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Important! Movie Houses Are Short Changing Us. (Aspect ratio and projection size)

Fellow lovers of film:

I would like to raise a very important issue regarding film viewing. Unfortunately, a lot of people are not aware of this. ASPECT RATIO AND PROJECTION SIZE!

Local movie houses nowadays are not observing proper aspect ratio and projection size. THEY ARE PROJECTING THE MOVIE BIGGER THAN THE SCREEN. What happens is that the image is being cut by about 30 percent. We are not seeing the film properly, the way the director intended us to see it.

Mapapansin ninyo ito kapag tumingin kayo sa kurtina sa edge ng screen. Pag may nakita pa kayo na movie sa kurtina ibig sabihin noon eh mali ang projection.

I have tried to bring this matter to the attention of the movie houses but they are ignoring this. One projectionist even said that GANYAN TALAGA YAN. ****** ina, gusto pa akong gawing *****. I'm sorry about the profanity but I was really angered by this kind of attitude.

Eh kahit sinong tao na nakagamit na ng overhead projector eh maiisip na it's all a matter of adjusting the distance of the lens to the light source.

SM Cinemas and Robinson Cinemas are doing this dastardly act.

Please do not patronize these establishments. Or please bring this matter to their attention perhaps we could make enough noise to rattle these arrogant moviehouse owners.

This kind of arrogance is also a factor why people are no longer too excited to watch movies in theaters. They are being shortchanged.

Please spread this message guys. If you have friendster, multiply, or facebooks accounts, please pass this. Filipinos need to be informed of this kind of incompetence. If you also know movie directors, actors, and producers, please tell them about this. I am sure movie directors would hate to find out that their films are not being shown properly. If you know writers, tell them too.

It is time we put a stop to this stupidity. If you love cinema, please spread the word. If you want to get your money's worth, please spread this. Hopefully makinig ang mga Sy at Gokongwei.

Thank you very much.

Joey Ogatis
Department of Arts and Communication
UP Manila


  • jo24jo24 Member PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Na-observe ko nga yan. Nakakainis pag may napuputol sa movie kasi hindi enough yung screen.

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