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San Beda College - Alabang School of Law

Hello, I might be studying at SBC-A School of Law this coming school year. Since I don't know much information regarding the SBC-A Law School (because I'm a QC girl), here are some of my questions regarding the school.

1. Is SBC-A School of Law is the same as SBC College of Law? I mean the standards.

2. How much is the tuition?

3. How are the profs?

Thanks :D


  • chellotte8chellotte8 Member PExer
    You're from QC, why not San Beda Manila?!
  • xluweshxxluweshx Member PExer
    Hindi ako umabot sa cut off sa Manila, then SBC-A called me that I'm qualified sa Alabang. I wish I can appeal para masmalapit ako.
  • chellotte8chellotte8 Member PExer
    Cut off, as in you didn't reach the deadline?
  • xluweshxxluweshx Member PExer
    I didn't reach the cut off entrance exam grade in Manila.
  • Beda1746Beda1746 Banned by Admin PExer
    if that means that grade cut off is different from Mendio and Alabang, then that should give you in idea that the quality is different. Graduate ako ng Beda Mendiola and I just dont like the idea that there is such thing as Beda law in Alabang. Nothing beats the one in Mendiola.
  • southern_gurlsouthern_gurl sweet madness! ✭✭✭
    Baka naman you were placed on the wait list, try to call Ms. Glady sa Guidance ng Mendiola and check. Ganun yung ibang classmates ko eh they didn't pass the entrance exams but they were on the wait list so they were able to enrol in Mendiola.

    Dean Ulan, the dean in Alabang, was my prof last sem he said most of the profs in Alabang are also teaching in San Beda Mendiola or sa Ateneo.

    2010 pa yung first batch ng mga bar examinees from Alabang so we wouldn't really know kung maganda nga yung performance ng school until lumabas yung results.

    2. How much is the tuition?
    Same lang din sa Mendiola, more or less P1.5k per unit. I'm not sure about the misc. and other fees.

    3. How are the profs?
    From what I've heard, (Im not sure though if they are still teaching there), yung mga 'terror' profs sa Mendiola si Atty. Amurao, Atty. Castillo-Taleon and Dean Jara teach there. Andun din daw si Atty. Fortun, Atty. Arizala, Justice Peralta, Ambassador Tolentino etc..
  • bereddesignsbereddesigns Member PExer



    beRED AVAILABLE @ SBC Mendiola Alumni Office!

    Thanks for Patronizing beRED Designs!
  • silverwhizsilverwhiz Member Next Gen. Tennis Star
    pareho lang ba ang tuition ng sbc mendiola at sbc alabang?

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