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How Gordon became an honorary Abu Sayaff member

How Gordon became an honorary Abu Sayaff member


It was a seige.

Pursuing Marines had cornered Abu Sayaff abductors of ICRC volunteers at the Western tip of Jolo island, just east of the town of Silangkan. With their backs to the sea, where the Philippine Navy lay in wait, a pair of mountains to the northeast and east, pursuing rescuers and a blocking force in Parang to the south had the bandits in a vise, above which Air Force gunships stood watch.

As the vise tightened, ASG supplies dwindled. Their numbers were sapped by attrition as well desertions. They were were becoming desperate. The seige's end was drawing near. Time was on the government's side.

But the leader of the Abu Sayaff group, Parad, had a secret weapon. His name: D-i-c-k Gordon

As Chairman of the Philippine National Red Cross and Rear Admiral of the Philippine Coast Guard Auxilliary, the Honorable Senator understandably felt pressure appear to do something about the situation. With 2010 around the corner, what better time to prove that his rank and position were not merely honorary, and attain the "combat command" experience, that he hitherto lacked, under his belt. Adding another honorary title couldn't hurt either.

So he did do something . . . he worked to let the Abu Sayaff get away.

Armed with intelligence briefings from GHQ officers who were not familiar with the terrain, and relying on his illusionary grasp of the tactical situation, he brokered a deal that would weaken the military vise that had put a stranglehold on the Abu Sayaff.

A "gentleman's agreement" he said. How people who abduct unarmed volunteers could EVER be called "gentlemen", is something that only a politician with presidential ambitions could understand.

Gordon's masterstroke is shown below


With the government forces repositioned south of Jolo township, the seige had been essentially abandoned. Imagine Manny Pacquiao suddenly dropping his guard, and then offering his jaw to an opponent that was already at the ropes.

Defeat had been snatched from the jaws of victory.

The new ease of access, combined with the lure of easy ransom money and an apparently gullible government -- personified by Gordon -- swelled the previously dwindling Abu Sayaff ranks. The Abu Sayaff's number had grown, and as feared, they had escaped the vise.

It was an outcome as predictable as the fate of the "gentleman's agreement". As of writing, the hostages continue to enhance their first-hand knowledge of the Stockholm syndrome.

What was at first a difficult situation, has become doubly so.

Marines paid a heavy price to set up the vise. In efforts to rescue three hostages, 6 marines had already lost their lives, and scores more wounded.

These deaths and sacrifices are now all for nothing.

Good job . . . D-I-C-K!!!!


  • That incident wasn't the first time that the terrorist ASG were allowed to walk away from a check-mate by the AFP.

    Anyone still remembers the hospital incident in Mindanao where those ASG bandits were allowed to march out of the hospital and avoid capture?

    Those ASG bandits are coddled by corrupt military officers and govt. politicians for the purpose of destabilizing the administration (whoever it might be) for financial and political gain.

  • dapat sugurin na yan ng tuluyan. basta siguradong ubos dapat ang lahat abu sayaf na ma-cocorner sa area na yan, kasama ang kanilang mga pamilya. kung sa akin lang, i'd sacrifice the 3 icrc workers basta ang kundisyon, ubos lahat ng abu sayaf at kanilang mga pamilya.

    "A "gentleman's agreement" he said. How people who abduct unarmed volunteers could EVER be called "gentlemen", is something that only a politician with presidential ambitions could understand."

    namputsa, me gentleman's agreement sa mga abu sayaf?!??! :grrr:

    pag maging presidente si gordon, pyestang pyesta mga kidnappers at mga terrorists, kayang kaya pala sya takutin. mahina ang loob.
  • Gordon thinks he is doing what he should as part of the Red Cross. He said so many things even undermining the capability of the military and the police and other members of the crisis committee. His efforts are appreciated but there should be a limit to his meddling. The Abu Sayaff will not end their actions with just this so called gentleman's agreement.
  • Kawawa naman yung mga hostages. Hindi na nakalaya, pinatakas pa yung mga nang hostage. Kung minsan, yung akala nating makakabuti yun pa ang makakasama. Katulad na lang ng pangyayaring ito.

    Kelangan din kasi ng mga ganitong exposure ni Gordon kaya sumali sa propaganda. Kawawa naman yung mga volunteers, hanggang ngayon nasa mga terorista pa. Yung mga militar, nahihirapan din naman ang mga yan. Pero ang pinakakelangan kasi nilang ikonsidera, yung pinakamabuti sa mga tao.

