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DLS-CSB's identity problem

Good day people :)

NOTE: ( This is only MY opinion on how things should be ) so peace

I've seen and heard so many people argue on how our school should be, and should not be called.

The correct terms are ''De La Salle - College Of Saint Benilde ''
or ''DLS-CSB''.

Maraming debates na akong na witness,narinig, nakita.

Merong dalawang klase nang tao na laging andun sa debate na yun.

*Merong mga taong sinasabi na plainly ''La Salle'' sila pag tinatanong kung ano school nila. Na mali naman talaga. Kase ang maiisip nang tao agad na taga DLSU sila.

*Meron ding mga taong sinasabi CSB or benilde or college of saint benilde sila. It's great that you guys are not ashamed to represent benilde :)

But for me it's still wrong to leave the name ''La Salle'' out completely. As we say to the others na ''La Salle'' lang ang sinasabi. That it's wrong to leave the name ''Benilde'' out completely.

In my opinion. Ang tamang terms talaga na sabihin pag tinanong kung anong school ka is to use the official terms. ''DLS-CSB'' or
''De La Salle - College Of Saint Benilde'' or in short ''La Salle-Benilde''

Note guys sinabi ko lang na sabihin ang terms na to pag inask kung ano ang school mo. Pero kung alam na nila. Pwede nang ''La Salle'' or ''Benilde'' lang ang sabihin mo. Kase alam na nila na taga DLS-CSB ka. So no need to say ''ui punta tayo nang la salle benilde'' Or ''guys nasira car ko sa DLS-CSB''. Kase alam na nila na DLS-CSB ka diba?:D
So ok na gamitin ang terms na ''La Salle'' or ''Benilde'' pag alam na nang tao na kausap mo. Or group of people na kausap mo na DLS-CSB ka.

For example kung alam na nang isang tao na tga La Salle-Benilde ka.
ok na yung ganito.

''ui guys punta tayo sa benilde'' or
''guys balik tayong la salle may nakalimutan ako''

So my point is when asked where you study. Don't plainly say ''La Salle'' , ''CSB'' , ''Benilde'' , ''College Of Saint Benilde''. Represent the school by saying the correct terms ''DLS-CSB'' or
''De La Salle - College Of Saint Benilde'' or in short ''La Salle-Benilde''

Pero pag alam na nung tao kung saan ka nag aaral. Ok na sabihin mo na ''La Salle'' or ''Benilde'' lang. Pero don't use those terms pag tinanong kung saan ka nag aaral.

Kase ang problem pag tinanong kung saan ka nag aaral at sinabi mo na ''La Salle'' lang. Iisipin nila DLSU-Manila ka when you are from la salle benilde. And problema naman pag inask kung saan ka nag aaral tapos sinasabi mo lang ''Benilde'' , ''CSB'' , or ''College Of Saint Benilde'' lang. Ang mga tao na hindi mashado familiar sa mga college. Iisipin nila na ''CSB'' or ''College Of Saint Benilde'' lang ang tawag sa school naten. May mga tao akong kilala na hindi nila alam na la salle school ang benilde. So may negative effect padin.

Other people might say what's wrong with calling our school ''CSB'' or ''College Of Saint Benilde'' when asked where we study. The problem is DLS-CSB IS ''La Salle''

And some people might say what's wrong with calling the school plainly ''La Salle'' . The problem is WE ARE ''Benilde'' .

You get me guys? :)

And another thing. About sa topic na should we be called ''Benildeans'' or ''Lasallians''.

Locally and i mean by locally is inside benilde and around taft. We should be called benildeans. Because around taft that is the way they would know if taga DLSU or DLS-CSB ka. Weird naman kung sabihin mo pa sa mga taga st. scho or DLSU na Lasallian ka. Because locally around taft. Lasallians are known to be students from DLSU and Benildeans are students from La Salle-Benilde :) . And yes in NCAA games it's better to shout ''Animo Benilde!''*okay*.

But outside taft. In the broader group of people. And the world. We are known as ''Lasallians'' :)

I hope more DLS-CSB students would share my point of view.

Animo Benilde!!
Animo La Salle!!
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