itchy v.

hello! i have a prob regarding my vajay i'm a virgin, it all started when i used a fem wash PH c###. to be exact. naallergy yata ako dun kasi after a few days or a week so biglang i'm itching na down there. the feeling is parang may nagsting sayo. I went to an Obgyne sabi nya i had a reaction daw with the fem wash maybe my ph level changed suddenly coz of it, binigyan nya ko ng ointment to treat it for 10 days and advised me to pat dry my vajay. After 7 days malaki ang improvement nya so on the 9th day mejo wala na. i stopped using the ointment na din. after 2 days may konting sting nalang hindi *** totally nawala. i didn't treat it na with the ointment kasi takot nako baka maoveruse ako. after a month di pa din *** nawawala i went back sa ob sabi nya icontinue pa daw ulit un ointment for another 10days. after nun nandun pa din un itch/sting pero konti lang. 3 months na ngayon un itch/sting ko pero nafifeel ko lang un after i pee and dry it with a tissue and after i take a bath mas garbe un sting nya. i don't know na what this is kasi wala naman discharge. i don't want to go back to my ob kasi paulit ulit lang din un sabi nya. can you tell me kun possibly ano to? Can you suggest a good ob. if there's someone out there who experienced the same please share din how you treated it. thank's

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