    Pero dapat kasi wag ng maniwala sa mga teroristang yan. Wala namang talagang naipangakong matino yan.
  • What Little **** (his father was a senior, if I'm not mistaken) should do is coordinate and work closely with the crisis team, not against it.

    My 5 centavos (my, when was the last time I was able to use them) worth is that he is grandstanding... playing for the cameras.

    He reacts to situations, pardon my hormone-driven, male-chauvinism, like a woman.

    Assess, then act. Not the opposite. Too emotional. This is a guy who wants to be President?

    And so what if the Abu's are having a difficult time? SO WHAT?!?

    DO NOT GRANDSTAND !!! The voting filipino is not as dumb as you politicos think... we are a different breed now.

    And to think I used to hold you in high esteem.
  • Yes, Gordon wants to become president! But do we want someone like him who seems to be like a spokersperson of the terrorists to become our next president? No way!

    Gordon has turned against the government when he said the lives of the hostages is in the hands of the president. That is a strange remark. It is the ASG who holds the the workers captives and it is the ASG who makes these unreasonable demands which compromises the sovereignty and authority of the government.

    Gordon, in his desire to free his colleagues in the Red Cross, has jeopardized the authority of the government. It seems that he no longer thinks that the ASG is a terrorist and lawless group.
  • Alam nyo kung gusto nilang palayain mga 2 red cross foreigners, ipalit nila sila Erap at Ping para tapos na! :rotflmao::rotflmao::rotflmao:
  • Bakit kaya napunta sa kamay ni GMA ang buhay ng mga hostages? Eh sa totoo lang, siya itong nagmamadali sa pagrerescue diumano kahit wala siyang magawang matino kundi umiyak.

    Siyempre, mas madaling maging sikat kung sisisihin si GMA kaya yun na lang ang ginagawa niya. Kapag nailigtas, siya ang bida. Mag- iiyak ka ba naman. Kapag hindi nailigtas na wag naman sana, si GMA ang dapat sisihin.

    Eto lang ang kaya niyang gawin para sumikat eh.
  • Gordon is putting the hostages first, as he should be doing. didn't GMA do the same thing when terrorists in Iraq kidnap a truck driver?
  • ^
    If he was so concerned for the hostages, then he should have stood back and let the experts handle the situation. Instead, his meddling allowed them ASG to once again escape, thereby aggravating the situation of the remaining two hostages.

    I seriously doubt pleading and crying will affect the thinking of these thugs - especially when it comes from a politician.
  • like what i said in the other thread, dapat gawin syang "human shield" ng militar para makita nya din kung ano yung "gentleman's agreement" na sinasabi nya.
  • bryuscarpiusbryuscarpius PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Kung kayo ba ang nasa pusisyon isasakripisyo nyo na ang natitirang dalawang hostages para masugpu na ang ASG?
  • Not necessarily isasacrifice. Siguro ang gagawin ay yung paraan na hindi magmumukhang napapasunod ng mga Abu Sayaff ang gobyerno. Ang ginagawa kasi ni Gordon, nakikipag-usap lang sa Abu Sayaff. Tapos tinatrato niyang mas importante ang sabihin ng ASG kaysa sa polisiya ng gobyerno sa pagsugpo ng terorismo. Ang lagi niyang sinasabi diba trabaho niya kasi yun bilang pinuno ng Red Cross. Pero ang Red Cross dapat non-partisan, nasa gitna lang sila lagi, at alam nila ang risk ng pinasok nilang trabaho. Ngayon, ang nangayayari, parang si Gordon ay nasa side ng ASG. Kaya pag nagkaloko loko na, ang dapat sisihin sa pagpalpak ng plano ng pagsugpo sa terorismo.
  • Dapat hindi na lang siya nagsasalita ng kung anu-ano kung gusto niya talaga maligtas ang mga hostages. Hindi naman kasi ganun kadali ang rescue operations sa mga hostages tapos dumadagdag pa siya ng mga banat niya.

    Mas lalo tuloy nasisira ang diskarte ng gobyerno.Kapag naman nasira ang plano, kasama siya sa maninisi. Kapag naligtas ang mga hostages, siyempre kasama siya sa press release.

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