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Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn - the REAL 30th Anniversary Gundam show!

If the first 30th anniversary Gundam annoucement turned out to be a cop-out by actually being a PS3 game, we have another announcement made by Sunrise. And I hope that it's for real now.


We're going to have an anime adaptation of Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn, a series of light novels set after the events of Char's Counterattack.

Whether it's an OVA, TV series or a movie, it's still unknown at the moment.


  • KTDKTD PExer
    They'd better cast Shuuichi Ikeda as the voice for Full Frontal.
  • If they want to please UC fans, then they'll get him.

    I don't have any idea on what Unicorn is about, although I heard that Full Frontal is supposed to be Char Aznable, so I guess I kinda understand where the desire to have Ikeda do a VA stint again is coming from.

    And oh, Gundam Unicorn will air in either Fall or Winter of this year (around October or December).
  • About freaking time they worked on a non-Side Story series for the UC universe.

  • at last they're making it into an anime :blow:

    aside from being a uc story, mecha designs are by hajime katoki *okay*

    im guessing they just wanted the novel to progress long enough for them to make the anime. though i hope the type of animation they do for this one was like from the videos they showed during its debut.

    im really loving the design of the unicorn and the sinanju, too bad i can't buy the mg sinanju dahil ang mahal :rotflmao:
  • aside from being a uc story, mecha designs are by hajime katoki

    That too. I'd love to see how far his MS design style's progressed over the years (outside model kits, that is).
  • Thanks to one of the links I got from another thread, this one deserves to be unearthed.


    Voice cast revealed:

    Character - Voice
    Banagher Links Kouki Uchiyama
    Audrey Burne Ayumi Fujimura
    Takuya Irei Hiro Shimono
    Micott Bartsch Haruka Tomatsu
    Riddhe Marcenas Daisuke Namikawa
    Mihiro Oiwakken Megumi Toyoguchi
    Marida Cruz Yuko Kaida
    Full Frontal Shuuichi Ikeda
    Angelo Sauper Tetsuya Kakihara
    Suberoa Zinnerman Hideaki Tezuka
    Cardeas Vist Takayuki Sugo
    Syam Vist Ichir? Nagai
    Alberto Wataru Takagi
    Flaste Schole Rikiya Koyama
    Daguza Mackle Hiroki Touchi

    Holy crap. Ikeda is voicing as Full Frontal. That's the ultimate tease right there. :lol:
  • Tapos lumitaw si Flash Hathaway at kamukha niya si Amuro tulad sa mga G-Gen games. lolz!
  • Hi guys ang lupit ng gundam no continue watching Gundam seed more episode to come hehehe

  • Here's a teaser taken from the Gundam Expo in Japan:


    Just what I'd expect on an OVA. It looks so awesome.
  • The first few minutes of Gundam Unicorn (RAW).

  • First impressions:

    1. Like the "UC" feel to it having the character designs based on the original era.
    2. Haven't seen laser beams (5:42) that blend into the environment in such a long time from a Gundam series. :D
  • So the new show is just an OVA? About how many episodes?
  • Yes, Gundam UC is an OVA, and it will run for six episodes for around 50 minutes each. How long will they release between episodes is something that we don't know. Hopefully it's not that long, although based on the quality, it would only imply that Sunrise is dishing out everything to make the animation look awesome.
  • manaka_junpeimanaka_junpei PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
  • OMFGG!

    Episode 1:
    Direct Download
    BSS' Release | MegaUpload | ZOMGUpload


    AnimeTake Release
    Direct Download
  • Katatapos ko pa lang panoorin yung epi 1. Pero parang obsessed naman si Banagher dun kay Audrey. Mukang may love story din anu bayan.:lol: Simple lang yung itsura nung Gundam Unicorn so malamang may mga nakatago pa yung alas.
  • I just came home from work when I decided to pass by the forum and boy, was I so glad to see that the first episode of Unicorn is already out. I still have an early day later, but I couldn't wait so I decided to watch it.

    The animation is definitely superb, just as advertised. Whether is MS-on-MS violence or even that short action scene with Banagher running away from Marida with Audrey or that brief CQC moment with Banagher's father (too bad he got punked early), it's animated so damn well.

    And yeah, I got shivers watching the transformation sequence of the Unicorn. I seriously hope that Sunrise keeps this quality until the end.

    As for the story, considering that I haven't seen any UC title in such a long time, I'm actually surprised that I did not get lost with all the UC terms used and the show did a good job of refreshing UC events. Although I have a feeling that those who haven't seen any UC Gundam series will definitely feel alienated.

    The first episode was not spared with the usual Gundam and mecha anime cliches. There's the accidental teenage pilot, attack on the colony, the keys-in-the-ignition (almost... thank heavens that Banagher's father was there to at least break that) and the titular mecha appearing at the end of the episode so badassly. I have seen so much mecha anime that I'm not complaining anymore. In fact, these cliches did not take anything much, IMO.

    As for Banagher himself, well, I'm thankful that he's not a wuss, although I find his motivation for fighting rather shallow. He sure did fall in love with Audrey the first time he sensed her, but I'm hoping that it's more than that. I believe that there's more to him (aside from probably being a Newtype) and I'm also hoping that he does not fall into that angsty mode, which most Gundam teenage pilots tend to become. I mean, Amuro was the precursor to this in the Gundam-verse.

    There's a good balance of action and story movement. I'm still confused on which character belongs to which side, and which organization is evil or not, but I have to say that the set-up for the next episode is rather interesting. I can't wait to see the next one, definitely. *okay*
  • Believe it or not, this is the first Gundam show I've ever seen, so I'm absolutely clueless about many of the things the characters were talking about.

    That said, I loved the old-school art style and excellent animation, and of course the action scenes. I'll probably see this through to the end.
  • It may have over-used cliche moments but the music and execution very well made up for it. I really liked it. Kinda reminds me of 08th MS team.
  • HK-47 wrote: »
    Believe it or not, this is the first Gundam show I've ever seen, so I'm absolutely clueless about many of the things the characters were talking about.
    I actually don't recommend Unicorn as a gateway Gundam series. The first episode alone references a lot from the original series up to Char's Counterattack. There are also UC-centric terms that get flown around like Newtypes, Minovsky particles and psychoframes.

    If anything, I'd recommend you any of the AUs, like Wing, G, X, TurnA, SEED (forget about Destiny) and 00. Each series has its own story and universe and tastes may vary. If you want to engage yourself with UC titles (like Unicorn), there are a lot, not to mention, most UC titles are hard to find.

    But go ahead and watch Unicorn despite what I said. Who knows, you may find yourself interested in the franchise? :)
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