more lasallians from benilde share the same point of view as I :)

    But honestly. It's sad that more and more benildeans/lasallians want our school to be just CSB or Benilde. And take the la salle name out.

    In the NCAA. The name la salle was completely taken out. So that's why perspective of more students in benilde, is that they are not legitimate lasallians, when they really are.

    yes you are right about ''some'' DLSU-M students that would disagree with us being lasallians. But don't mind them, If it's their ''opinion'' so be it. But the ''fact'' is we are lasallians.

    Even if they say ''benilde ka lang''. They clearly cannot see the words ''De La Salle'' in DLS-CSB.

    So studens in benilde. I hope you all realize we are all officialy lasallians:)
    benildean. is just a term we use around taft and inside the campus to know if a student is from La Salle Manila or La Salle Benilde. But the official term is ''Lasallian''

    and btw ''Animo La Salle Benilde''
    is really catchy :P I hope that is the cheer they use in NCAA. It sounds more official than animo benilde :)

    Remember. We are not just ''La Salle''
    We are not just ''Benilde'' or ''CSB''

    We are La Salle Benilde!

    Animo La Salle Benilde!!*okay*
  • RyuujiRyuuji PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Benildean. But then DLS-CSB is also part of De La Salle Philippines, so you guys are Lasallians as well. That's make you Benildean and Lasallian. Just choose kung ano trip niyo.
  • agreed:) Animo La Salle!
  • ONE LA SALLE! - that's the rallying point going into our centennial in 2011! ANIMO LA SALLE!
  • yes! 100 years na!:)


  • spongetrick8spongetrick8 PEx Rookie ⭐
    benilde o lasalle same ***

    mga tao lang naiba tingin sa csb dahil hindi sila mahigpit sa pagtanggap ng estudyante
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