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Canadian Visitor Visa Thread

I think it is called non-immigrant visa/ tourist visa. How do you guys get it. According to my friend who was a caregiver - they dont do interviews anymore. You just have to submit documents and then they will send you or refuse the visa. How do you get one? What numbers to call, how much is the visa fee? Any information will be gladly appreciated.:)


  • Go here:


    Some embassies try minimize personal contact with visa applicants to improve their processing efficiency, security and lessen crowds in consulates. You can apply for Temporary Resident Visa (Visitor's visa). Either single entry or multiple. Multiple entry is 3 years max, I think. If your passport will expire in less than 3 years, the multiple visa given will expire on the last day your passport is valid. Single entry visa is good for 6 months. The number to call are toll numbers. Use a cellphone. I made the mistake of using a landline to call their call center number, it was busy or no body was answering. Figured it out after a while.
  • When asked who will shoulder the expenses? Which one is the more appropriate answer to have more chances of getting the visa approved? Yourself (with proof that you have sufficient money on your bank account) or your relative in Canada (even if your bank account shows you have enough money)?

    Thanks in advance.
  • Yay! There's a thread for Non-Immigrant Visa for Canada. Could someone please enlighten us on the questions posted by alhanna?

    I'm planning to visit my bf in Canada and it would be helpful if I could get tips. :) Thanks!
  • got my canadian tourist visa. answered my siblings paying for my trip though i have money of my own.
    my friend had more money than i did but was denied. canadian embassy said she didnt have enough travel record.
    dont know really what will get you a better chance of getting a visa
  • I generally don't want to speculate but this is what I think the Canadian consulate will look for - a reason or situation that will confirm that a visitor will return to their country of origin, and have significant ties to the country of origin. This can be in the form of assets (eg. property), and employment or business. It can be in the form of family (eg. only person who can care for aging parents.) The question about money is really to determine your ability to pay for things like living expenses, etc during your visit. Canada wants you to spend money when you visit as it helps the Canadian economy.
    In the case where you want to visit your bf, I think this may send the wrong message because it shows that you have strong personal ties to someone in Canada (basic question is - what are you hoping to happen with your relationship with your bf assuming he is a Canadian resident or citizen?). On the otherhand, if you were visiting Canada to attend an event or something you are actually involved with locally, then this may have a better message.
    If you haven't had much of a travel record (eg. to Asia or the US), I think you will need more convincing... Goodluck to all. Canada is a beautiful country.
  • Thanks for the info baby_doc and comingtotoronto! :) I plan to go there kasi hopefully next year. I'm still saving up so I could have enough money to visit and shop, shop, shop! Haha.

    My bf's family (especially his mom) said they'll be writing a letter of invitation to visit (which I also saw from the website) to help with the application. I'll be staying with them when I visit. My bf recently came home for a visit last May and he stayed here for almost a month. We (my bf and I) decided kasi na we take turns on visiting each other kasi medyo matagal pa naman before we get married.

    As for significant ties with family, I'm living with my widowed mom (63 yrs old). Kaming dalawa na lang ang living together, kasi my brother's already married so he moved out na. I'm just not sure if this is "significant" enough for them. :)

    Here are my plans though and I hope these will help:

    1. Include in my documents proof that I'll be back for my job. I currently work as a preschool teacher and I plan to go there kasi when it's the summer vacation here in the Phils and be back in time for my reporting back to work (which is towards the end of May). We have a contract that we sign for the next school year, and it also indicates the starting date of our reporting plus the bond we have to pay if we violate the provisions in the contract.

    2. Letter of invitation that they will be the host (and shoulder expenses as well when I go there, even though of course I'll have my own money ;)) .

    3. Travel more this year. I have travelled several times before to some Asian countries (HKG, BKK) and I plan to go to SIN and KUL this year. I've been to the US pero nung bata pa ako nun haha. Nag expire na yung US Visa ko. But I will also have to renew it, kasi my bf and I are planning to do a side trip to NY when I go there.

    4. Save, save, save money! Hahaha!

    I hope these will help. :)
  • Hi guys may question ako sa Visitor Visa to be able to go to the Canadian side of the Niagara falls. Sa Canadian Consulate ba sa Buffalo NY ako dapat mag apply for this or puwede rin mag apply dito sa embassy ng Canada sa Manila?
  • illuminaillumina PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    ^ You might as well apply here in Manila, so you'll have easier access to all your documents. I recall someone in the US visa thread mentioning that he tried to apply at the Canadian Consulate in L.A., but was denied.

    Has anyone had any experience with applying for a family multiple-entry visa for a fixed fee (CD 750, I think).
  • ^^^^
    Yun bang visa to go to the Canadian side of the Niagara falls ay different from the normal tourist visa to visit Canada?
  • illuminaillumina PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    ^ No, there's no special Niagara visa. You're really going to have to get a Canada tourist visa.
  • Aizen-Sama, the Canada tourist visa will do. ;)
  • ^^^
    Ano ang validity ng Canadian Tourist Visa?
    Single entry lang ba? Parang sayang naman kung sa Niagara Falls lang magagamit yun.
  • illuminaillumina PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    ^ Depends on what you apply for. You can apply for a multiple-entry, but it'll cost more, and I suspect they'll look at your ties to the Philippines more intently.

    If you get a single-entry visa, you can actually go back and forth between Canada and the US before going back to the Philippines. Errr...do you get it?
  • ^^^^
    Ahhh I thought if it's a single entry, it is really single entry. So if you have that kind of visa it's like a Schengen visa that lets you cross the border as much as you want to as per the visa expiry.
  • gotcha2gotcha2 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Aizen-Sama wrote: »
    Hi guys may question ako sa Visitor Visa to be able to go to the Canadian side of the Niagara falls. Sa Canadian Consulate ba sa Buffalo NY ako dapat mag apply for this or puwede rin mag apply dito sa embassy ng Canada sa Manila?

    I was just inToronto driving fron Chitown last week to bring my 4 siblings & sis in law. They secured a CAN visa in MNL for 3T pesos each. Wala ng personal appearance basta meron ka ng US visa. Pwede gamitin yon kahit ilang beses basta ang reentry coming from the US.
    Drive through lang and coming back tanong lang kung ano ang relation ko sa mga pasahero ko and did we bring any food. Mga 10 min. lang, mas matagal pa yong pila ng cars.
  • Ah sige thanks gotcha and illumina
  • madali lang ba mag-apply ng tourist visa ngayon?
    kahit EU visas pa lang meron ako (work + tourist)?

    tsaka anong airline ba may pinaka-murang flight to canada (toronto in patricular). kung meron sana < 50k RT na :D

    thanks! :)
  • illumina wrote: »
    If you get a single-entry visa, you can actually go back and forth between Canada and the US before going back to the Philippines. Errr...do you get it?

    This is interesting... How about if I already have a US Tourist Visa, can I go to Canada without a Canadian Tourist Visa?
  • hi... sana may makatulong sa tanong ko... :)

    i just got my US B1/B2 visa... im also planning to cross the US-Canadian border in Niagara to Toronto, pero i have no definite date yet... pero more likely it's within the next 6months, tentatively november or it can be earlier... ask ko lang if i can apply for a Single Entry Canadian Visitor's Visa as early as now? How do they put the Validity date of the Visa? would it start from the day your Visa got approved (like that sa US visa) or it depends on when you plan to go to Canada (like that of sa Schengen Visa)....

    Thanks in advance... :)
  • validity starts on date of approval. valid only for 6 months.
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