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Lakers can't beat Sonics

wla lng... bat hnd matalo ng lakers ang sonics?

what ya think, guys!?!?!


  • Simple answer: a team like the Sonics, who aren't going to the playoffs this year, get all hyped up playing the defending world champions. It helps that the Sonics can't stand the Lakers, since both of them belong to the Pacific Division. It also helped that in today's game, Kobe Bryant sat out with a viral infection and Shaquille O'Neal fouled out in regulation.

    Still, the Sonics are a minor bump in the road. The Lakers won't be meeting them in the playoffs, and Gary Payton won't be a Sonic next year. In other words, the Lakers move on.:D
  • ganun lang iyun kasimple! :D

  • neth_rowneth_row PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    maybe the better question to ask is why can't those gawd damned blazers beat the grizzlies :bop:
  • ....lahat ng team may katapat....ibig sabihin mei kontrapelo.....okie.....

  • Originally posted by zschownhe
    ....lahat ng team may katapat....ibig sabihin mei kontrapelo.....okie.....

    sakling sakling!
  • soonics finally got a 7 footer. He may not be as athletic as Shaq but he presents some problems for him. Then they have quick and tall forwards to help out against Shaq. Patterson's also playing excellent d against Bryant. I don't think they'd play as well against the Lakers with HArper and Fisher on the line-up
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