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Creative minds of mapua grads...Ano magandang gawin sa mga old notes mo nung college?

This thread hope to gathers informations, opinions and feedbacks from interested fellow MIT Pexers out there kung anong magandang gawin sa old notes mo nung college...

Grads and undergrads, feel free to post your unique ideas about your treasured old notes that helped you earn the course and the degree...*okay*

Again, all opinions are open be it good or what...there are no wrong answers...be active, participate and let the world know how mapuans can still be happy even in time of crisis...:rotflmao::rotflmao::rotflmao:


  • Kahit pampadami siya ng "kalat" sa room ko, I make sure I keep them for reference and would always remind me that 5 years of my life I stayed in Mapua and gone through all these piles of paper for me to get to what I am right now.

    I miss Mapua. :(
  • xybert_22xybert_22 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Sad to say pero nabenta ko na sa junk-shop lahat. 3 sacks including laboratory reports, scratch at kung anu-ano pa. The only left are my books.
  • yOwbYyOwbY PExer
    ai uu nga anoh.. di ko na alam yung mga notes ko e.. di kasi ako nag notebook dati.. sa tinuping bond paper lang nakalagay yung mga notes ko.. pero yung mga books ko.. yung iba buhay pa.. wahahahaha.. parang bago pa e. di man lang nabuklat.. lalo na yung libro ko sa humanities.. geesss.. sino ba may tiyaga magbasa nun.. binile ko lang un para sa requirements e.. wehehehehe
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