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CW's Vampire Diaries

can't wait for this another vampire teen series
nakakamiss yung buffy na eh

its from the books too.. parang twilight pero mas nauna sa twilight 2..


plot from the book:

The first book introduces the reader to Elena Gilbert, a beautiful and popular high school student in the small town of Fell's Church in Virginia, and her friends: Bonnie, Meredith, and Matt. As their senior year begins, Elena pursues the mysterious new guy in town, Stefan Salvatore. Stefan's resistance is met with Elena's determination, and she eventually discovers his secret: that Stefan is a centuries-old vampire. As Elena and Stefan fall in love, strange attacks begin to happen in the town while a dark and seductive stranger appears to Elena. Elena eventually learns that the stranger is Stefan's older brother Damon. In Renaissance Italy, the brothers both fell in love with a young vampire named Katherine, who later committed suicide after the two brothers turned against each other when she decided to choose them both as lovers and exchanged blood with them. Fueled with rage, the brothers killed each other but woke up as vampires. The Awakening ends with Elena seeking out Damon whom she believes to be the prime suspect for Stefan's disappearance after the townspeople begin to suspect the latter to be behind a recent murder and the strange attacks.

official lead cast love triangle


[ELENA GILBERT] [Over 18 to play younger] She is compassionate and kind with a smart wit and timeless beauty. 17 years old, fresh-faced, with lovely features, she once swept through life with the ease of a popular, well-adjusted pretty girl, until she suffered a tragedy: her parents were killed in a car crash four months ago, and now she and her younger brother Jeremy live with their Aunt Jenna. Most of the time, Elena simply tries to get through the day with the support of her friends Bonnie and Caroline and her ex-boyfriend Matt, whom she's known since she was a little kid. Elena's life is brightened with the arrival of Stefan, the mysterious, polite and gorgeous new guy at school whose past and identity are shrouded in mystery...SERIES REGULAR (4)

Rupert Penry-Jones has been tapped as the lead in ABC's untitled Jerry Bruckheimer drama pilot, and Bulgarian-born Canadian Nina Dobrev has landed the lead in the CW's drama pilot "Vampire Diaries."

Based on Alloy's novels, WBTV's "Vampire" centers on Elena (Dobrev), a tragic heroine who is the object of passion for two vampire brothers. She is repped by Innovative.



[STEFAN WHITMORE] [Over 18 to play younger] A "gloriously, amazingly, epic-ly beautiful young man, elegant and ageless," he appears to be 17 or 18, but he's really a 200-year-old vampire who has come to Mystic Falls in search of Elena. Stefan is poised, polite and reserved but easy to talk to, and intense sparks fly between him and Elena, who share the experience of having lost their parents...SERIES REGULAR (15)

Paul Wesley is set to star opposite Nina Dobrev in CW's drama pilot "Vampire Diaries."

Based on the Alloy novels, WBTV's "Vampire" centers on Elena (Dobrev), a tragic heroine who is the object of passion for two vampire brothers, Stefan (Wesley) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder).

Stefan is described as "gloriously, amazingly, epically beautiful young man" who is actually a 200-year-old vampire who has a strong connection with Elena.

Wesley's series credits include arcs on "24," "Everwood," "Army Wives" and "American Dreams."


[DAMON WHITMORE] Early to mid 20s. Stefan's brother, he's a darkly handsome, strong, charming and smug vampire who can go from casual and playful to pure evil in less than a heartbeat. Damon's interest in Elena unnerves Stefan. Though Damon hates small towns and considers them dull, it's clear that he's come to wreak havoc. Unlike Stefan, Damon has no qualms about killing humans...SERIES REGULAR (50)

Ian Somerhalder, who played Boone on ABC's hit "Lost," has joined the cast of the CW's drama pilot "Vampire Diaries."
Somerhalder is set to play Damon, a smug vampire who can go from playful to evil in a split second.

Thesp's credits also include "Tell Me You Love Me."

Also joining the cast are Zach Roerig ("Friday Night Lights"), who will play the jock Matt, and Kayla Ewell ("Entourage"), who will play Matt's sister.

Previously announced cast includes Nina Dobrev and Steven R. McQueen.

"Vampire Diaries," based on a series of books from Alloy Entertainment, centers on a woman who falls for two vampire brothers - one good and one evil.

