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coworker thats gets in my veins

F8L_TyrF8L_Tyr You make me...ツ PExer
i have this workmate thats getting in my nerves na..
na lipat lang sya sa branch where im working

to make it short malakas sya mang asar..
but not the wholesome type...
sya yung tipo ng workmate who'll say
"abnoy,retarded and the likes."

so ako naman for the sake of pakikisama and a good working environment decided to ignore.

kanina lang during my free time i tried to stole a shot na di natuloy sa incharge ko in which close ko naman sya..

tapos she told me na i should ask permission in which i admitted and said im sorry so ok na...

after that ito namang si (craptastic coworkier) said na patingin ng phone ko.
i said no because may mga private files ito
she said na di sya nakikipag biruan so i said na di pwede at wala naman akong kinuha na pics because na cancel.
at first i assumed na sya ang kinukuhanan ko
after that she said na bakit ayaw ko daw pakita. i said it na phone ko yun let me have my privacy

after that umuwi na lang ako..
thinking arguing with some retarded sucker would do nothing good for me ang problem is almost everyday makikita ko yun at aasarin nanaman ako.

what should i do?


  • feualumnifeualumni tryi'n, hopi'n PExer
    kill her :P joke, asarin mo din.
  • F8L_TyrF8L_Tyr You make me...ツ PExer
    nah...im not good at that..
    its if legal to kill here in the philippines why not?
  • amiloproamilopro Member PExer
    well you really can't do anything about it, but what you can change is yourself. Always remember that you're there to make money, not to make friends. As long as you accomplish the goal then disregard everything else that happened :)
  • ayanami-xayanami-x Ba??ed the Ādmins t(' _'t) PExer
    report mo sa management. o ignore mo hanggang kamatayan na parang hindi sha nag eexist =3
  • Papichulo168Papichulo168 Simplified. PExer
    F8L_Tyr wrote: »
    nah...im not good at that..
    its if legal to kill here in the philippines why not?

    What country is it legal for someone to kill another person? :confused:

    Maybe your craptastic co-worker is on to something when she says "abnoy,retarded". I just bet you got hundreds of stolen shots in your cellphone.

    You've just painted a creepy picture of yourself with the story you posted. :rolleyes:

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