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JOLLIBEE FISH N FRIES - sinong adik?

4 days nang yan lang ang kinakain ko.... rehab, here i come!


  • AdaAda Administrator PEx Moderator
    I've tried it and it's good. I can see myself getting addicted to it. I like their [tartar?] sauce.

    Do you guys think they offered Fish and Fries because of the drop in burger sales due to the mad cow threat?
  • medyo mahal siya, pero every other day yun ang baon kong snack sa opis :D

    pero sana, damihan pa ang fries. and yes, the best talaga yung tartar sauce-- ginawa ko pa ngang pang-sauce sa embotido one time, MASARAAAAP....
  • BadGiRLBadGiRL PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    My mother. She says it's so good.

    Kaso I can't eat it, not yet anyway for the next 34 days.
  • cHarL!e's AngELcHarL!e's AngEL PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Originally posted by Ada

    Do you guys think they offered Fish and Fries because of the drop in burger sales due to the mad cow threat?
    oo nga no, maybe. but they have a sign sayin thir beef is 100% Australian so it's safe daw. don't you think it's a Lenten offer? just guessin :) i'm gonna try it 1 of these days! :yum:
  • yax-ytterpyax-ytterp ??d?zz????",2,"f93f4e1a0e8402088d31696886123f9fwhH
    i tried it a while ago lang. masarap but i don't think i'll get too addicted to it...:D

    the fish is good pero parang sobrang lasang oil nung coating.

    the price is fine though.
  • It's so good :yum:
    Disappointed lang ako sa tartar sauce nila... it tastes like Lady's Choice Sandwich spread (or maybe it is sandwich spread!) Ineexpect ko pa namang lasa eh gaya doon sa Maxim's (yun ang masarap! :yum: ) :D . Oh well, eh di lagi na lang ako magdadala ng isang boteng sandwich spread tuwing kakain ako sa Jollibee. :lol:
  • uy matikman nga!

  • for the first time lumipas ang isang araw na di ako nagfish and fries :)

    i'm happy :) i feel soooo free.... ehehehhhe
  • :lol:

    Well, there was a time that I ate one everyday for 4 straight days. Sarap kasi! :yum:
  • it's that good? hmm...
  • masubukan nga :D
  • Recovering Fish and Fries addict din ang friend ko. Haven't tried it, though. Takot din yata akong ma-addict.
  • i tried burger king's fish and chips kanina..

    it's more expensive than jollibee's version - P69 yata... but it's better...

    it's not as oily, more fries and the tartar sauce is good - it's not sweet... :yum:
  • SubwaySubway PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    masarap siya...kaso mahal for its serving size. Maliit at bitin, di siya pwedeng pang lunch.
  • oo nga.. bitin...
  • sarap sha grabe! m addcited to that! pero ang liit. bitin! sana lakihan nila yun fish n more fries. kasi mejo mahal sha tapos liit lng ng serving.

    siguro kaya they're offering fish n fries is bcoz its the lenten season na dba? well, mad cow has affected sales den i guess. :)
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