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VILMA SANTOS:Amidst Fame&Success, Family Still Comes First for the Queenstar Thread27



  • gina corderogina cordero Member PExer
    OK..manay g....ingat ka diyan....
    may pabaon akong song..pero sa PM na lang muna ok?

    thankyou.gif Kadencio andseeyoulater.jpg
  • justinforever1justinforever1 Member PExer
    Good Monday morning global Vilmanians!!!
  • justinforever1justinforever1 Member PExer
    SolidVi wrote: »

    Justin for opening our NEW Residencia and for the excellent intro as always!

    Your welcome SolidVi.
    If not for people like you and Ate Vi, di ko magagawa ito.
  • justinforever1justinforever1 Member PExer
    To : Justin and Bobby,


    Para sa inyo ito Kadencio and the global Vis.
    Siyempre, kay Ate Vi being our numero uno idol and inspiration.
  • justinforever1justinforever1 Member PExer

    For the New House..para lalong lumago:)

    Ang galing naman, may dala ka pang pampaswerte.
    Thanks kadencio for the bigas and asin.*okay**okay*
  • justinforever1justinforever1 Member PExer
    Wala pa rin sina BelovedVi and MissVi.
    Baka maligaw kayo mamaya ah.
    New house na tayo, mga luvsys ko.
  • justinforever1justinforever1 Member PExer
    Pasok na ko mga Vis.

    Bihis na ko, ready for work.
    It's another week of stress, hehehe
  • SolidViSolidVi TEAM RECTO ✭✭✭
    hello Vis!
  • SolidViSolidVi TEAM RECTO ✭✭✭
    anybody here?
  • SolidViSolidVi TEAM RECTO ✭✭✭
    hindi pa ata nabisita sina STAR, MissVi, Kuya Eric, Kuya Cesar at BelovedVi sa ating bagong bahay.
  • SolidViSolidVi TEAM RECTO ✭✭✭
    brb lang...
  • SolidViSolidVi TEAM RECTO ✭✭✭
    Being a mother completes a woman. But there’s an even bigger picture here if the mother happens to be VILMA SANTOS. Yes, the Star for all Seasons herself.

    With her stature, fame and wealth, Vilma Santos, the Queenstar that she is, can now rest on her laurels and make a full 360 degree turn into motherhood. And as she stated from the very start, Family is still her top priority, the rest will just follow. But the clamor of the public or the masses in general makes her juggle from motherhood, politics and showbiz. And these three makes her even an ultimate woman, a bigger political figure and a complete artist. Amazing isn’t it?

    Vilma is a hands-on type of a mother. She makes sure everything comes from her and she’ll do it by herself. She’s not the type who always depends on the “yayas” or “household helpers.” She prepares her husbands things, if time permits. She even spends time with her family in watching movies, going out of town, etc. In an interview she said, “Perhaps it’s because I am a woman and a mother. A mother’s heart is different; a woman’s pulse is different.”
    Exactly, a mother knows what's best for her family.

    Still at the prime of her career, with movies, politics, endorsements, speaking engagements and guestings, how can she fulfill her duties being a mother to her 3 boys? Well, it's a feat only a Vilma Santos can do.

    After all, Philippine cinema's greatest actress and queen is also the nation's pride as a mother.

    Family comes first and everything else will follow.


    thanks Justin!...*okay**okay*
  • SolidViSolidVi TEAM RECTO ✭✭✭

  • SolidViSolidVi TEAM RECTO ✭✭✭

  • SolidViSolidVi TEAM RECTO ✭✭✭

  • SolidViSolidVi TEAM RECTO ✭✭✭

  • SolidViSolidVi TEAM RECTO ✭✭✭

  • SolidViSolidVi TEAM RECTO ✭✭✭

  • SolidViSolidVi TEAM RECTO ✭✭✭

  • SolidViSolidVi TEAM RECTO ✭✭✭
    I Love You Ate Vi!

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