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  • IraIra PEx Rookie ⭐
    I liked how this place looked like and felt--it's a great place to be when you just want to hang out in a comfortable restaurant with friends and talk without any loud music blaring in the background. I didn't like the food much (very ordinary-tasting), and the prices were steep. The booze was inexpensive, though--as cheap as the QC-Libis bar-grills. The people there are mostly mid20s to 30s, no noisy kids, with a relatively large expat crowd. The waiters were very accomodating and cheerful, although they do tend to get confused, which is forgivable since they only have a soft opening, anyway. The background music was kindda baduy. When I arrived there they were playing the same Britney Spears-Cristina Aguilera-boy band music over and over again. My friend couldn't stand it and requested that they change their CDs, which they promptly did (to 80s revival stuff). They should improve on their music and the food more; otherwise, it's a great place to go to.
  • how do we get there? directions, please? ano ang mga landmarks?
  • IraIra PEx Rookie ⭐
    It's at Kalayaan Avenue fronting Bel-Air, very near the junction where it becomes the Rockwell compound already.
  • thanks, doctora! :D
  • ...and I thought it was a girlie joint, considering its proximity to P Burgos Street.
  • Some of food's really good, my favorites are baked mussels, salmon sinigang, and the chicken pesto pasta. For a Makati resto the food prices are reasonable as many items come with rice included.The Panacotta desert is fantastic! Cheap bottomless softdrinks/iced tea, beer priced same as Jerry's/Katips. The difference is nice atmosphere, aircon, and cool music (sometimes).

    The best thing is the fancy location near Rockwell and the exotic nipa hut "feel". Smoke and parking is a prob on Friday nights. The crowd's a mix of young Makati professionals, decent foreigners, and a few showbiz celebs. I eat there sometimes and I got to know the staff, they're cool yet friendly. Convenient to watch movies at Rockwell cinema afterwards.
  • The prob now is getting a table at night - the place can be crowded. I think they need more audio/video entertainment.
  • If not for the wery slow service and mediocre food, my comrades and I are to be listink this as one of our favorite places. Is nice place with wery friendly people.

    Am not knowink about any of you, but when we were enterink the place the waitink people clapped and danced for us. At first we are thinkink they were just beink happy to see us, but we were to be findink out later is just their way of sayink hello to customers.

    Is still new when we were eatink there so the cook is not beink able to prepare food on time, but is to be owerlooked when waitink boy is wery kind and apologetic to us.

    Is too bad is situated so near to lots of house of sin so some of my lady comrades are not wantink to be goink there all the time.
  • went back recently --- still very cool crowd, nice ambience, schizo music. I think the food's improved - I like the seared tuna sashimi, it's different.
  • how about the prices? :)
  • IraIra PEx Rookie ⭐
    It's very steep for a bar-and-grill. Appetizers cost around P160 minimum, and main dishes, around P250 minimum, with an average of P300. Average money spent there would be around P500 I think.
  • Well I normally pick cheaper stuff like the grilled squid, P120, or the pork liempo (called Lion's Share - har har) P150, all including rice and sidings. Their bottomless sodas and iced tea are about P45 (i think) and their San Mig is P29, and they're finally laying out free bar pica-pica without being asked. Basically you can get a decent sit-down, full-service meal in a nice, let-your-hair-down nature setting for under P200.

    It's more of a comfortable meeting place than a great eating place, but the food's improved a lot. My favorite now is their spicy Crispy Pata at P280, good for at least two. I've also noticed parking is now allowed at night on the opposite side of the road, so Fri and Sat are no longer no-go for me and my friends.

    Also try the heavy breakfast at Danish Connection next door - it's the biggest and best English-style bacon, eggs, and potatoes I've ever had in town. P280 but after that you won't need lunch for sure. BTW, the place is crawling with expats even more than Hutu's.
  • the food is ok-nothing spectacular. but the service sucks big time! at least when i went there, about 2 weeks ago. hope they improved on this by now.
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