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Petition: Heart Evangelista As Jessie For FullHouse Remake

Heart Evangelista and Jericho Rosales

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RICH-HEART: Heart Evangelista and Richard Gutierrez

Heart Evangelista and Dennis Trillo

KaBerks: Heart Evangelista and Angelica Panganiban

BestFriendz: Heart Evangelista, Angelica Panganiban & Sarah Christophers

[M.o.n.D.a.Y. G.r.0.u.P.]




TINGALA SA PUGAD: Starring Heart Evangelista

AY AYENG: Starring Heart Evangelista

LUNA MYSTICA - Starring Heart Evangelista and Mark Anthony Fernandez - [01] [02]



CODENAME: ASERO - Starring Heart Evangelista and Richard Gutierrez - [01] [02]

PANDAY: THE TV SERIES - [01] [02] [03]

Sineserye Presents: Heart Evangelista's Hiram Na Mukha

HIRAM the Teleserye - [01] [02] [03] [04]


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  • heartist4lyfheartist4lyf ♥Rose/Mimi♥ PExer

    [highlight]START OF PETITION: May 17, 2008] [/highlight]
    [highlight]START OF PETITION: May 17, 2008] [/highlight]
    [highlight]START OF PETITION: May 17, 2008] [/highlight]

    PETITION: Heart Evangelista for the role of JESSIE HAN in GMA7's FULL HOUSE REMAKE


    [highlight][[PINOYEXCHANGE FORUMS][/highlight]


    Heart's petition thread:

    1. Sono_bella - i believe that Heart can give justice for the role if given the chance.
    2. iLoveHart_088 (gly) - dami ng napatunayan ni heart evangelista as an actress over the years that makes her overqualified sa role na jessie (full house phil. version).
    3. lynnjojo - Heart para sa role ni Jessie sa Fullhouse!
    4. idc0061 - Heart for Jessie!
    5. chingoo19 - bagay kay Heart iyong role
    6. heart005 - i believe in Ms. Heart Evangelista's talent and i know she can give justice to the role and maybe better
    7. Euxine - She looks KOrean/ chinita. she can act really well. I think no body can take on the role other than Heart
    8.kroy54mukhang siya naman talaga diba
    9.nestle04heart is the right girl na makapagbibigay ng justice sa role na jessie!!!!!
    10.BabblePrincess-I think she will play the role na talaga kasi diba when she transferred to GMA sinabi na kasama sa mga projects nya ang isang koreanovela remake. Eh naka lineup na naman talaga ang Full House sa gagawaan ng remake ng GMA...
    11.ssec07-i'll go for heart!
    12.heartyheart-her strong asian features is really incomparable .. very pretty ..she can be as goofy as Jessie and she's very bankable .. bow
    13.dream17 this is tailored-fit for heart. walang ibang bagay sa role ni jessie kundi si heart. opinion ko lang yun ah? Heart is <3
    14.nena_lee10yes count me in for heart as jessie sa fullhouse bagay sa kanya but syempre depende pa rin sa gma yan , opinion lang natin hahah
    15.faniheartsyempre heart evangelista bagay na bagay sya dyan
    16.Chard-Heartsyempre heart evangelista bagay na bagay sya dyan
    17.lou_Congako din pero **** ko heart-chard pa din
    18.Talisa M.Oh gosh! This is really my dream role for Hearty as of now! I really want her to have this koreanovela!!!
    19.mag_addictbagay ka heart. sa features palang perfect na for a koreanovela. and galing na mismo kay Ms. Wilma Glavante that Heart will do koreanovela remake... malamang full house yun.
    20.liz_26rn bagay kay heart yung role na jessie para sa full house! heart and chard para sa full house.
    21.iyahy26heart As Jessie!!!!Think She's The Only One Who Fits The Role....
    22.luvliiAlthough, I don't know anything about this show yet. I'm all for Heart!Heart as Jessie!Anyway, I saw Song Hye Kyo on pictures, and they have resemblance!
    23.runawaybridebagay kay Heart ang role ni Han Jeun!
    24.micfercabHeart as Jessie
    25.heartist4lyfHeart as Jessie Han She is perfect for the role!
    26.star_16yes perfect for her.. count me in..
    27.CanSabi may pagka-comedy raw ito. E magaling si Heart magpatawa. So bagay siya rito. Dun nga sa Hiram na Mukha, nakakatawa rin siya run kaYes Heart's perfect to have the role of jessie! she's so bagay to be in koreanovela roles.hit na drama yun. Heart as Jessie.
    28.PenshopperYes Heart's perfect to have the role of jessie! she's so bagay to be in koreanovela roles.

    \\please inform me if you want your username to be excluded on the list!
    Thank you!//

    29. richel^C.G.heart 4 jessie
    30.PopsRadillai'll go for Heart Evangelista sa role ni Jessie sa Full House..
    31.Ka-heartyHEART and CHRIS TUI para sa akin!
    i-workshop lang si Chris!!!!!!
    32.Ophelia_KillsHeart is a pretty versatile actress, she can do a monkey faced woman and still make you cry. Her improvement as an actress was more recent, though. And it's not like Song Hye Kyo doesn't look rich.
    33.catherine annChris Tiu and Heart bagay sa Full House Pinoy version.
    34.f7ollowerbigay nalang to kay Heart and Dingdong[pero diko pa mapicture kung may chemistry silang dalawa
    35.--beautiful--I would love to see Heart playing the role of Jesse in Fullhouse!
    36.topsellerHeart and Chris. But Chris needs alot of workshops.
    37.gioia_084para sa akin jessie heart or marian
    38.jazzyjSo I wanted to agree with the people who say that Heart suits the role of Jesse. Talagang bagay sa kanya if ever. Kasi I watched her in Tanging Ina and Bcoz of you ang magaling siyang mag comedy. Effortless ang dating. Also this is a good way to bring back the old Heart.
    39.hazel_witchHmmm... ang first instinct ko is to go with Heart. Bagay sa kanya *** role physically. Now, parang okay din kung kay Marian.
    40.donutzzzzim favor of Heart kasi yung features niya pang Koreana pero kung kay Heart to dapat may project din sina Marian, Nadine, Kat, Jen at Jewel
    41.Alias_Lostbagay talaga kay heart yung role.... Carry nya yon.... Sino kaya makaka partner nya dito? and siguro eto talaga yung isa sa offer na hindi matanggihan ni heart. let's face it, super click ang full house dati.... ok pa yung ginamit na theme song ng GMA,.
    42.SapiryanSi Heart na talaga. Yahoo! Although nag sign ako sa petition ng Richard-Marian.Malay ko bang lilipat si Heart. Hehe..
    Pero si Heart na talaga
    43.carebearspwede rin ito .... di ba cute din (Dennis-Heart)
    44.ireneook naman si heart..go heart ng aming puso..
    45.giscelin fairness, pretty tlaga sya. at mas asian-looking sya.i go for Heart!
    46.bandheart for jessie
    47.surfer24whoo!!! full house is one of the first if not the first kdrama i watched! although i hated rain's character... i loved song hye gyo! and HEART is awesome! i'd be a thrill to see her as jessie!
    48.Alias_LostBaka si Heart ang lead actress dito. In fairness, bagay sa kanya ang project na to.
    49.cj016mukhang kay Heart na nga yung role kasi sabi ni Ms. Wilma Galvante may Koreanovela si ano pa ba kung hindi ito, dba? oh well, i like heart too. pero first choice ko sana si Marian eh...Basta si Heart or Marian, go na go ako!yey!
    50.eteruawwwwwwwwwwwwww. heart. kung CHEART na ngyn... gusto ko sila na lang dalawa dito kung kay chard man to hehe
    51.joyanntwinsLike namin si Heart ang gumanap na Jessie sa Full House and si Richard naman *** Justine..
    bagay sila...HEART and RICHARD go go go
    52.cassy_clim8now that i think about it, kung busy si marian sa dyesebel, pwede si heart dito.hihihihi....kelan daw ba ito?
    53.LePausalamat sa support kay heartie
    54.holydevil pwo ok ako kay heart as jessie. i think bagay sa kanya. although mas bagay sana sa kanya yung role ni hannah sa kimsam soon.
    55.yellow_mmsRICHARD & HEART for FULL HOUSE!bagay na bagay kay hearty ang role ni shk


