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can anyone suggest a good french restaurant, aside from those in hotels like shangri-la mkti and the one in jupiter street?


  • IraIra PEx Rookie ⭐
    Some restaurants serving either purely French cuisine or a wide variety of French dishes:

    L'Eau Vive- Paz Guanzon Ave., beside Philippine Refining Company.
    Cafe Provencal- Shangri-La Mall
    Le Grange- Jupiter Street
    Le Souffle
    Chateau 1771
    Soleil- Pasong Tamo Extension

  • Le Souffle
  • prince albert in intercon serves absolutely the most mouth-watering french food in the metropolis. their roast beef is heaven!!!

    and le souffle has good food. not to mention good ambiance. the one in ortigas is such a nice place.
  • I'm not even sure that Le Grange is still a French restaurant given the change in management. It has a new signage, something like "Steak House" if I'm not mistaken.
    They even have a banner outside that says "Eat all You Can Salad Bar"!!!
  • Le Souffle is a good restaurant..if u are on a diet, maybe just a croissant over at Le Coeur De France? hmmm...where else? I always pass by this restaurant on my way to school before along makati..Voulez vous..i haven't tried it though.

    Is that place in The Fort (I forgot the exact name..it's Savoia La Strega Ristorante I think, located at the corner, near Caramba)..my friend's family owns that place. Oh,I think it's an Italian restaurant...I dunno..
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