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ADB Bangko sa Pagpapaunlad ng Asya (Asian Development Bank) [M]

lezy_brailezy_brai PExer
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Gud pm pexers....just want to have a glimpse on how the selection process is being done in this prestigious company. Are written exams being given to candidates? Are there panel interviews? How long will it take to reach a final job offer?

Appreciate any inputs.....:)


  • Does anyone here know any information about this company/organization in terms of employment opportunities? I've heard that they are really competitive in terms of salary and benefits. How does one apply here? Do they hire IT grads? :)
  • ^^ yup...same here...i wanna know kung may opening ba for IT related jobs dito..saka if having a job experience is a must? thanks.. :)
  • Ako naman wanna know if may openings ba sa Marketing or Customer Service. Thanks in advance
  • team slickteam slick PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Based from what i know (which is limited btw). They dont hire permanent employees. What they usually do is hire contractual employees for a span of 2-3 yrs. This would factor why their benefits are quite high since i believe that they would give an expat package meaning dollar rate, tax shield, and all the rest. Additionally, one big qualification for them is that you should at least have a master's degree in order to qualify for the initial screening and mostly they get their employees thru executive searches company. I rarely heard anyone walking straight to adb and just dropping off their resume and screen (Although i do believe it might happen.) Just my 2 cents
  • advanced degrees are not required, but preferred. they strictly require a minimum of 3 years of work experience. My aunt knows a secretary there, who's earning P80,000 per month. plus you get all the perks of travelling to any member nation for free and having you own diplomatic passport. I know of this guy from another message board who just went there and applied for a position. out of the 100 applicants, only 3 of them were called for exam and fortunately he was chosen. he doesn't have an advanced degree. oh and yes, they accept IT position applicants.
  • Where can we get the application forms? It seems that they don't have it on their site.
  • Asian Development Bank is an international company, when it comes to compensation, *okay* , hands up !!!
  • Call 6324444 and ask on how to apply in their company. Maybe this would help.
  • Thanks blueberry! :)
  • Ice BurnIce Burn PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    My dad works there. He's paid in $$$ and has excellent benefits. That's the life, being an expat in his own country...Haaay...I wish I could work there kaso he's there so there is no way I'll be accepted there until he leaves ADB. Oh well. :shrug:
  • Hi Ice Burn, do you think your dad can help me in applying there? :)
  • Anybody working here in ADB? is it really damn good when you work here? :confused:
  • i heard YES
  • there's an old thread here about the status of pinoys working there. pakihanap na lang.

    bottomline: depende sa komprome, if you are staff level there, well, alilang sagigilid ka.
  • it's good to be employed there, expat salary e. my aunt knows somebody who is an ordinary secretary but takes home P80,000 monthly.
  • paano ba mag apply dyan sa ADB na yan
  • Blue ZooBlue Zoo PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    joshua69 wrote:
    paano ba mag apply dyan sa ADB na yan

    Lots of people ask that question. ADB is nice since just about everyone (even rank and file) makes a salary that's closer to foreign standards than local. Which is why you have secretaries that make P80k/month. That's about $20k/year, a fair foreign salary. Subsidized commissary, top benefits are even more icing on the cake.

    I've done consulting work for them and I pick up upwards of $2000 for a week's work (which is actually still kind of low considering what you get paid abroad).

    I'm sure you can give your resume into their HR, in fact, you'll sometimes see ads for ADB positions in the newspaper. Just be sure you're competitive. I've never heard of anyone being able to "fake" the ADB HRs. And even if you do, I have no doubt that your boss will fire you once you don't meet his expectations.

    I don't know anything except what I've observed from the people I've worked with but they hire the best of the best. Everyone I know from there was already established at another company (VP or at least Senior staff) before ADB approached them. I also noticed that everyone seems to have stellar academic pedigree. They're all dean's listers from top colleges (both local and foreign) and usually have at least one MBA.

    Now the requirements might be different in other departments but considering what I saw in IT & Finance, I would assume that, even if requirements were different, all departments hire to the same standards.
  • slurpeeslurpee PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    i think there was a thread before about adb.. parang matagal na.. ewan ko kung asan na. anyway. i just sent my application kanina. sana pansinin nila. hehe.
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