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Question for all DLS-CSB students

Im new here in this forum.

im also a frosh at la salle-benilde.

question lang. Kase i had a class yesterday in ORDEV

and the topic was the school hymn. And dalawa ang hymn diba? alma mater hymn and hymn to saint benilde.

sabi sakin nang prof hnd daw hymn nang benilde ang ''alma mater hymn''

''hymn to saint benilde'' daw.

pero bakit sa mga NCAA games ''alma mater hymn'' ang ginagamit?
hnd yung kay saint benilde?? mga upper batch sa DLS-CSB help.

nalilito kase ako :mecry:



  • j5bataj5bata PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Ang alma mater hymn ang ginagamit na "unifying hymn" ng lahat ng lasallians nang lahat ng members ng La Salle Philippines. mapanalo o mapatalo, heto ang himno natin. Sana makatulong ito
  • So ang hymn talalaga nang De La Salle - College Of Saint Benilde is yung alma mater hymn?

    nanood kase ako nang dls-csb blazers vs. SSC ,

    and narinig ko yung alma mater hymn :)

    hmm. kung sabagay, ''La Salle'' school ang tawag sa dls-csb hnd ''benilde'' school.

    thanks for clearing this up:D

    animo La Salle!*okay*
  • j5bataj5bata PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Nope, there are really two official hymns for DLS-CSB. The alma mater hymn is reflective to our identity as a Lasallian school while the St Benilde hymn is reflective to us being proud members of the College and to the ideals of our patron saint, St Benilde Romancon
  • ahh ok thank you sir:)

    mas official lang talaga ang alma mater kay st. la salle,
    pero dalawa ang hymn natin :)

    thank you ulit, narealize ko din na benildean tayo:D mas official lang ang lasallian.

    Animo La Salle
    Animo BENILDE!!
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