Warner Bros. TV is behind the project, along with Alloy and Outerbanks Ent.

According to the show’s IMDB page the release date for the Vampire Diaries is sometime in June 2009.



  • Ostroff: There are very few shows on the air right now that are truly close-ended; most are open and ongoing. Even procedurals have gotten a little soapier. Each of the shows we have has a different flavor. "Vampire Diaries" is different from anything else. It's more like "Twilight" or a "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." Each episode has a beginning, middle and end.


    steven r mcqueen

    [JEREMY GILBERT] [Over 18 to play younger or must be emancipated] 15 years old, he is Elena's troubled but fundamentally decent little brother who has an "outcast cute, grunge punk" look. He’s good looking and a heartthrob waiting to happen. Over the summer, he started sleeping with an older girl, Vicki, and he'd like to continue their relationship now that school's in session, but she ignores him in front of her jock boyfriend, Tyler. She's perfectly happy to buy drugs off him, however. Jeremy is smoking a lot of pot and drinking too much in an effort to cope with the death of his parents four months ago, and he doesn't take seriously his Aunt Jenna's attempts to rein him in.sptv0507069..SERIES REGULAR (6)


    [BONNIE] [Over 18 to play younger] 17 years old, bubbly, adorable, loyal and bighearted, she is Elena's best friend who is developing her psychic abilities and senses that Stefan is dangerous. She also "sees" the black crow of death that seems to be following Elena...SERIES REGULAR (7)


    [MATT] [Over 18 to play younger] 17 years old, he's a handsome, all-American jock (Jeremy calls him a "golden retriever") and Vicki's brother. He has known Elena her whole life and used to be her boyfriend. He'd like to get back together, but he knows she needs time after the death of her parents and he's gentle and thoughtful about giving her space. However, he can't help but feel worried that the new guy, Stefan, is going to sweep Elena off her feet before he can re-establish his relationship with her...SERIES REGULAR 10/13

    Friday Night Lights hottie Zach Roerig has just been cast as Matt Honeycutt in the Vampire Diaries. Of course, Variety has all the scoop!


    [CAROLINE TRUITT] [Over 18 to play younger] 17 years old, a beautiful but slightly manufactured-looking queen bee type, she is friends -- and rivals -- with Elena. Though she does care about Elena, Caroline is resentful of her relationship with Stefan. When Caroline gets tipsy at a party and throws herself at him, he inadvertently humiliates and angers her with a polite but firm rejection...SERIES REGULAR 10/13


    [TYLER STRATTON] 18 years old, athletic, cocky, attractive, and a bit of a jerk, he's an alpha male who demonstratively marks his territory (i.e. Vicki) every chance he gets, particularly in front of Jeremy. Tyler can't resist needling Matt about the fact that Elena seems to be falling for the new guy, Stefan...SERIES REGULAR 7/13

    Vampire Diaries Casting: Bonnie, Caroline and Tyler

    4 more characters have been added to the cast list for the Vampire Diaries pilot.
    Candice Accola is Caroline, Katerina Graham is Bonnie, Michael Trevino is Tyler and Sarah Carey is listed to play “Jenna”.

    Bonnie should have been a red head just like willow.. weird casting by CW
  • forgforg Administrator PEx Moderator
    Buffy and Angel are classics na, I feel old :mecry: :lol:

    Well, very promising for The CW, potential hit
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    So far, a pilot episode was ordered by the CW. It has yet to pick the show up into a full series.

    Other than Vampire Diaries, they also have ordered pilots of two spin-offs (each from Gossip Girl and 90210). I hope, they go bigtime by ordering all of their ordered pilots into series (since it's expected that by next season they will have to finish off one or two of their existing shows that have already reached a saturation point IMHO) back to back with their few ongoing shows.
  • i have a feeling its gonna be pick up as a full series na
    knowing the hype of buffy and twilight
  • j5bataj5bata PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    I saw the list of pilots ordered by the CW, dalawa lang sa kanila (kasama Vampire Diaries) ang galing lang sa Warner Brothers out of the 7 or so pilots na inordered. karamihan, CBS Paramount ang magpoproduce.
  • iansomerhalderashleygre.jpg

    April 15, 2009

    So, yeah, I’m posting gossip. AND Paparazzi pics! It’s a slow news day so sue me.