    56.margret Pasali Naman. I Love Heart, Sana Sa Kanya Ibigay Ang Full House
    57.-missgandah- Kay Heart ako. I really like Heart for this tv remake series. Mas bagay cia sa role. Kikay, funny, pretty like song hye-kyo. :)
    58. belledandy maei want heart to be jessie too!
    add me up!
    59. celestialprincepara sa akin kay heart talaga nababagay ang role ni Jessie at i dont know sa lalaki..diba singer yung male character e bakit si mark? bakit si chard? marunong ba silang kumanta??? for me may mas karapatdapat pa sa kanilang dalawa...and i believe that gma have the guts to take risks. why? look at how angel and marian is doing now. si heart kasi mahinhin, maliit or petite, ang ganda ng hair at pang series talaga.
    60. a_v_f tingin ko bagay nga kay heart yung role, ang ganda ng chemistry nila ni richard.. dapat magkaron talaga *** ng show na as in focus sa kanila yung story, kc naman yung asero masyado na ata madaming leading lady, kahit d na naman talaga kailangan ng ganon
    61. eljeyyap..mas bgay kay hearty si jessie...look plang ni hearty noh..dbah? naalala nyo ba yung movie nya wid john? yung pinupukpok nya ng tabo sa ulo..trip ata yung movie n yun...ang cute cute nya dbah makulit yung role ni jessie han dun? i think, c HEART lang ang bgay dun!
    62. jess14i agreeHEART EVANGELISTA is perfect for the role!!!!!...
    63. maganda072003definitely...Heart Evangelista would be perfect for this role....GO HEART
    64.TFCgirlMy 1st bet is heart. Kung hindi si heart, si sheena or jennylyn na lang. Wag lang si Rhian or Marian
    65.superjamieeBaka pati Full House, masulot ni Rhian kay Heart
    67. girlwolfHmm.. though I've never thought of Heart Evangelista as the "Full House leading lady" character, I think her playing the part could prove beneficial to her development as an actress. I always did like Heart during the old days when she was partnered with John, so I don't have any quams about her playing Jessie Han.
    68.roxy anneNo more questions. Heart na Why? hitsura pa lang bagay talaga for the role jessie. And what about in the acting area? heart can pull it off easily 'cause her acting ability is natural and has improved very well through time.
    69.ms_me - I think Heart is perfect for the role of Jessie Han. She looks Korean, can act well in comedy and drama. She can also do kikay role and she is so pretty.
    70.ella_frell16- bagay na bagay kay heart ang role na Jessie Han...... and siyempre sana si Richard G naman ang Justin Lee...........add me on the list pls..............
    71. ngetz19just watched the final epi of full house again, and i realised one more good reason why heart is perfect for the role... the ice skating scene! heart ice skates, right?
    72. germainepssana **** mapunta sa kanya.....count me in
    73.cneg_4_aHeart should reprise Song Hye Kyo's role..
    74.bad_filleHeart is the best one for this role! I do like the way she acts. I'm sure, she can do it! Heart as Jessie
    75. KamiyaKaoruHeart. The role calls for a petite, spunky and bubbly girl. Kaya ni Heart carry yung role and has the acting chops to handle the dramatic parts.(fullhouse thread of pinoyexchange)
    76.mongching0017heart for jessie han is the best choice here. pero kung kay marian ibibigay, wala ng magagawa, malakas si marian ngayon e.
    77. kapuso4evermore Anyway, para naman sa ikagaganda ng GMA show naman ang concern namin diba. Kasi kung si Heart yun, physical appearance pa lang, bawas na ng negative feedback ang mga tao kasi hindi nila masasabi na walang similarity. Sa pag-arte mukha ngang magagawa pa rin ni Heart yun. So, few flaws na lang siguro if ever may negative feedbacks. Yung impact malakas pa rin.
    78.trishaheartHEART EVANGELISTA PARA SA ROLE NI JESSIE!!!!!!!!!!!!
    79.prinsesamiaKay Heart sana ibigay ito ng GMA pagkatapos ng ASERO!!!!
    80.filial_pietyHeart for jessie bagay sa kanya ang role,yung iba walang dating para maging jessie baka maging jologs lang!!!
    81.b3stfri3ndheart Evangelista As JessieKamukha Nya **** Si Jessie Ng Full House Chnita,cute Smile,petite At Class
    82.newnimatoralso like heart!IVE ALWAYS LIKE HER SINCE g-mik days.hehe.solid kapamilya ito eh. nagpost ako sa thread nya 2 weeks ago!and un nga ive told them na mas bagay sya ipartner k chard or dennis ksa k lola.kasi parang chrdgel.chinita din!hehe!
    and yes!un din naisip ko.she is more bagay as jessie of full house noh.i love jessie!at mas bagay un k heart.chinita,cute smile,makulit,at un way nun pag ayos nun girl ng hair nya.parehong pareho k heart!
    83.donutzzzzThat`s why Heart is my choice to play the role of Jessie Han she`s the only one who deserves the role and im 98% percent sure that GMA will give this to Heart! Remember Heart signed a Koreanovela as well as Richard. Kaya wag nang magtalo kasi kay Heart na to. Magpetition na lang kayo sa role ni Lorraine and the other cast. For Lorraine I like Jewel Mische but I though bagay kay Rhian ayoko pa rin sa kanya!
    84.ciara_alexaHeart for Jessie. She's the only GMA star who can give justice to the role. Ok din c sheena but i think this isnt her time yet coz *** p *** masyadong fan base. Peace mga sheena fans ha. As for marian mag stick nlng *** dun s mga remake ng mexican telenovelas. mas bagay *** dun. so, GMA kay Heart n yung Full House ok?!
    85.Mark xyHeart lang. Tama na si Marian, utang na loob! Wala na bang ibang Artista sa GMA?
