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Foreign Language Lessons

xyrwynxyrwyn Member ✭✭✭
Anyone? I wanna learn Mandarin kasi kaso i dunno kung san may nago-offer..


  • jann_croixjann_croix freewayjimmer ✭✭
    i wanna learn German :bungi:

    "Guten Tag" :wave:
  • xyrwynxyrwyn Member ✭✭✭
    Sana may mga schools na nag-ooffer ng ganito o, kahit summer lang
  • tRiStAntRiStAn Member PExer
    I think UP Diliman offers summer classes; a friend of mine tried Italian two summers ago.
  • sunpowersunpower Member PExer
    Guys you may wanna consider Professor Arguelles' method on learning a foreign language. Meron siya mga posts sa youtube. I am interested on his "shadowing" method. Watching these, I felt more confident that I could do this as a self-study mode.
  • teaspoon000teaspoon000 Member ✭✭
    Thanks.. I want to learn japanese for the sake of meeting new people , have the feeling like in school again and the most important is to watch anime movies or episodes without the need to read the subtitles. Any training school that you can suggest?
  • xyrwynxyrwyn Member ✭✭✭
    anybody who have tried Instituto De Cervantes for Spanish Lessons?
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  • allenthegreatallenthegreat Member PExer
    Anybody want free Russian or Nippongo lessons?

    We teach these languages at

    Register now.
  • sunpowersunpower Member PExer
    Anybody want free Russian or Nippongo lessons?

    We teach these languages at

    Register now.


    link appears broken daw.

    I'm interested in Nippongo sana.
  • winterfell2013winterfell2013 Member ✭✭
    sunpower said:
    Anybody want free Russian or Nippongo lessons?

    We teach these languages at

    Register now.


    link appears broken daw.

    I'm interested in Nippongo sana.
    Try Pimsleur..
  • Arriba Zamboanga, Mindanao y Mexico...
    Similaridades entre Español y Chavacano....

  • I would also want to learn at least two foreign languages. Mandarin and Korean language. Para hindi ko na kainlangan magbasa ng subtitle everytime na manonood ako ng series.
  • I want to learn Mandarin haha.
  • bboyfredbboyfred Member

    Hi, I am a private Mandarin tutor, and teaching Business Mandarin now in Makati. I have been teaching more than 10 years.

    Please contact me for it. 
    My local no. +63906-218-1094. 
    My viber & what's app +886930195100

    Thank u


  • yes, I could say it is really worth it. But to be able to learn the language, you need to have passion as learning a language entails learning a culture as well. If you are just studying a language for monetary benefits, it wont go a long way.

    Language playlist:

  • i need a mandarin teacher who has a very flexible time and can do lessons over skype as my work requires me to travel a lot and I cant attend classroom-based lessons. send me PM please with details such as the price. thank you
  • Hi I am Teacher Dennis. Try learning mandarin with me over skype or wechat. I have been teaching and tutoring for more than 5 years. There are least 30 lessons for basic, 60 for intermediate and 120 for advanced. It is 250 pesos per hour. Call or leave a message 09560076713. 
  • Pinky123Pinky123 Member PExer
    Magkano ba normally nagagastos for language lessons? I'm interested to learn Nihonggo.
  • You can also try this app called Duolingo :)

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