    It seems that Ian Somerhalder was spotted with Ashley Greene (yes, Alice from the Twilight Saga) out and very much together at a 100 Monkey’s show in Vancouver last night. Talk about fandoms colliding!

    Alice and Damon lolz

    Vampire Diaries extra blogs about her experience.

    This lucky blogger writes about her day as an extra on the set of the Vampire Diaries pilot. Sounds like she had a long but fun day. I’ve experienced being an extra before and it mostly a lot of “hurry up and wait”.

    Below is an excerpt from her post.

    so there was this scene that I was very close to the actresses and actors. I didn’t know who they were other than “oh they’re the main people!” One of the actresses I thought was pretty! I later found out her name is Nina Dobrev (playing Elena, the main character). The other cast were Paul Wesley (playing Stefan), Katerina Graham (playing Bonnie) Candice Accola, (playing Caroline), Steven R. McQueen (playing Jermey, Elena’s brother) and I didn’t get to see Ian Somerhalder (should be playing Damon and the reason why I wanna see him because he was in LOST) though. It was cool to know that I was standing right next to them, well I didn’t really know until I got home and did my researches online :P haha!

  • an excerpt from the first book meeting

    Elena frowned at this as they entered the building. A long corridor stretched before them, and a figure in
    jeans and leather jacket was disappearing through the office doorway up ahead. Elena slowed her pace
    as she walked up to the office, finally stopping to glance thoughtfully at the messages on the cork bulletin
    board by the door. There was a large window here, through which the entire office was visible.
    The other girls were openly gazing through the window, and giggling. "Nice rear view." "That is definitely
    an Armani jacket." "You think he's from out of state?"
    Elena was straining her ears for the boy's name. There seemed to be some kind of trouble in there: Mrs.
    Clarke, the admissions secretary, was looking at a list and shaking her head. The boy said something,
    and Mrs. Clarke lifted her hands in a "What can I say?" gesture. She ran a finger down the list and shook
    her head again, conclusively. The boy started to turn away, then turned back. And when Mrs. Clarke
    looked up at him, her expression changed.
    The boy's sunglasses were now in his hand. Mrs. Clarke seemed startled by something; Elena could see
    her blink several times. Her lips opened and closed as if she were trying to speak.
    Elena wished she could see more than the back of the boy's head. Mrs. Clarke was fumbling through
    piles of paper now, looking dazed. At last she found a form of some kind and wrote on it, then turned it
    around and pushed it toward the boy.
    The boy wrote briefly on the form—signing it, probably—and returned it. Mrs. Clarke stared at it a
    second, then fumbled through a new pile of papers, finally handing what looked like a class schedule to
    him. Her eyes never left the boy as he took it, inclined his head in thanks, and turned to the door.
    Elena was wild with curiosity by now. What had just happened in there? And what did this stranger's
    face look like? But as he emerged from the office, he was settling his sunglasses in place again.
    Disappointment coursed through her.
    Still, she could see the rest of his face as he paused in the doorway. The dark curly hair framed features
    so fine that they might have been taken from an old Roman coin or medallion. High cheekbones, classical
    straight nose… and a mouth to keep you awake at night, Elena thought. The upper lip was beautifully
    sculpted, a little sensitive, a whole lot sensual. The chatter of the girls in the hallway had stopped as if
    someone had thrown a switch.
    Most of them were turning away from the boy now, looking anywhere but at him. Elena held her place by
    the window and gave a little toss to her head, pulling the ribbon out of her hair so that it fell loose around
    her shoulders.
    Without looking to either side, the boy moved on down the hallway. A chorus of sighs and whispers
    flared up the moment he was out of earshot.
    Elena didn't hear any of it.
    He'd walked right by her, she thought, dazed. Right by without a glance.
    Dimly, she realized the bell was ringing. Meredith was tugging her arm.
    "I said here's your schedule. We've got trig on the second floor right now. Come on!"
    Elena allowed Meredith to propel her down the corridor, up a flight of stairs, and into a classroom. She
    slid into an empty seat automatically and fixed her eyes on the teacher at the front without really seeing
    her. The shock still hadn't worn off.
    He'd walked right by. Without a glance. She couldn't remember how long it had been since a boy had
    done that. They all looked, at least. Some whistled. Some stopped to talk. Some just stared.
    And that had always been fine with Elena.
    After all, what was more important than boys? They were the mark of how popular you were, of how
    beautiful you were. And they could be useful for all sorts of things. Sometimes they were exciting, but
    usually that didn't last long. Sometimes they were creeps from the beginning.