    86.cathy beltranhmm ..for me ..jen,heart,marian,o sheena man ang ilagay sa full house auz *** ....i know all of them can deserve this remakemas bagay kay HEART yung role at kamukha nya pa yung gumanap, perfect role yan kay heart!
    87. alluriei'd Go For..Heart Evangelista for the Role of Jessie Han
    88..liz_26rnmas bagay kay HEART yung role at kamukha nya pa yung gumanap, perfect role yan kay heart!
    89.CamieChadHEART EVANGELISTA FOR FULLHOUSE as JESSIE HAN!Napanood ko ng mag-comedy si Heart at magaling siya!!!! Napakatalented talaga niya! Iyan ang artista!!! Versatile!! She's multitalented!!!!Gusto ko si Richard syempre para leading man, pero kung hindi ok lang!! BASTA HEART AS JESSIE HAN!
    90.yuan_ehraHEART as JESSIE in Full HausMagaling at natural na kikay!
    91.R_o_s_eI Love Heart to play the role of Jessie Han!
    92.khayelasana nga si hearty, bagay na bagay sa kanya
    93.KamiyaKaoruI think dapat yung Lorraine has to be thinner and WAY taller than the girl playing Jessie kasi dapat believable na maiinsecure sya because she has shorter legs etc. Jessie Han - Heart EvangelistaJustin - Richard GutierrezLorraine - Bianca King
    94.die_prinzessinyung role na jessie : heart or marian
    95.playfool_gurli agree na si heart yung magiging Jessie Han
    96.cassy_clim8papanuorin ko lang itong show na to pag si heart ang gaganap na jessie....wala narin akong makitang iba na pwede dito....magaling umarte si heart....tested na sya....un lang po....
    97.princess_catyai agree. heart all the way for full house!
    98.idasanchezpwede din si heart...
    99. whiteymitei thinK Heart will definitely have this one....hehehe think ko ***..:0
    100.chikeeeJessie-Heart EVangelista/Lorraine-Chynna Ortaleza
    101. dudette08Jessie- Heart Evangelista
    102. d_sychsaheart - jessierichard - justinlorraine - rian....kc matangkad...pang model yung height..lyk lorraine..she's a fashionista
    103. mana.atmHeart Evangelista for Full House!
    104. livelovelaughHeart Evangelista will surely fits the role!!
    105. robi_07i love heart na
    106. babytsinai want heart for Full House.. bagay sa kanya *** role..
    107. jensymas bagay kay heart.. chinita looking, mas cute and fit yung role na jesse sa kanya
    108. carebears Dennis and Heart!
    109. Mark xypara sa akin sya lang deserving sa mga kapuso for this role.
    110. lour_18 i do agree with others that Heart can bring justice to the character of Jessie.
    111. ---beautiful--- heart lang! Heart Evangelista for Fullhouse!!sobrang bagay kay Heart ito! MArunong sa comedy si Heart!
    112. laby_098pasali nama sa petitionbagay naman sa kanya ang fullhouse
    113.justinlee7Heart + Dennis
    114. Riam06 I agree HEART EVANGLISTA for Full House!!
    Please Kapuso!!!! Wala ng babagay pa sa role ni Jessie kung hindi si Heart lang!
    115. CherrySakuraAko rin...mas gusto kong si heart ang gumanap...Kasi...Sya lang ang medyo pwedeng pumantay sa Itsura ni Jessie dun..
    116-117 kvmsi yaya nita eto ni mam kvm para sa kanya eh bagay na bagay ang role kay ms heart evangelista na gaganap nang jessie in fullhouse kaya go si mam kvm para mag petition para kay heart dito.gusto nyang makita si heart para sa fullhouse na eto,go hearty for fullhouse
    118. cupkateYUP Heart! Heart! for Jessie pleaseeeeeeee.There is no one else who can play Jessie but Heart!!!!!
    119. heartyjanaheart as jessie han. heart really fits the role
    120.spolcycHeart for Jessie!
    121. LeabenitezBagay kay Heart ito! Kahit ano naman bagay sa kanya kasi versatile siya!kamukha niya iyang koreana na babae! ganda nila pareho
    122.rebekita2560ako rin for dennis-heart
    123. shenica42825Sana si heart na lang ang gumanap na Han Ji Eun aka Jessie Han.She's cute, sweet at maganda boses..hehehe sa tingin ko ang cute nya pakinggan kumanta ng 3 Little Bears.. Bagay n bgay talaga sa kanya
    124. cecil_d_poohI agree!! HEART as JESSIE HAHN Mejo mag-kahawig kc *** eh
    125. princess_lovecount me in! I see no one but Heart in the Jessie role, it's probabaly written in the stars, maybe the reason why GMA got her, no one can essay the role better than Heart!
    126. geishhaAlthough sa tingin ko talaga kay Heart ang Fullhouse! Sama niyo pa rin ako sa petition!
    Bagay sa kanya iyong role ni Jessie Han!
    127.adikkayheartCount me in! Maganda talaga ang Fulhouse! Sana nga GMA will give this to her!
    128.sailor_moonshe's really fit for jessie han fave korean actress! shk,
    129.cathe_rineBagay na bagay kay Heart ito!! Sali ako dito!!! Si Heart lang naiisip ko na pwede sa role ni Jessie Han
    130. cjequinoxsa philippine version, i think HEART + CHRIS TIU should be paired for this. maganda mag experiment din ang GMA sa pag pe pair ng mga artists nila. para there's always excitement.
    131.Fujiko1001give this project to HEART
    132.kjasI have to say that Heart is the better choice to play the role of Han Ji Eun (or Jessie). She's cute. I guess she's also bubbly.
    133.zAidO_bLuEDEN - HEART for FULL HOUSE
    134.cathe_rineBagay na bagay kay Heart ito!! Sali ako dito!!! Si Heart lang naiisip ko na pwede sa role ni Jessie Han!!!
    135.vsgardenheart and dennis/richard for full house please! kahit sino basta si heart!!!
    136.heartyjanaheart lang talaga!!! go heart. sa kanya lang bagay ang role
    137.ayaw_chorizoup for heart as jessie hann of full house!
