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If you just knew that you will die tomorrow, what will you do today?

Have you ever imagine this? My inspiration in creating this thread is Michael Jackson. If he only knew, what he will gonna do? I dont want you to be scared but its just a thing that we cannot escape, which is death.

Me, I will just say it to my family so that they will be prepared and apologize to the people that I made trouble with. I will do that in a heart beat. :)


  • What I'm gonna do first is I'll go to the church. Mag rorosary ako.. Then I will thank God for everything that He gave to me. I will say sorry and forgive me for all of my sins. I'll pray that He will guide me and my family and to accept me in heaven.

    After that, I'll go out with my friends. I'll have a heart to heart talk with them.. Will thank them for all the things that they've done for me. Will say sorry for all the hearteaches that I've caused them. Will say sorry for being a burden. Will inform them how much I loved and cherished them. Will spend few hours with them, trying to be happy, I'll kiss and hug them one by one.

    Then, with my family. I will hug them, I will say sorry and thank them as well. Sana pag nawala ako maalala nila ako na naghiwalay kami ng masaya. I will spend the rest of the day with them

    If may nakasamaan ako ng loob or nakaaway.. makikipagbati ako

    Then I will eat all the food that i want.. all of my fave

    Then I will take a bath..wear my fave dress sana nice ang itsura ko beore ako mamatay

    after all of that, i will lie down on my bed. Will pray again.. I will think what happened for thw whole day and will sleep peacefully.

    For all the people I love, I'll be your pride and Joy and your angel in heaven. I'm gonna miss you all and I Love you until the next journey of life.
  • magpaparebond, pedi, mani, kilay.. basta magpapaganda!!! para sa wake maganda ako... yun na
  • well, that would be great Pete_sun
  • NeoDynNeoDyn PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Ang makipag-usap kay Lord,para sure ako na sa KANYA ang tungo ng spirit ko.
  • jgarciajgarcia PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Pag nalaman kong mamatay ako bukas, ang unang-una kong gagawin ay iiyak.

    iiyak kasi marami pa akong gustong gawin at ma-experience sa buhay ko pero hindi na mangyayari.

    After ng iyak, tatawagan ko buong family ko kasi hindi na ako makakauwi ng pinas ng buhay at sasabihin gaano ko sila kamahal at nagpapasalamat ako na sila ang family ko.

    Magso-sorry ako sa lahat ng tao na makakaya kong pag-sorry-han at yayakapin lahat ng taong mahal ko na kaya kong yakapin.

    I would just spend the rest of my day beside my husband since he's the only one with me to where I am right now.

    Then before my day ends, magpapasalamat ako sa Diyos sa buhay na pinahiram nya at magso-sorry sa pagkukulang ko bilang tao.

    Sana nga ganito ka-predictable ang buhay na alam natin kailan tayo mawawala to have the chance to cope up with all our shortcomings kaso hindi eh.:)
  • mag pepex lang ako.
  • Commit suicide. Might as well do it quicker.


    I'll arrange a DJ and sound system for tomorrow. :lol:

    Update my will and get it notarized with a huge insurance policy and leave the money to my family.

    Seriously, I dunno. Life is too short to sweat the small stuff.
  • For me, the first thing that I will do is to pray, give thanks for all the outpouring blessings HE has given me and my family.
    I will thank HIM for always being there when I need a sounding board, For being my mom and dad when my parents are not around,
    for being my provider, as HE provides everything for me. For being my Doctor, as HE takes good care of my health and keeps me away from sickness.
    For being my Creator, as HE gives Life and breath to everyone. I will ask forgiveness for all the sins I've comitted.

    Since it's my last day, I want spend the rest of the day with my family and friends, especially to my mom and dad
    will Hug, Kiss and make peace with them .

    Before my time ends, I what that to happen on the beach,
    where I can still see and feel the beauty and greatness of HIS creation enjoying the sunset, the sand ,the water, the wind... all is just amazing.
    I want to have that moment with God alone as I say my last prayer... See you all in heaven... :)
  • spend all my time left kasama ang mga taong di ko kayang iwan
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