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Who's gonna be the NBA MVP?

A toss-up between Allen Iverson and Chris Webber.


  • yah! i share your view on this one it will be either Iverson or Webber but i would like Iverson to win because he really is the only one carrying his team :D
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  • IVERSON hands down

  • hope it's Iverson
  • Iverson because of the way he lifted up his team this season.

  • ....it's between Iverson ang Webber too....but don't forget Duncan.....he can be the dark horse.....remember that the Spurs are at the bottom last year....and now they're #1 in the west.......

  • But Tim Duncan is only averaging 21 points per game! 19th in the league! That is a low for him! Last year he averaged 23.1! But he leads the league in double doubles!
  • Iverson because his team has a better record than webbers
  • j3sj3s PExer
    iverson's value to his team is way better then webber's value to his team.

    both of them are doing good in stats and in helping their team become one of the top NBA teams.

    but without both guys, philly would go all the way down. sacramento would have a bad record but philly would be worse.
  • My pick would also be Iverson unless they go down on the first round of the playoffs. When you look at how 'normal' a team Philly is without him, and then look at the standings and actually find that they have the best (hands down, competition is far away) record in the NBA (with one superstar, minus Mutombo), that'd be your MVP Answer :smokin:

    I think C-Webb would be a really close second. He'd win it if they get to the finals or win it all. In my opinion, he's the best big man in the NBA today. He's too versatile that no one can even come close to shutting him down... which is more than I can say for the others.

    Duncan isn't going to win it. I'm a Spurs fan (they're gonna win it this season!), but I can concede that I've seen Dunc choke a lot. He really doesn't have one shot that he's SURE of making any time he wants to, and anytime the team NEEDS him to. Great player, but not this year I think.

    Darkhorse = Kobe :smokin:

  • easy pick - iverson.
    garnett, webber, shaq, kobe, duncan all have cases but iverson is the most valuable to his team as shown in the sixers record with or without him in the lineup.
  • MVP voting is at the end of the Regular Season. Post-Season performance has no bearing at all
  • My bet goes to Iverson! :goon:
  • Tinatanong pa ba 'yan? No one deserves this award more than Iverson. He singlehandedly turned the Sixers into a fighting machine this season. And he's showing too that you don't have to be the league's leading scorer to put your team up on top, unlike Kobe.
  • There are only 3 possible players who'll win the MVP award.
    The first one is Allen Iverson. Let's talk about AI. Iverson is, yup, the leading scorer of this season. Not only that, he led the Sixers to tie their previous franchise record since 1983 (or was it '82...well I don't know but it's just a guess). Also, team play led by Iverson is another factor why the Sixers are #1 in the East.

    The second one is Chris Webber. Even though C-Web isn't the leading scorer in the league, he's still leading the Kings to glory. Having their best season so far in a long time, C-Web and the others are having a good time in the West landing the #4 seed with only a few games to play. No doubt, Webber has become one of the most dominant power forwards in the game today.

    The last one is Tim Duncan. Feeling another ring inserted on his finger, TD bought his game to new heights. First of all, he has Madd Skillz. Second, he's the best player using basic fundamental bball skills that could fool his opponents expecting him to be fancy. The leading scorer and rebounder for the Spurs, I think they'll have a shot at the Finals.

    Bottom Line: These three players have Madd Skillz. They are also leading their teams to the championship with grace. Forget Kobe, Shaq, Malone (he must retire), or Zo. I'll be damn surprised if Kobe or Shaq becomes the MVP.
  • Allen Iverson Or Chris Webber or Tim DuncaN
  • A toss-up between C-Webb and THE ANSWER. Bu8t I do hope J Kidd makes it to the All NBA first team.
  • but to most sports writers and commentators, it's CWebb. kung di lang s'ya nagka-ankle injury at di naka-miss nang 10 games, kuha n'ya na MVP.
  • Tim Duncan is Hot this past Games, so my Bet goes to Him!
  • ThugLineThugLine PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    I think the scoring leader will win this year's MVP

    You know...THE ANSWER!
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