    Stefan was glad the school day was almost over. He wanted to get out of these crowded rooms and
    corridors, just for a few minutes.
    So many minds. The pressure of so many thought patterns, so many mental voices surrounding him, was
    making him dizzy. It had been years since he had been in a swarm of people like this.
    One mind in particular stood out from the others. She had been among those watching him in the main
    corridor of the school building. He didn't know what she looked like, but her personality was powerful.
    He felt sure he'd recognize it again.So far, at least, he'd survived the first day of the masquerade. He'd used the Powers only twice, and then
    sparingly. But he was tired, and, he admitted ruefully, hungry. The rabbit hadn't been enough.
    Worry about that later. He found his last classroom and sat down. And immediately he felt the presence
    of that mind again.
    It glowed at the edge of his consciousness, a golden light, soft and yet vibrant. And, for the first time, he
    could locate the girl it was coming from. She was seated right in front of him.
    Even as he thought it, she turned around and he saw her face. It was all he could do not to gasp in shock.
    Katherine! But of course it couldn't be. Katherine was dead; no one knew that better than he did.
    Still, the resemblance was uncanny. That pale golden hair, so fair it almost seemed to shimmer. That
    creamy skin, which had always made him think of swans, or alabaster, flushing faintly pink over the
    cheekbones. And the eyes… Katherine's eyes had been a color he had never seen before; darker than
    sky blue, as rich as the lapis lazuli in her jeweled headband. This girl had those same eyes.
    And they were fixed directly on his as she smiled.
    He looked down from the smile quickly. Of all things, he did not want to think about Katherine. He didn't
    want to look at this girl who reminded him of her, and he didn't want to feel her presence any longer. He
    kept his eyes on the desk, blocking his mind as strongly as he knew how. And at last, slowly, she turned
    around again.
    She was hurt. Even through the blocks, he could feel that. He didn't care. In fact, he was glad of it, and
    he hoped it would keep her away from him. Other than that, he had no feelings about her at all.
    He kept telling himself this as he sat, the droning voice of the teacher pouring over him unheard. But he
    could smell a subtle hint of some perfume—violets, he thought. And her slender white neck was bowed
    over her book, the fair hair falling on either side of it.
    In anger and frustration he recognized the seductive feeling in his teeth—more a tickling or a tingling than
    an ache. It was hunger, a specific hunger. And not one he was about to indulge.
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    ang babata ng casts. :glee:
  • mare...oo nga. hahahahahaha!!!

    btw, damon is sooo hootttt!
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    buffy07 wrote: »

    Mare, is this Damon ba? :naughty:

    tttsssssss... sultry! :love:

    hot *cough* hot!
  • oh my goodness, BOONE. :love: I stopped watching LOST when Boone died sa lost. :lol: Then rewatched again after recovering from the shock. haha!
  • Wow! Looking like a stellar cast. Of course Boone is here and that guy from 90210.
  • nina dobrev in the lead...niiiiiiice. loved her in "the american mall" (a.k.a. "high school musical," MTV-style). :glee:

    just...not too much into the whole vampire "craze" (if it can be considered such), though. but let's see how this fares for the CW...
  • Oh cooool! Another vampire series?! Haven't read the books so I'll just watch the show! :p

    WOw, vampires are going rampant nowadays, huh? (Twilight, Black Dagger Brotherhood, True Blood and now this too!) :D
  • Mare, is this Damon ba? :naughty:

    tttsssssss... sultry! :love:

    hot *cough* hot!

    sya nga mare. hottie!
    Oh cooool! Another vampire series?! Haven't read the books so I'll just watch the show! :p

    WOw, vampires are going rampant nowadays, huh? (Twilight, Black Dagger Brotherhood, True Blood and now this too!) :D
    yeah...peak season ata nila ngayon. add moonlight to that list kaso season 1 lang sya.
  • ^ knowing cw pahahabain pa nila 2 like gg and oth :) mahilig *** sa teeny shows hehe..
    i'm excited for this

    hmm.. baka maging hit ang elena/damon imbis na stefan/elena...

