The Gretchen Barretto of Philippine Cinema

Much has been said about Gretchen Barretto. The Beautiful Girl of Showbusiness (and remains beautiful as ever), Screen Goddess of Philippine Cinema (in the late 80's and early 90's) The MMFF Star Witness, Controversial Queen, Social Climber in the eyes of the Elite, a Fashionista, Now She is a Singer... Who really is Gretchen Barretto in the eyes of the public...

Gretchen has always been interesting as ever. Her moves are always given attention. She's always been a Newsmaker. No matter news she gets into, she remains the same Gretchen Barretto in public. She always seems to win all the battles or the odds she's into. Maybe because she knows how to accept her mistakes and be sorry about it. She knows how to manage the battles in life. Having much of nasty and negative issues like her, its really hard to remain in spotlight but she manages to be always a hot item and being talked about. She always emerges an interesting celebrity. She's a rare one.


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    I agree. Many people dislike her. But I think she is just being natural and truthful. D gaya ng iba na super sweet ang image na pino project pero super maldita naman. I had encounter Ms Gretchen whe she launched her Unexpected Album. Napabili ako ng cd right away. She was so beautiful and refreshing that time. Ayun nagpapirma ko. Wala syang arte and magiliw sya sa tao. I had experienced of cd signing ng ibang artist, pero Gretchen's warmth to people is different. Magiliw, bungisngis, kakaloka sya. Now I had her new Complicated album, i love the first cut THIS FAR (bubbly sya) and I am looking forward for her mall shows and i have it signed by her. Sana this time d na ako ma starstruck sa kanya. GO Ms Gretchen. I like you being yourself.
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