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waxwax PExer
hmmm...it seems anybody can win in the west. i mean, look all the 8 playoff contenders and it seems almost all of them are well-balanced. we'll see come playof time who will emerge as the western conference champion to challenge the best of the east which could be the sixers unless mourning makes a comeback in the playoffs.

favorites: san antonio and portland
it seems san antonio is playing like the champions they were two years ago, and if they play that well in the playoffs, they could beat anybody. duncan is playing inspired basketball and anderson has been a consistent player on both offense and defense. plus the little general is finding his rythm again.
portland may be playing not so well these past few games but i think they are still the favorites to win it all in the wesy because of their very deep lineup and their experience as well. they may be inconsistent now losing to lowly teams in some nights but in the playoffs, it would be hard to beat portland in a seven or five game series.

darkhorse: lakers and utah

lakers still has a chance to display their true worth in the playoffs but they have to find some other scoring options aside from shaq and kobe. they wouldn't repeat if those two would average almost 1/3 of the team's score.
as for utah, they're old but they are still playing well with newfound scorers in marshall, starks and manning. expect them to surprise their opponents in the playoffs.

pretenders: phoenix/ dallas/ minnesota
this teams have talents on their rosters but i think they still lack the character and experience to go all the way to the finals. plus, they seem to lack one player to match up against the elite teams in the west. phoenix has arguably the best point guard in the league plues reliable scorers in marion, robinson and gugliotta but where is the big man who can match up against shaq, duncan or wallace?
dallas has proven stars in finley, nowitzki and howard but they still need experience to get there. maybe next year...
minnesota has a big-time player in garnett but aside from him and brandon, who else can back him up?

quesionable: sacramento
i really can't describe how the kings will fare in the playoffs. i mean, their superstar player, chris webber is having an MVP year and stojakovic has been playing like a man on a mission, but it seems the team still has something lacking that could make them really contend for the title. i guess we'll have to wait and see, i'm not really sure about this team.


  • I still reckon the Blazers and the Lakers will meet in the WC Finals irrespective of their current standings with San Antonio a possibility in case either team self-destruct. Malone and Stockton will yet again finish this season without the bling bling. Sacramento, inspite of Webber will get bumped out. Dallas is capable of getting into the 2nd round but that's as far as they can get. Minnesota and Phoenix will get booted in the first round.

    syempre lakers yan!! tumahimik na lahat ng haters ni KOBE kc pagdating ng playoffs, makikita nyo!!! panis lahat ng mga team na yan!! next year wizards na ko pagbumalik si JORDAN!!!!
  • ...but I agree that the Suns probably won't make it to the 2nd round. I would love to eat my words, but that's what I think as of now. That is, of course, unless we square-off with either the Kings or the Jazz.
  • the Sacramento Kings. Go Kings!!!
  • Lakers talent and Blazers deep over the rest.

  • waxwax PExer
    i have to say san antonio is still the favorite to win it all in the west because they will most likely have the best record in the league plus they are playing with a lot of confidence now. the la lakers are playin quite well too during the past few games and if they bring that to the playoffs, then they still might have a chance to defend their crown. the third hottest team in the west is the kings but i still have some doubts on the character of this team. we'll see come playof time.
  • Portland, favorites?????:confused: No way, no how are they favorites. After the way these guys have stunk up the standings since the All-Star break, they are a number 6 seed which can never be legitimate seeding for so-called "favorites". Favorites are in the top half of the standings, that's it. That's why when teams 5-8 win, they're called upsets.:ahh:
  • Spurs VS Kings or Lakers VS Portland!
  • ...well i think Lakers are very much in contention....as well as the Spurs....and yung Jazz pwedeng makasilat....ahh basta kahit sino pa ang magtapat sa conf finals....ok lang...mas ok sana kung kasama ang LAKERS....grabe sobrang balanced ng teams sa west....

  • the loss of Bonzi Wells and Shawn Kemp seems to solve the problems of Mike Dunleavy and the Blazers. the choice of players for Coach Mike shall be narrowed and the problem of choosing who to play and on what part of the game shall be lessened. but given the time for the new rotation to gel (as of now, 3 games? 4 games?), it will be hard for their part to live up to their pre-season hype.

    the Lakers chances are bolstered now that Kobe is back in the line-up. it's time to leave that Lakers soap opera behind and focus on the playoffs. earlier, they beat the Wolves with, of course, Shaq and Kobe doing the damage. the past two games since Kobe came back, the Lakers seems to be back in their old form.

    what about the Jazz? I liked the Jazz' performance earlier this year but they faded down the stretch. they've picked a bad time to do that. they're very unlike the Spurs who are the Clutch team of the NBA. Duncan is just monstrous this past month and makes a strong case on his MVP bid. I pick either the Spurs or the Lakers be crowned as Western Conference champions.
  • waxwax PExer
    i think the lakers are getting back to their old groove again after winning their last 8 regular games. they are now no.2 seed in the west next to the spurs. however, they are up against the dangerous team portland trailblazers. maybe i was wrong to label them as favorites before, but i can now call them as darkhorse to make some upsets against the better teams. i know they are on a slump plus they lost bonzi wells to injury (big loss, he's unguardable), but you can't take this team lightly. they could still match up well with the lakers and this series would be very interesting to watch. if shaq keeps shooting free throws like he has been doing the last few games and kobe gives up his ball-hogging ways, then the lakers could actually sweep this one. well, i'm betting on the lakers, 3-1 to win this series.
  • It's either the LAKERS or the SPURS
    I like how the Lakers are playing since Kobe came back. He's starting to focus more on his defense and letting Shaq do the damage. I like how he's playing in both ends. (I still think he needs to focus more on defense rather than looking for his own shots) SHAQ's improvement in freethrows is awesome! The HAck-a-Shaq is no longer an options for the other teams. (with Shaq going 13 for 13 last night against the Denver Nuggets, THATS GREAT!) I hope Ron Harper's healthy for the playoffs because they need him for his experience. Rick's playing great so is Fisher. :D

    GO LAKERS!!!
  • well, i'm pretty sure it won't be the blazers! no chemistry in this team whatsoever. lakers vs. spurs in the Western Conference Finals!
  • I totally agree with wongfu!!!

    It's LA LAKERS or SAN ANTONIO SPURS in the WC finals!!!

    Imposibleng LA-POR kasi sila na magme-meet sa 1st round eh..nd with the way both teams are finishing the season, LA LAKERS na no!!!

  • yeah i agree. it would probably the SanAntonio Spurs against the Los Angeles LAkers in the Western Finals. Both teams have the right chemistry, tough defense, mental toughness, and finally, the championship experience. as we can see from their last games, both teams are ready to get in gear for the play-offs. hold on to your horses. this will be a tight one! i hope the Lakers win!

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