    By Brian Ford Sullivan

    Welcome to our annual "first look" at the broadcast networks' potential offerings for the 2009-2010 season. Over the next couple weeks we'll walk you through some of the scripts being shot as pilots with an eye towards a series commitment next season. With that in mind, it's important to remember that a lot can change from the drafts we've seen - rewriting, recasting, reshooting, etc. - but we still want to give you a heads up on what you should (and shouldn't) keep on your radar. So enough of our rambling, on with the show!


    (written by Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec; 63 pages)

    The network's description: No official description has been released.

    What did they leave out: It's based on L.J. Smith's series of young adult novels of the same name.

    The plot in a nutshell: The new school year marks a new beginning for 17-year-old Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev) of Mystic Falls, Virginia. "They will see that Elena is alive and well," she writes in her diary. "And if I can convince them, then maybe, just maybe, I can believe it myself." After all, it's been a year since her parents died - a car wreck which only she survived - and she and her brother, Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen, "has an original take on grunge punk, nothing extreme"), have settled into a new domestic status quo with their aunt Jenna. And so, along with her best friends - Bonnie, the amateur psychic ("I predicted Obama, I predicted David Cook, Heath Ledger, Britney's comeback and I still think Florida will break off and become little resort islands."), and Caroline, the queen bee (Bonnie: "I say we both throw ourselves at him and whoever he picks gets him." Caroline: "That's the same as saying he's mine.") - Elena makes a go at resuming life as an ordinary teen girl. Not helping matters: things between Elena and her ex, football jock Matt, are awkward at best while Jeremy has dipped his toe into drug dealing.

    That's all about the change though with the arrival of transfer student Stefan Whitmore. In addition to his looks ("He's a gloriously, amazingly, epic-ly beautiful young man," explains the script), he also has a tragic past of his own - his parents passed away as well, leaving him with his great uncle Pete - and it's not long before the two are exchanging longing glances in class. But there's a lot more to Stefan than he lets on: the sunglasses he wears indoors aren't really for his scratched retina, nor is his sensitivity to blood an act, it's all to cover up the fact he's... a vampire. "I never should have tried to enter her life," he writes in his diary (hence the title). "What would she do if she ever learned the truth? About me...and why I'm really here." Even worse, his arrival coincides with the disappearance/potential murder of a local couple. And if that wasn't enough: Damon, Stefan's arrogant, reckless brother, turns up, threatening to derail Stefan's new life. Yes, it's a new beginning for everyone.

    What works: Williamson's trademark teen-speak from "Dawson's Creek" is in full force here (Mr. Tanner: "Would you like to take this opportunity to overcome your embedded jock stereotype?"; Darren: "He sounded like James Blunt." Brooke: "What's wrong with that?" Darren: "We already have a James Blunt. One's all we need.") as is Plec's always enjoyable earnestness from "Kyle XY" (Jeremy: "Why do you talk that way about yourself?" Vicki: "It's a joke." Jeremy: "Lacking in humor and self esteem.") however it's all...

    CW plans to cash in on vampire craze with new show "Vampire Diaries"
    >> Tuesday, March 17, 2009

    When my contact in Los Angeles first informed me that the CW has a new vampire-themed show in the works titled "Vampire Diaries", my first thought was "stake me now; another vampire show? How many copy-cat creations based on the themes of Twilight and True Blood can they possibly invent?"

    Then I read the script.

    My prediction: This show is going to be sick. Not like cough cough bad sick, like crazy cool insanely awesome kind of sick. This is not to say that the show is not copy-catting previous vampire productions; in fact, it copies most of the well-known vampire motifs. But isn't that really what all good vampire productions are, classic themes we know and love that talented writers manage to make seem fresh and interesting all over again? How many times have we read a vampire book or seen a vampire movie where the central vampire character is mysterious, brooding and tormented? Countless. How many times have we read or watched that main vampire character in action while debating in our heads whether we're watching the villain or the hero? Many. And how many times have we felt for the vampire protagonist who curses his true nature, feels loneliness like no other creature, and has become emotionally closed-off because his "dark curse" has essentially exiled him from the whole of humanity? I've now run out of words for countless...but you get the idea.