    agree ako dito!
    138.YaShiCaCount me in in this petitionI love Heart thats why!
    139.vanessitaSali niyo ako sa list! KayHeart dapat ibigay ng GMA ang Fullhouse!Huwag naman kay Marian Rivera! Sa kanya na lang lahat ng remakes!
    140.LoveMarie143Count my name on the petition!Heart will be the Song Hye Kyo of the Philippines
    141.heartaljursali ako dito! add niyo ko sa list!!!Si Heart lang ang bagay sa Fullhouse
    142.cpalawyerdreamrRichard and Heart might be really fitted for the roles.
    143.geishhaHeartists Please make Annabel aware on this petition! It might help nga!!! Si Heart lang bagay for the role of Jessie Han!
    144.Kim CyrusI second the motion!
    145.catherine annOkey sa akin si Heart as Jessie Han basta ba ang partner naman nya ay si Chris Tiu as Justin Lee.
    146.wifeyyyyHeart deserves the role of Jessie Han in Fullhouse
    147.MaRie^LizI agree!! Heart Evangelista in Fullhouse
    148.adikkayheartHeart as Jessie Han!
    siya lang ang bagay!sabi sa asero thread..iyong role ni heart doon magpakacomedy at mahirap...ayan....kapag nagampanan ni heart ang role niya sa asero ng magaling...baka ibigay sa kanya ang fullhouse dahil comedy ito!
    149.heart4evahBagay talaga kay Heart! Carry niya iyong mga kikay role parang si Jessie! Natural naman na kikay si Heart ha!
    150.RichHeartI agree dito! Heart as Jessie Han!!Sana si Richard pa rin ang Juntin
    151.coolheartKay Heart rin ako! Bagay talaga sa kanya!!!
    152.luckyheartI agree that Heart Evangelista for the role of JESSIE HAN in GMA7's FULL HOUSE REMAKE She's very kikay like Jessie Han! And she looks like Song Hye Kyo!
    153.sweetnadine14I love Fullhouse!! I'm going to be so happy if Heart will be the lead star in this remake
    154.NhellyBeeFullhouse remake? WOW!!I agree!!!HEART is so fit for the role of Song Hye Kyo!!!!
    155.magicmomentsagree ako dito! bagay na bagay kay heart ang role ni jessie!
    156.bbkimmaySi heart lang bagay sa Fullhouse
    157.iloverainCount me in sa petition!I can't think of anyone else na pwedeng gumanap as Jessie Han sa Fullhouse!Heart got the looks and the acting prowess!
    158.queenieleeHeart lang bagay sa fullhouse!
    159.$!*#^$bagay nga kay heart!!
    160.scorchin_silversi heart sa FULLHOUSE? why not, pwedeng pwede ***!!! may iba pa bang bagay sa role?
    161. PAMPYok siya but sino yung bagay na partner nya ?
    162.milestonei can't think of anyone else for the role but heart.. si hearty dapat!
    163.uensansana nga si heart..
    164.xxsteffiexxbagay kay Heart! si emily parang si jessie han!
    165.SolidVipaki add my name to the petition. hi, to all Heart's fans!
    166.RaingirlCount me in for Heart
    167.jasgeenaPaki add rin ang name ko para sa petition sana mapunta kay Heart si Jessie isa sa fave kong k drama ang Full House.
    168.nUmBEr29paki add din name ko please I like heart din and I think mas bagay sa kanya
    169.Pisces15I think Heart really deserves this project!Let's all hope for the best!!!Heart as Jessie Han in Fullhouse
    170.♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥Bagay kay Heart ang role ni Jessie!magkalevel pa sila ng beauty ni Song Hye Kyo! tapos magaling naman si Heart sa comedy lalo na sa drama! kayang kaya niya ito!!Count niyo ako sa petition!Go Heart! Ibang level ang beauty mo!!!
    171. JASmepretty girl talaga!... Hearties pls count me in...
    172. nikxewaako din, pa add rin po ng name ko
    174.dmatrix95I vote for Heart to play Jessie....
    175.teenprincessHello. Makisali lang sa inyo. Ayoko sana makisali sa mga petitions thread na ito pero kung papipiliin mas gusto ko either Heart or Sheena sa role.
    176.ghst355im all for heart for this project.
    177.NINE-teenAgree. Wag ibigay sa hindi deserving! coughRHIANcough.Heart na lang for Fullhouse.
    178.cassy_clim8waaaah although recently, mas nanonood ako ng kapamilya shows, pero pag si heart ang gaganap sa full house, manonood talaga ako nito!!!! sya lang sa gma ngayon ang bagay dito!!!!!!!!ano tong nabasa ko na baka kay rhian mapunta ito?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! vhaket?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!maganda sya ok, pero magaling ba sya? anong panama nya kay heart noh?! aber?! galing umarte ni heart, pwede sya magpaka kikay, umiyak, lahat....
    179.2k7sana si heart talaga ang maging jessie sa full house!!!!! sama nyo ako sa petition!!!!!!
    180.ramiramdyesebelcount me in for the petition!
    182.chizumMas BAGAY sa Kanya to think she's prefect for the role of Jessie HanShe's so cute as Emily in Asero! And Heart is pretty versatile artist!
    184.- exclusive -heart ang napipisil kong gumanap ng JESSIE HAN
    185.gmapinoytvheart sana or si leah dizon na pinay na international star sa japan
    186.killravenShe got an oriental look. And she can do comedy. Well, she's really good in drama, may konteng drama rin naman ang Fullhouse.At sa pag-deliver ng lines, magaling si Heart
    Sana siya nga ang mag-bida sa Fullhouse!
    187.dacommanderideSali iyo ako sa petition ninyo! I love Heart! She's beautiful inside and out! At bagay siya sa role ni Jessie Han
    188.undying_youthI would be so glad if ever Heart will play the Jessie Han role!
    She's so fit for the role! Si Heart pa, ang galing galing na artista mapa-comedy at dramaSaka face value..Heart is the best choice! Wala na akong maisip na pwede sa role!

