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Natsu no Arashi


Natsu no Arashi

From AniDB:
Thirteen-year-old Yasaka is a boy staying at his grandfather's house during his summer vacation. One day he entered a store and met Arashi, a beautiful sixteen-year old girl working there. After trying to protect her from a man who claims to have been hired by her family to take her back by force, Yasaka ran away with her and now she stays at his grandpa's place with him. It didn't take much time for Yasaka to figure out that his new friend is far from an ordinary girl, as she possesses mysterious powers. The plot thickens when he finds a sixty-year-old picture of Arashi and another girl named Kaja, and to the surprise of all Kaja suddenly appears, and just like Arashi, her appearance hasn't changed at all since then.

I mentioned in previous posts that I loved three series in the current anime season -- FMA, Eden of the East, and Cross Game. It looks like I left out another great series -- Natsu no Arashi.

It's the work of Kobayashi Jin, the author of the School Rumble series. I watched the first episode shortly after it came out and thought that while it was an entertaining comedy series, it wasn't really anything special. Turns out I was wrong.

From time to time I came across posts or articles on the net raving about it, so I decided to give it another shot. And what do you know, everything from episode 2 onwards has been awesome (Oh, and if you're a School Rumble fan, look closely at the people in the bar in episode 2). It's a comedy series, so there are the expected gags and parodies. However, it can get very serious -- even dark at times.

I highly recommend this series to anyone looking for something different. This is a really, really good series.


  • I just finished watching episode 11 -- it was EPIC. Not to mention a great ED song by Horie Yui (Sawachika Eri's seiyuu) for this episode.

    On the surface, Natsu no Arashi may look like just another comedy (and a little ecchi) series, but there's so much more to it. It has really cemented its place as one of my favorites of the season.
  • It was only today that I've seen Episode 1 of Akinai-chu, and I have to say that poking fun at Jun's sexuality still makes me laugh, despite having been used last season. I mean, I remember laughing out loud when Hajime and Jun switched bodies for a day. :rotflmao:

    And the first episode is a beach episode done so well without insulting the intelligence of its viewers. Loved that part when Hajime tries to force himself into the cubicle where Jun was changing. It's like he's going to bang her! :lol:

    Can't wait for the next episode. Hopefully, there's more to Arashi and her reasons for going back in time with Hajime.
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