    This particular vampire story is not much different from the others we know and adore. Based on having read just the pilot script, the show seems to combine popular thematic elements from both Twilight and True Blood. Based on a horror series of Young Adult novels by author LJane Smith, the show centers on "a tragic young heroine who is the object of passion for two vampire brothers -- one good, one evil -- who are at war for her soul and for the souls of her friends, family and other residents of the small town in which she resides." (Nellie Andreeva, Hollywood Reporter)

    The tragic young heroine, Elena Gilbert, will be played by actress Nina Dobrev. Elena is 17 years old (note the character of Elena, a teenager, is actually being played by a teenager for once). We meet her while she's in the throws of grief after having lost both her parents less than six months ago in a horrific car accident. Elena is suffering tremendously on the inside, but trying to keep face on the outside. No one understands her pain, and that pain has has isolated her into a deep place of loneliness. She feels awkward and alone in the town in which she used to live vivaciously and carefree. Sound familiar? Think Bella in Twilight, but even more pitiable. She is being cared for by her Aunt Jenna, who is only 29 herself and is a stressed-out graduate student who never expected to take on the role of parenting so young. Also in the family is Elena's younger brother, Jeremy, played by Steven R. McQueen (grandson of Steve McQueen). The show takes place in Mystic Falls, Virginia. Steven R. McQueen (pictured above) will play 15 year-old Jeremy Gilbert.

    Then in steps the vampire, Stefan. He's dark and mysterious, and it's strongly hinted that he's not new to Mystic Falls, but rather returning with a perhaps hidden agenda. (Think Bill Compton returning to Bon Temps.) Stefan is described as "mesmerizing" with "gorgeous eyes." Think every romantic vampire movie you've ever seen. And of course, Stefan is ardently attracted to Elena, but worried he won't be able to control himself once he gets close to her. Stefan can also go out in the day time (I wonder if he sparkles) but only with the aid of a mysterious ancient ring (huh?). Stefan also has an evil brother named Damon, whose sole purpose it seems is to ruin Stefan's plans to woo Elena. It sounds pretty corny, and it is. But the show does have some intriguing elements that go beyond the vampire storyline.

    The show centers around Elena (played by Nina Dobrev, pictured to the right), but also plans to develop story lines for younger brother Jeremy, Aunt Jenna, Stefan and more. It has a whole "My So-Called Life" vibe to it, where the characters miscommunicate out of their own woundedness but do love each other deeply too. Rather than a "kids versus adults" mentality, the feelings and motivations of each character are highlighted to some extent, causing the audience to feel compassion for all parties involved and not just the central characters. In this sense, "Vampire Diaries" does not indicate it will only be a show about vampires; it will be a show about family, loss, and finding out that a young girl can love again -- love a hot, hot dead guy that is.

    The writing in the pilot script is quick, witty and hilarious. While the show may piggyback on successful themes from Twilight, the show is not as innocent. There are several drug scenes, talk of sex and references to Elena's past passion (or lack thereof) with her ex-boyfriend. Unlike Twilight, "Vampire Diaries" does not tip-toe around adult themes, but unlike True Blood it does not completely give way to them either. The pilot script suggests toying with some adult themes, but not going too far for its CW target audience of tweens, teens and all-out vampire nerds like myself. I love how the script describes its characters and certain situations. Two characters in the beginning of the pilot script as described as "Arren, 24, has that cute-I'm-probably-gonna-die-soon-look" and "Brooke, 24, pretty, smart-faced. Has that I'll-probably-live-longer-than-my-boyfriend-look." Are you serious??? Yes they are.

    What also gives me hope for this show, at least for the pilot episode anyway, is that it will be directed by Marcos Siega, whose credits include Dexter and True Blood. While certain elements of the show promise to maintain a subdued Twilight-like air about them, other aspects hint at an exploration of the more dangerous side of both living in the world of the American teenager and being in love with a vampire.
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    sya nga mare. hottie!

    I couldnt agree more! :naughty:
  • mag hunting na ulit ako ng libro nito. hehehehehehe...
  • reminds me of twilight because of the vampire storyline..

    but the guys are hot so i'll give it a chance. :lol:
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    ^ let me guess.. you eyed Damon too.. :naughty:

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