    [highlight]B] FROM YOUTUBE[/B[/highlight]
    1.rhialnne - Heart really fits the role of Jessie...She has the must-chinita features,she's very bubbly like Jessie...Though Jessie is not "sosyal", she is gorgeous like Hearty. (youtube)
    2.imurbaby28 - I want Heart as Jessie Han! (youtube)
    3.sweetangel2484 - yeah i want her...but heart is classy but she can be kikay naman.. (youtube)
    4.heartsday - yeah, i want heart to play for the role of jessie! please do include in me in the list. thanks2x! (youtube)
    5. miapaul HEART AS JESSIE HAN!!! Count me for you petition!! I love Heart so much!!!
    6. pinaysistahh (Ganda naman ng video! Ganda ni Ms. Heart idol!!!Bagay siya bilang si Jessie!!! Sobrang ganda nilang dalawa!!!
    7.spongeboblover-of course...agree ako dyan pati sna philippine version ng COFFEE PRINCE sya din gumanap as andie-bgay din sa knya with richard gutierrez
    8.redlipstick06 Sama ako dito!!! I love Heart and Song Hye Kyo!! Heart is perfect for the role!!
    9.dayanhernandez-Thanks for sharing this video!!HEART EVANGELISTA AS JESSIE HAN!!!HEART LANG ANG BAGAY!!
    10.paulinagavi She's so beautiful and cute!!! I hope she'll get the role of Jessie! Chris Tiu can be Justine!
    11.paulpoldo23 count me in...bagay na bagay...
    12.bunso1192 -Heart for Jessie!!! mas bagay cia sa role ni Jessie. Heart is a versatile *** niang gawin lhat. go Heart! =)
    13.angelians01Heart as Jessie! =)
    14.pampanga2 yes count me in - Heart Evangelista as jessie for fullhouse bagay na bagay sa kanya
    thanks for the nice video
    15.sweetsurrender14 nice vid ha:D...sana nga talaga heart as jessie for full house!!! bagay s kanya role!!!
    16.fhaye000 yup!! its perfect 4 her>... bagay na bagay *** sknia ang role!!cute ang role *** sknia..swear!!!!!
    17.ljcp88 yupp! she's just so very perfect!
    18.dcharmed2 yes!!
    19.theltdlove yes! yes! I like Ms. Heart Evangelista as jessie on that show fullhouse thanks, GMA I like this show very much & Heart is the best choice for this project
    20.NomarFa12 mas bagay jay heart bilang jessie kasing kamukha nya,i like marian pero shes not fit for jessie, richard for justin,haden kho for luigi and lorraine for maxene m..perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    21.pickupick preho ko gsto gumanap n jessie c heart at marian.. pro ***** heart n lang kc gusto kong gumanap n ROSALINDA c marian.. *** si heart sa KOREA
    22.aznael17 i'll go for HEART and CHRIS!!!!!!!
    23.joshykim26 heart and chris looks better together. medyo hawig ***. maybe sa eyes? parehong chinito/chinita.
    24.luvsAnneSam heart evangelista!
    ok lang c chris kaya lang basketball player syang ateneo!
    kaya ba nyang umarte?
    25.regaeartist MAS BAGAY NI HEART,MAY TIMING KASI **
    26.crmlltGMA Please choose heart as the role of jessie han.I Love you Min Hyuk!
    27.paulpoldo23 heart for jessie...
    28.itsmehtereNice interpretation.
    I agree too. I'm not a fan of Heart but seeing their comparison made me yes na rin.I hope GMA Execs would see this vidz and be convince too hehehe
    29.starexpress1 i am really hoping Heart will be jessie in the fullhouse phil version she's perfect for the role! GMA now that Heart is with your station give her the full house series.
    30.dunzo070 sana makita to ng GMA7!bagay kay Heart ang FULL HOUSE!
    32.imurbaby28Heart Evangelist as Jessie Han!
    33.ljcp88she's absolutely the perfect choice!
    Heart E. as Jessie Han . . . .
    34.christiNaaaa18PEDE NA~_~
    35.mimirose21Heart is perfect for the role!Heart as JEssie!
    Go Heart!
    36.crinald i like the idea.
    37.n00botomego heart!
    38.angelo3pearlOMG!Heart really looks like SHK!
    ^^vI love your vids..Keep 'em coming!^^v
    39.shannen22us I'll go for HEART and Chris TIU
    40.luwielee yeah, i agree with you...heart is the best choice for the role of jessie...AZA AZA FIGHTING heart!!!
    41.beauxbatons7 originally like Marian for the role of Jesse but your vid made me believe that Heart is a good choice!
    And I never thought that she looks like song hye kyo!Nice nice vid!
    42.alexaciara Heart for Jessie. Hear ye hear ye
    43.xierxian07 sana c heart na lang... nkakatawa kaya xia sobrah... versatile pa yan... Go Heart...
    44.bulletsting i like heart to play d role of jessie..
    45.lilpinkvampy sana mo re-make nila *** "my lucky star" ..bagay kay heart maging si "ah xing" at si richard or dingdong si "tian qi"...mhmm..nakikinita ko na ang mataas na rating..hehehe...
    46.moltres101 God Bless kay heart.. there's more to come... parang mas okey kay heart *** Full house... heart evangelista proud to be kapuso.. hey watch po natin ang ASERO bago to...
    47.09pardz06 go idol....i love song hye kyo...en of course my ultimate crush..heart...!!!!sna s knya ibigay *** role...
    48. tetch88 yes! yes! yes! yes! a million yes'es for heart to be jessie han she the best choice!")
    49. angelusmaori Mas bagay nga si Heart 4 fullhouse kc chinita, eh kc c Marian, pang-Spanish roles *** facial features.
    50. kisekimei mas bagay si heart kaysa kay marian noh..
    51. hemhem17 wow!!!! galing ah.. c heart ang gaganap Oo tama bagay sa kanya. sana mag rate..
    52. tabarnakkaliz
    53. allydejae Yes! I really want Heart to get the role for Jessie Han. It really suits her. Give Heart a chance! Marian got a lot of roles. I think Heart does. So if Heart doesn't get the role, me no watchy.
    54. jepisangsum (ganda ni han jin eun!!..:) ou nga bagay nga kay heart!!!!..galing!
    55. neilalvin2k4 i love full house... heart would certainly do justice as ji-eun... and richard as young-jae... the best koreanovela i've seen so far...
    56. alyric23 super magkahawig ***...go heart..
    57. lredaja315 Heart fits the role coz of her voice and cute and beautiful face.
    58. BoWoW Heart is defenitely perfect for the role of Jessie. Im so happy that she's finally back and even better, cause she's now a KAPUSO. Welcome back Heart!!!
    59. animefm bagay c heart as jessie at richard naman naman c justin... imaginin nyo c chard ginagawa ang mga ginagawa ni justin... yung pa cute style... hehehe
    60.allydejae Ya! I really think Heart should get the role of Jessie. She's perfect! The way she acts and everything! Go Heart!
    61.stricklyballers i hope she get the role of Jessie...welcome to kapuso...more power to you Heart!!!!!!!!!
    62.grtattack (OK you can add me on that petition as well. is she part koreaN??
    63.izalicious18 (dapat lang si heart palengkera yan si marian
    64.malokzkidoh vote for heart to remake the fullhouse..wag na yan c marian dhil nkakasawa na sya..dpat nun bago **** makita sa t.v ok
    65.midorskiok,c jessie...
    66.rainster25 mas bagy c heart *** d pault2.. taz c chris tiu..=)
    67.keithrine08 sana c heart na *** mag remake... sya na sana ang mapili...
    68.lilpinkvampy sana mo re-make nila *** "my lucky star" ..bagay kay heart
    69.zagu99 marian or heart.
    70.zanessarox09 jen or heart!!! fan ** nilang dalawa!
    71.chelseya20 ..ya hart 4 da role of jessie..den puede c chris tiu ipartner?
    72.nilaine (for Jessie - Heart or Sheena
    For Justine - Chris Tiu or Richard Gutierrez
    73.fairylights08 its ayt for me if it will be portray by heart.
    74.sundaebrain I think it fits nga if si Heart and Jessie...
    75.jonahkun bgay ky heart **** alin sa coffee prince at full house...i know she can give justice to her you hearty! rp's most beautiful!
    76.chelseya20 chris tiu & heart 4 full hauz...
    77. zhy120588 mas maganda kung ke heart ang role n jessie tas c chris ang justin.. halata kc na mas bata c chris kesa ke marian.. para hindi naman nakakasawa manood.. hay..
    78. anneharuma I'd go 4 heart as jessie. Dmi na nmang nging projex c marian kea maybe it's heart's turn na. :P
