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Why do Filipinos hate Kobe so much???

I've been wanting to create this thread for such a long time already and I know that majority of you folks here really hate Kobe. First of all, I want this thread to be a clean discussion. I will try to defend Kobe as much as I can and I would like everybody to know that I'm ready to humble myself if your opinions are more valid than my opinions.

Okay then, let's ponder on the question again... why do filipinos hate Kobe so much? Correct me if I'm wrong but this country had the highest percentage of Kobe bashers over the whole archipelago.

But why???

Okay I admit that he is a bit immature during his rookie years and years after that but he was young back then. Kobe won the NBA Championship with Shaquille O Neal and we can't deny that Kobe made such a big contribution to get that crown.. what with all that clutch shots in overtime. He created many opportunities for Shaquille so much because he attracted so much attention that when he shoots over the double team, Shaq is there for the offensive putback. Shaq won the NBA Championship but not without Kobe's help.

This current season, he is one of the leading scorers in the NBA. So ayan na naman ang mga Kobe bashers saying Kobe is such a ballhog and all. Let's look again at the roster of the Lakers. We know that Shaq and Kobe are the main men in the Lakers roster and the rest are roleplayers. Without Rice, who would complement the scoring of Shaquille? Harper? Grant? Fox? Nah! They are roleplayers. With the way the opposing teams are emphasizing the "Hack a Shaq" right now, who would the Lakers go to just in case they need to score in the closing seconds of the game. Shaquille even worsened his freethrow shooting in the first half of the season. And with the way the opposing teams are even more concerned with Shaq, it's only natural that the flow of the offense goes to Kobe. Do you want Shaquille to shoot freethrows when the Lakers are down by 2 in the last 3 seconds of the game? Of course not. They will rely on Kobe of course. But don't get me wrong, I admire Shaquille now for reclaiming his old form. Phil Jackson relies on Kobe too in such situations. And as matter of fact, Kobe delivered most of the time during those situations and kept the Lakers still up there the standings.

Look at Kobe' stats besides his scoring average:

FG% - .463%(he's taking shots and making them. still a ballhog? nah!)
APG - 4.8 (not bad eh? can you still say the guy is a ballhog? nah!)
Ranks #3 in the NBA in Triple Doubles(although he scores so much points, he still maintained his all around game intact)
Ranks #6 in the NBA in Field Goal Attempts per 48 minutes. (what about the other "ballhogs"? :confused: )
Ranks #3 in the NBA in Points per 48 Minutes(just look at the ratio)
Ranks #3 in the NBA in Minutes per Game(gotta give him credit for his heart and hardwork)

Outside the court, I can't say that he is mature already but on the court, Kobe is advanced for his age.



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