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Lakers and Blazers: Will they be meeting each other in the 1st round?

....with almost less than month left....and the way these teams are playing.....Will the Portland Trailblazers (4) (0.667) be facing the Los Angeles Lakers (5) (0.661) in the 1st round of the playoffs?????.....what do you think?????......



  • Nope. Western Conference Finals pa puwede. Of course, with the way the Lakers are playing, they could get eliminated in the first round.:~( Then again, the same could be said for Portland.;)
  • I hope :D

    Pag natapos ang season ngayon, eto ang pairings:

    1 - Sacramento vs 8 - Minnesota
    4 - Portland vs 5 - Lakers

    2 - San Antonio vs 7 - Phoenix
    3 - Utah vs 6 - Dallas

    Kayang silatin ng Dallas ang Utah and San Antonio so may chance silang pumasok sa Western Conference finals. But I'm not as optismistic with their chances against Portland, L.A or Sacramento.

  • .....ay soree kase di ko na napalitan yung title....The Rock papalit po ng title....gawin mo na lang.....Lakers and Blazers:Will they be meeting each other in the 1st rd?....

  • at the rate things are going
    these 2 teams could meet in the first round
    make mine BLAZERS
    KOBE is destroying the LAKER chemistry
  • at the rate things are going
    these 2 teams could meet in the first round
    hope the blazers lose though
    yeah Wallace is really helping his team get back their chemistry.
    they just had a 3 game losing skid coz of him. 2 of them against vancouver. It's ok though coz they can't expect to win against a team that's a sure lock for the championship hahahaha. and his act is wearing thin on his teammates. stoudamire and schrempf seem to be happy with what he's done so far.
  • If everyone else plays consistently (San Antonio, Utah, Sacramento) then LA and Portland will get stuck on the 4th and 5th slots... hope that happens hehe
  • there's a chance and if ever dat happens the blazers will go for it!
  • .....hmmmm.....the Lakers are still in the 4th place while the Blazers dropped to number 6.....and in the 5th are the Mavs....mukhang maganda ang magiging playoff this season.....

  • j3sj3s PExer
    whatever happens in the play-offs, one thing's for sure. it would be one of the best play-off matches ever.

    and if ever these teams collide, id go for the lakers.
  • ...well tignan mo nga naman.....mukhang matutuloy ang predictions ko.....LAKERS [2] and TRAILBLAZERS [7]....hopefully will be facing each others....talagang pinagtatapat sila ng tadhana :).....

  • tough luck for the blazers... :D

  • man i love to see lakers go down against the blazers :)
  • Originally posted by dmb4ever
    man i love to see lakers go down against the blazers :)
    Oh yeah! That's hilarious. A team that has teammates actually hitting each other with forearms and towels during crucial games will actually upset the reigning World Champions who are riding an 8-game winning streak into the playoffs.:lol: Real funny!:lol:

    zschownhe, Emer pare, tama nga hula mo. Galing!:D
  • it will tough for both team na maglalaban sila sa 1st round, it will be hard for the la team at syempre hirap din ang pportland, their series tied 2 a piece.

    pero lamang ang la , kasi homecourt nila.... it will be anew rivalry to both teams and a new rivalry between

  • neth_rowneth_row PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Originally posted by Hot Pants
    tough luck for the blazers... :D


    well, what d'ya know....for the 2nd straight year, the defending champions will be given a first-round exit ;)

    tough luck huh :D
  • yeah... for the blazers. :D

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