    79.abbyghail Okay si Richard pero, si Marian? Heart Evangelista na lang. ;]] Sana naman maganda. Kasi super favorite ko yung Full House, wag papangitin.
    80.ramyaj8 go heart!,..,grabeh, hawig **** sila!..,ganda pagkakagawa ngvideo..,love it!
    81.malokzkidoh i vote for heart to remake the fullhouse..wag na yan c marian dhil nkakasawa na sya..dpat nun bago **** makita sa t.v ok
    82.pickupick i agree! Chris tiu and heart so bagay.. sna mbgyan sila ng chanced, so kilig
    83.chardheart (Yes! I agree! Heart Evangelista for Fullhouse!
    Bagay kay Heart yan!Magaling naman siya!
    84.iurqal yes i think Heart is a good choice for the role. Her features are similar to Song Hye Kyo's, and she has the right personality for the role
    85.gelay021 go heart..bagay sa kanya ang role na "jessie"
    86.lsatungpalan Yes! I agree for Heart Evangelista........di ko man masyadong napanood yung Fullhouse dahil ala ako sa ating bansa......but yung feature ni Heart as Jessie ay bagay sa kanya.
    87.NishinaRikka (yeah bagay si heart maging jessie sa fullhouse!!! she look similar to pretty song hye kyo.....
    88.kuroro88 sure y not i agree that heart should do da remake of full house in GMA 7. ooh luv dis video!!
    89.ramyaj8 go heart!,..,grabeh, hawig **** sila!..,ganda pagkakagawa ngvideo..,love it!
    90.zZz37yahoU yeah...!! diz is awes0me.. AABANGAN k0 yan!!
    91.09289868140 ang ganda mo tlaga heart bgay ka blang jessie....may similarities *** ni song hye s korean actress kamukha mo tlaga si Jeong Ryeo-won....un ang twin sister yah!!!!go richeart...i will support u always even though nasa GMA kna...i think dpat mging kpuso na in **...hehehe...go richeart....gOd bless!!!!
    92.jhunbaylon bagay nga kay heart! agree ako dun! pero ang tanong? kaya ba ni heart tapatan *** acting ni song hye kyo? kung sa itsura lang ang pagbabasihan magkahawig talaga sila lalo na pag inayusan pa ng pang korean na buhok c heart...
    93.joykhimhai please heart mucg better...
    94.babyjudysanchez21bagay na bagay c heart na mging jessie sa full house....
    95.dashell022 its funny i was thinking of Heart as Jessy way way before this wow super great idea!!!!!!!!!!
    96.mrclnfernandez maybe its good idea if heart will do the role because she looks korean.
    97.nesel04 we love heart!!!mbbgyan nya ng justice ang role na jessie!!!!!heart lang kame...
    98.jinayafer i just ant to ask,, ireremake ba talaga ng gma ang fullhouse?? tnx po
    99.dunahbennsky yah.. bagay n bagay kay heart tlg *** rOle ni jesse.. bagay sa kakikayan nia at kakulitan nia.. ggwin b tlg? awtz.. i lOve full hOuse
    100.patchiedion oo..bagay na bagy walang papalag..
    sya talaga ang fit sa role n un..tagal ko n ring d nakikitang nagcocomedy si heart pro drama sya nasasabak
    101.fhaye000 bagay na bagay ****!!!
    102.bndame oo nga bagay kay heart yan sana gawin nila yan pleaseee GMA
    103.vividself yeah!! thumbs up!! pwede si heart
    104.maj17booThere are angles that Heart looks like Song Hye Kyo. I think she really fits the role but I think they'll really have a hard time looking for the perfect one to fit Rain's role.
    105.mikautada heart and mark anthony fernandez for full house!!!
    106. kizme24 oo nga c mark and heart are fits for this role...sana *** n nga s fullhouse aabangan ko yan..
    107. 5peatchamp Heart for jessie! hehe
    108. graciouslux05 heartis perfect for th role of jessie!!..
    109. calolwafu yeah! i agree!!!... bgay c heart s role n jessie..
    110.benzsiete i agree!!!!
    111. abbijoye hope gma agreed the heart will play the role of jesse in full house philippine remake...she's perfect...
    112. kwenz090906 fit sa kanya ang role kung sakali... wheew... good luck! hehehe sana *** nga mapili na gumanap na jessie..
    113. regine099 i bet heart to play the role of jessie!!!
    good luck!!sana ** mpili~!
    114. anewlead si heart na lang po sana ang dapat gumanap na Jessie..!!
    115.pa033 magkamukha sila ng konti. mas gusto ko nga lang si jessie kaysa kay heart. pero maganda din si heart. ang ganda ni jessie kahit anong ayos, kahit may bangs o wala at kahit anong suot. gusto ko din yung commercial niya sa mcdo.! pero sana si heart ang maging jessie sa fullhouse remake!! Go!! ^_^
    116.sunshineangeline heart na heart ang dting
    117.3ciansboys i believe na bagay kay heart ang maging jessie sa fullhouse at c richard bilang justin . bagay naman kay chard mag pacute like sa movie nila ni marian rivera..kaya go mga idol kapuso sa cagayan de oro city
    118.niruasenelrad bagay na gumanap c heart whether jessie or andie kc pareho cyang may similarity sa dalawa
    119.Yzzy98 i vote for heart as jessie, pa upload na lang sa you tube ha! greetings from toronto
    120.marianetterivera (Heart for Full House and Mark Anthony, Dennis or RG will do..
    121.chickyboy17 yeah uP for heart = jesse(song hye kyo) and chris tiu = justin(rain).!
    122.helushka13 heart is so pretty...bagay s knya *** role !!!
    123.nenethsc for me HEART is the BEST CHOICE as JESSIE for full house...carry ni heart yung role for sure..pwede si dennis trillo or richard G or mike tan as the leading man..sino nga ba yun?
    124.jOanne12jOy13jO1987 ok,pwede!pwede!
    waLa akOng tutOL...basta if ever na sumikat ** ditO hwg Lang mahahanginan ang uLo ha...stay pretty and simpLe...(^_^)v
    125.mazczan cool kay heart!
    126.xhei28 NO OTHER 1 BUT "H-E-A-R-T"..sYa lang ang bagay na jessie sa phil.version ng full house..wag na si marianne kasawa na..tyaka sya na si marimar..
    127.kickass007sana mka gawa *** ng filipino version ng fullhouse!!
    128.imonebrat I AGREE. I'VE BEEN THINKING THE SAME THING. RICHEART could play the lead roles in the PINOY VERSION of FULLHOUSE...
    129.mimimao7 bagay kay heart gumanap sa full house
    130.K3Na99999 HEART! MUKHA **** XANG KOREAN EH! ♥
    131.MAZ047 yes bagay kay HEART and SHE CAN DO IT!!! sana she'll get th role of Jessie
    132.sw8y07 yup!!bagay ky heart *** role..sana sa kanya mapunta,,gudluck ..!!
    133.5peatchamp sana mapunta kay heart! :) mag-sign tayo ng petition!!! :)
    134.spongeboblover of couse naman, i go 4 Heart Evangelista dhil sa knya lang bgay ang role na'to...
    135.prettychic911 Marian's a good actress and she's pretty BUT FOR "FULL HOUSE"??? HEART's best to be put up with this! Heart got both face and light personality that will surely capture the audience.
    136. mimimao7 bagay kay heart gumanap sa full house
    137. tamemelikeadragon i agree..kayang kaya ni heart yan
    138.K3Na99999 HEART! MUKHA **** XANG KOREAN EH! ♥
    139.mic121988 pwde.kamukha sila konti
    140.mazczan yap! i agree for heart to take the role of jessie.
    141.zeroeing Heart Evangelista is the perfect choice to portray Jessie here in Full hHouse
    142.prettychic911HEART's best to be put up with this! Heart got both face and light personality that will surely capture the audience.
    143.bodlat1979 c heart *** ang pwede,, dhil my pagkasimilarity naman *** ni jessie.. gandakya n heart.........abangan ko yan
    144.airamtube05 Yeah! I give my vote for Heart on this.
    Ayoko sana iremake pero kung tuloy na nga ito, kahit siguro mga asian fans ng Full House might agree on her.
    145.vangie0321 i choose heart,,,coz sya *** fitted para sa role^_^
    146.karlalovesuju ofcourse! heart is really beautiful!
    147.lienne03 omg,,din sa the shots d ko narecognize kung cnu c heart or c song gyekyo ah,,,galing..hehehhe
    148.apostlescreed07 ***** ko lang na-realize....mas bagay kay heart ang role ni kim sa "my girl"...mas hawig nya at very funny din sa comedy!but i like also heart to play full house...
    or dalja's spring kaya!
    149.MsSeattleWA I also like Heart pero mukang hindi kayo magwawagi ang nasa FULLHOUSE

