Left Chest Pain

may sumasakit sa left chest ko *** parang gumuguhit mga 2 seconds mga 4 times tapus mawawala na uli. ano po kaya un? im 50 years old but normal ang BP 120/80. any advice...


  • mai_1mai_1 IloveBono PExer
    nakaranas rin ako nyan recently. so i went to my mom's cardiologist. wala naman ako sakit sa puso. normal results ng ecg ko, bp ko nga was 130/80. normal daw sabi ng duktor. chineck din niya lungs ko, okay naman clear daw. ang findings niya sakin, namamaga daw rib bones ko. diniin niyang mabuti fingers niya sa ribs ko, at ang sakit! sabi niya, kung sa puso ang sakit, hindi nakakapa yun. so he prescribed to me a medicine for inflammation. Meloxicam (Pharex) 15g (taken once a day for 3 days) ang nireseta niya sakin. Then observe ko daw, tapos take as needed. Nawala na chest pain ko after 4 tablets lang.

    kaya pacheck up ka sa isang cardiologist to make sure kung sa puso yan or hindi naman.

    hope this helps..
  • cuddly_9cuddly_9 Member PExer
    well, baka costochondiritis i.e. namamaga yun mga joints sa ribs mo. ang significant na chest pain is heavy, na nakadiin sa left chest with radiation to back, neck or nape area, to left shoulders and arms lasting for 15-30minutes which eventually subsides ang tawag eh angina with rest and if hinde.... baka heart attack na tinatawag nila unstable angina. syempre, dapat maging cautious tayo. i suggest you go to your doctor kasi once youre in pain, ang BP usually shoots up to minimum of 130 systolic not unless ang base nyo po eh mababa (120/80).
    typically po, pag sa babae, walang symptoms naramramdam due to hormonal imbalance attributed to menopause.
    again, symptoms of chest pain vary from person to person as pain itself is a subjective. Hope this helps.
  • K_r_a_mK_r_a_m nerd PExer
    With the age factor and symptom of chest pain, it would be best if you seek a physician, better yet a cardiologist, to rule out cardiac causes of chest pain. There are many causes of chest pain in adults like what was mentioned by the other pexers, but the symptom with your age is too risky just to ignore or not go to a physician. Let's hope it's nothing serious.

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