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kalayaan college

up spin-off, school for the rich and delinquent, the best shot for a second chance, and the perfect loop-hole to getting back.
what are your thoughts?


  • i've gathered that most of the students that transfer to kalayaan are mostly from the ateneo...
    what's up with that?

    one thing i'd like to ask:
    is it true that if you "suffer" in kalayaan for one whole school year, and actually garner good grades, you would have the opportunity to go to any school that you wish because, as we all know upon entering kalayaan, they don't particularly take into account your INCs which are equivalent to a 5.
    so hypothetically, if you get into kalayaan because no other good school will accept you because of your INCs, and you spend a whole school year there, or as i've heard, completing 33 units, then they would totally clean up your TOR... making you viable to get back to the good schools...
    can anyone clarify this for me?

    by the way, cool freshy party... beers were only 15 bucks, and they were giving out valium, if you know who to go to.
  • the demographics of kalayaan:
    100% are transferees
    90% are smokers
    80% are male
    70% are ateneo kick-outs
    60% are always late
    50% are conios
    40% are filthy rich
    30% are hoping to leave in a year
    20% are those with tatoos
    10% are those that actually make the grade
    0% are proud of being a student in kalayaan.
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