    [highlight]B] Forum [/B[/highlight]


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    [highlight]B]Other forums [/B[/highlight]
    Barkadik forums:

    1.soulsonic mas ok kung pop singer din ang gaganap na justin at heart evangelista or sheena halili for jessie (PEP)
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    3.missme Ms. Heart Evangelista (PEP)
    4.hiddenshadow23 HEART EVANGELISTA!!!!!!!HEART (PEP)EVANGELISTA!!!!!!!
    5.amazingab heart evangelista (PEP)
    6.theltd si heart evangelista na bagay na bagay sa kanya ang role pati looks (PEP)
    7.cian78sheena halili or heart will do (PEP)
    8.meiji heart... (PEP)
    9.kapusosincebirth sana lets give heart e. a chance.. (PEP)
    10.non_biz_gurl H E A R T! (PEP)

    11.~KendY bagay nia maging jessie (barkadik)
    12.jeira ^si heart..(barkadik)
    13.JELAtine Si Heart Evangelista na siguroyung pinaka-okay na Jessie Han.(barkadik)
    14.Krizalid si Heart kc bagay sa Kanya ang Role na yan ...(barkadik)

    15.Supahmars sana nga si heart na lang!! pero si chris.. hmm.. tagalog niya kasi eh.. (candymag)
    16.chinita.007 siguro si heart ang magiging jessie.. wala.. feel ko lang pero mas ayus sya kesa kay marian...(candymag)
    17.puffee_o.O hmm..para sakin okay si heart...super pretty niya kasi.. tsaka bagay sa kanya yung role(candymag)
    18.Yi shin Heart Evangelistasana siya ang gumanap na Jessie(candymag)
    19.iammarla OMG!!! Speaking of which!!! Heart Evangelista is KAPUSO na!!! Sana nga siya na lang si Jessie and her partner will be Richard Guitterez!!! PERFECT!!!So perfect for Full House remake!!!(candymag)
    20.meg_ryan mas fit kay heart yung role ni jesse, petite and chinita. sa mangga kasi han ji eun describe as not tall, so hindi rin fit kay maxene.(candymag)
    21.christa15 i think bagay si Heart s role na Jessie!..and then si Richard naman c Justin! ..w0w! nakaka-excite naman!(candymag)
    22.summer_chiq may mga nagpropose na chris tiu and heart nalang daw ilagay sa cast. mhmmm. interesting considering heart is chris' showbiz crush.(candymag)
    23.eikamay mukhang pwede pa to kay heart. chris tiu? umm. no cmment. gwapo siya, indeed pero i don't think that he's in for acting.(candymag)
    24.superduperbabaeI thought ang new project ni Heart sa GMA eh yung Full House.Naisip ko lang ahhaha, bagay naman eh, Si Heart as Song Hye Kyo and Richard as Rain diba??(candymag)
    25.candylicious Hmmm. I like Heart. (candymag)
    26.asteegurl08Okay na sa akin na si Heart *** bida, huwag lang si Marianne. (candymag)
    27.life_after_twilightpero para sakin ok *** naman si heart mejo napapatawaniya ako dun sa movie nila dati TRIP yata un?(candymag)
    28.tali006 DAPAT talaga si Heart!!Magaling sa comedy si Heart!!! She's so effective!! ang cute!!!!! (candymag)
    29.vbstrawberryi added mine. (candymag)
    31.apreal_aeaI like Heart. She's pretty and talented. And yeah, I think she'll be fit for the role of Jessie in Full House! (candymag)
    32.skyblue0814 go heart!(candymag)

