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sino na nakapanood ng anime na to?

70+ episodes,

hindi niyo pagsisisihan,:lol:

1st post!


  • Naririnig ko to from the other forums, they said it will bring down the house.

    Simulan ko kaya muna ang manga version nito, if any.
  • inabasa ko na manga. maganda siya, sa totoo lang

    try ninyo rin yung 20th century boys.same din yung gumawa. not sure kung may anime version na yun. panalo!
  • I just finished the manga and am now watching the anime (episode 8) pa lang.

    The manga was really great, mapapaisip ka talaga. It's one of my favorite manga now, I think, although it is so different in tone, maturity and mood from the ones that I used to read. Kakaiba talaga. Even after I read it, I was still pondering about its message and the ending! :D That's why I'm also watching the anime para mas maintindihan ko lalo.

    In the episodes I've seen so far, very faithful ang anime - pati yung mga "camera angles" sa manga, kuha nila. I love the soundtrack, particularly the OP.

    Wala pa yatang anime adaptation ang 20th Century Boys eh.
  • Try Pluto as well... Its from the same mangaka of Monster.. I think he has new one now called Billy bat something..
  • You guys might also want to read the supplemental book for Monster titled Another Monster, here.

    It is a journalist's account of Johan's exploits, connected to an serial killer in Austria. I'm reading it now, but naghahanap pa ako ng complete text.
  • BTW, they are making a Monster live action movie. New Line Cinema picked up the rights.

    However, it seems that the project has been on the backburner for a long time ... so we don't know when it will be released. The last update was that John Olson, the screenwriter for "A History of Violence" was tapped to work on the film.

    I hope it becomes reality -- the release date is 2009, but I'm sure that's not going to happen this year :(
  • sino na nakapanood ng anime na to?

    70+ episodes,

    hindi niyo pagsisisihan,:lol:

    1st post!

    I just finished watching the series last week. Such a great series :handsdown: , better than Death Note IMO. Love ko na si Johan and Dr. Tenma :love: . Thanks to those who recommended this anime in the help with a good anime choice thread. I really enjoyed watching it *okay* .
  • ruri_asagiruri_asagi PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    sana ipalabas nato sa abscbn para mapanood ko na :)
  • @ruri: if ever ipalabas 'to sa abs, i think marami silang tatanggalin na scenes kagaya ng ginawa nila sa evangelion, project arms and etc.


    Links for monster anime and manga:

    Monster Anime

    Monster Manga


    Creepy!!! :eek: :eek: :eek:
  • froshie1froshie1 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Still watching the anime and reading the mangga as well. Itong story na ito nahook ako sa anime and mangga kasama na din ang aking wife. Hindi nyo nga talaga pagsisisihan!
  • binabasa ko to dati mga upto chap15 lang tapos tnry ko ulitin sa simula this month. kaya lang nagbabasa muna ako ng beelzebub. :rotflmao:

    yung mangaka na yan daw ay isa sa pinakamagaling na mangaka ever. kaya malamang ok talaga ayn. simula pa lang nababasa ko pero nagandahan naman ako.

    yung 20th century boys, parang ayoko basahin online. kung yumaman na ako, ttry ko kumpletuhin yung volumes nun at ng bakuman. sana yumaman na ako. :rotflmao:
  • *Hands down* ako sa mangaka nito. Daming napanalunan na awards.

    From wikipedia:

    He (Naoki Urasawa) has received the Shogakukan Manga Award three times, the Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize twice, and the Kodansha Manga Award once. As a storyteller, his most distinctive characteristics are his dense, multi-layered, interconnecting narratives, his mastery of suspense, clever homages to classic manga & anime and a frequent use of German characters and settings.


    * D?but ; Return (1981)
    * New Manga Artist Award of Shogakukan in 1982
    * 1990 (35th) Shogakukan Manga Award (for Yawara!)
    * 1997 (1st) Japan Media Arts Festival, Excellence Prize (for Monster)
    * 1999 (3rd) Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize, Grand Prize (for Monster)
    * 2001 (46th) Shogakukan Manga Award (for Monster)
    * 2001 Kodansha Manga Award (for 20th Century Boys)
    * 2002 (6th) Japan Media Arts Festival, Excellence Prize (for 20th Century Boys)
    * 2003 Shogakukan Manga Award (for 20th Century Boys)
    * 2004 Angoul?me International Comics Festival Prize for a Series (for 20th Century Boys)
    * 2005 (9th) Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize, Grand Prize (for Pluto)

    In 2008 the winner of the Pulitzer Prize for fiction Junot Diaz praised Monster series and added that "Urasawa is a national treasure in Japan."

    Here's the article written by Junot Diaz (spoiler warning):

    The Psychotic Japanese Mastermind

  • [crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]
    Franz Bonaparta's picture books:
    The Nameless Monster

    The Big Eyed Man and the Big Mouthed Man

    The God of Peace

    The Quiet Village

    Don't watch these videos, if you haven't finished watching the anime or reading the manga, yet ;).
  • hindi ba pinalabas na to sa Hero last year?
  • di ko nagustuhan boring i stopped watching haflway
  • Maybe you find it boring because there's no comic relief in the anime, unlike in Death Note, merong L to entertain us :lol:. Or puede ring, masyadong maraming episodes, pero di ko na napansin na mahaba kasi each episode for me is exciting (and the most exciting parts are in the last episodes of the anime, IMO ;)).

    @delurker Yup, the anime was previously aired on Herotv. Di ko lang alam kung anong time slot.
  • timeslot was weeknights, 9 PM, if I recall correctly. i've caught a few episodes but didn't understand much since I didn't watch from the beginning.

    matagal ko ng balak panoorin to, kaya lang ang haba yata. stuck pa rin ako sa paghahabol sa shippuden haha. :lol:
  • Panoorin mo yung simula hanggang ending. Di ka magsisisi *okay*. At huwag kang magskip ng episodes. Maraming episodes kasi maraming characters (one character per episode), setting at events.

    I highly recommend this series not only for those who are into psychological/suspense anime but to all anime viewers (except kids). So far, this is the BEST anime series I've ever seen (no.1 in my favorite anime list, followed by Honey and Clover). Kung yung ibang anime napatawa/napaiyak ako, eto napatili ako sa sobrang suspense :lol:. Ang galing talaga ng mangaka nito :spinstar:. I recommended MONSTER to my friends who watch anime and they all loved it. Now they're asking me if there are other anime series na ala-MONSTER, kaso wala, ibang level ang MONSTER. Sana gawin ding anime yung 20th Century Boys. Papanoorin ko kahit ilang episodes pa yun.
  • MrSinisterMrSinister PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    balak ko panoorin ito, sino may links?
  • Links for streaming videos, aside from the one I previously posted:

    If you want to download, just type anime keep Monster on google.com ;). Dun dinownload yung DVD copy ko.

    Enjoy watching :).

    "Boku o mite! Boku o mite! Boku no naka no Kaibutsu ga, konnani ookiku nattayo!" Pari Pari, Kushya Kushya, Paki Paki, Gokun!
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