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Dirty kitchen floor tiles

What's the best tiles ba for floors of dirty kitchen? anong kulay at anong texture? if I plan to use a super black ceramic tiles for countertops don, ok lang ba kung medyo white and unpolished granite tiles ang gamitin ko for flooring?
thanks in advance for your suggestions and comments..


  • cyberfunkcyberfunk "It's just a flesh wound.." PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    I guess what you have in mind is the use of neutral colors for the kitchen. Black for the countertop and white for the floors. Neutrals are neutrals, meaning, it's safe. Not as dramatic but at last your playing on the safe side. If there is a better brand of linoleum here I would have chosen Linoleums from Armstrong for the kitchen floor. One thing for the use of black colors on countertops, "super black" in your case, our water supply whether from MWSS or your Village Deep well is not softened. Meaning theres plenty of mineral deposits thats why they leave watermarks.. Unlike natural stones, ceramic tiles cannot be re-polished. Given a year or two you might have a faded down super black tiles.
  • peachymhan29peachymhan29 Member PExer
    actually, my only option is tiles kaya lang I don't know how to choose the best design/'make' (color, texture and type) of the tiles appropriate for my dirty kitchen. since dirty kitchen yun, a friend advised me na wag daw dark kasi baka kung malamok-di agad makikita (although me screen naman yung house all over), at wag daw glazed since madulas un..don na din kasi ang laundry at cooking ko.
    sencia na po..medyo ala me masyado idea dito e.
  • cyberfunkcyberfunk "It's just a flesh wound.." PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Ah, ok.. well, you can use granite tiles of gray or beige. Yung 60"x60" so theres going to be less grout for you to clean and remove grimes on. May unpolished nun and there is a bit of texture for foot adhesion. You can buy those less than 300 a piece in Home Depot perhaps. Since it's big you'll be buying less.
  • peachymhan29peachymhan29 Member PExer
    thanks!really appreciate your help! god bless!
  • AbrianAbrian Member PEx Rookie ⭐
    This is a common problem because those people who cook at home often stain the floor. I also have tiles in the kitchen. I found an article on this portal on how to better clean the tiles. I decided that steam cleaning removes dirt well and kills bacteria. For me, this is really the easiest way to clean the tiles in the kitchen.

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