    33.mariel (PEP)
    34.justine (PEP)
    35.ian bagay nga. maganda siya. (PEP)
    36.eljeyguys, petishon lang tayo...pag tulong tulong mas mgnda mggng sure! wag tayo suko..(PEP)

    37.The Living Doll I think Heart can do Hye Kyo's role sa Full House. Oh well, basta sana maganda ang maging kalabasan ng story(candymag)
    38.hotchiq_fashionistapero sana c heart nalang sa fullhouse. chinita and all sya eh..(candymag)
    39.poshiepink oh di ba?chris tiu at heart.okaaay!thumbs up. haha. (candymag)
    40.misty_kler005 jessie han is heart justin lee is....(candymag)
    41.-TiN- OO NGA!!! haha.. i would definitely watch that pag si chris tiu and heart.. sana nga i-groom nila si chris tiu diba para maging leading man material. (candymag)
    42.vera*krysal Ang cute siguro nila tignan nun(CHRIS and HEART)(candymag)
    43.sassy_girl12 i think si heart ang gaganap dito(candymag)
    44.bagaboo_54 give it to HEART shes perfect for the role magaling sya umarte even magskate she knows how dba may part n nagskate c jessie so perfect tlaga sya *** s jessie role and also cute sya umiyak in short magaling tlaga.....(PEP)
    45.april_khin but for me in my personal opinion why not give it to heart.....(PEP)
    46.yoshihiro0810 heart nlng *** maiba nmn!.....(PEP)
    47.zyx03 She's got that Oriental look, and somehow she resembles the girl in the original version of Full House.
    48.zaraki_kenpachi full house - mas bagay si Heart!!.....(PEP)
    49.soulsonic mas ok kung pop singer din ang gaganap na justin at heart evangelista or sheena halili for jessie !.....(PEP)
    50.Reggie90 Good luck, Heart!!.....(PEP)
    51.fallen_angel666 WOOT!... Sana naman si Heart din yung Jessie... Actually bagay naman!.....(PEP)
    52.moonlight_adieu_kanguso Well goodluck heart!!!.....(PEP)
    53.karinabianca she's a superb talent who knows how to sing, dance and act.. go heart! beauty and brains baby!.....(PEP)
    54.carameltoffee !.....(PEP)[/B]
    55.pushakath agree.. heart na lang..!.....(PEP)
    56.jheanne15 kay heart na lang. mas bagay.
    57.katie_tsup Gusto ko si Heart kung ireremake din lang...(candymag)
    59.zhao_wei kung meron nga talaga remake, i prefer heart than marian. nu ba yan, puro marian na lang...(candymag)
    60.gingersnaps014 yup,si heart pwede pa...(candymag)
    61. mighty_pen definitely HEART EVANGELISTA!.....[/B](PEP)[/B]
    62.kilig_kimerald Marian or Heart, both would be great! I LOVE Full House! And the Three Bears Song... ..!.....(PEP)
    63.rainebagay sa kanya..!.....(PEP)
    64.eljey wala ng ibang bagay pa cept HER!..!.....(PEP)
    65.princesspa-aad din pobagay na bagay sa kanya... ..!.....(PEP)
    66.changminislove- bagay sa kanya ang role.. ..!.....(PEP)
    67.larpeeshit heart or marian..!.....(PEP)
    68..happykatorsesiya talaga ang nararapat dun!..!.....(PEP)
    69.xoxomaehir12 bagay si heart for the role of jessie!...(candymag)
    70.mieslyni voted for heart,.. aside from the fact na mejo may resemblance yung itsura nila....!.....(PEP)
    71.apreal_aea Heart would fit the role of Jesse..(candymag)
    72.HeAthEr I think so too. Heart would be the perfect actress if there's gonna be a remake...(candymag)
    73.prettyMe! Heart would fit the role of Jesse. Perfect idea!
    I was thinking while browsing through the thread kung sino nga ang magffit as Jessie when I stumbled on your post.
    74.jonicely heart is perfect as jessie!


    [highlight]total of petitioners: 469 [/highlight]


    Leadin men suggested by the people:

    Dennis Trillo (kaso baka sumabay ito sa Gagambino niya)
    Paolo Contis (magaling both sa drama at comedy)
    JC De Vera (gusto siyang makasama ni Heart sa isang project)
    Mark Fernandez (parang si Paolo rin na effective sa drama at comedy)
    Drew Arellano (may nagri-request na magsama ulit sila ni Heart; they worked before in the movie My First Romance)
    Chris Tiu (Ang tanong: gusto ba nitong mag-artista? Hmm. Kung si Heart ang partner niya e baka pumayag nang mag-artista since crush niya si Heart.)
    Dingdong Dantes (Kaso, pumayag kaya si Marian na ipahiram ang ka-loveteam niya?)
    Richard Gutierrez (E papayag kaya si Chard na gumawa ng Koreanovela? Sa action siya lagi nalilinya pag TV, at romance naman pag movies e.)

    Sa mga gustong mapunta kay Heart ang role ni Jessie Han!
    Email tayong lahat!

    Allan Diones - [email protected]
    Alex Datu - [email protected]
    Benny Andaya - [email protected]
    Bless Cirera - [email protected]
    Dinno Erece - [email protected] - isa sa PR ng mga GMA shows
    Eric Borromeo - [email protected]
    Eugene Asis - [email protected]
    Gary Sta. Ana - [email protected]
    Gerry Ocampo - [email protected]
    Jun Nardo - [email protected]
    Joe Cezar - [email protected]
    Jojo Gabinete - [email protected]
    Jun Lalin - [email protected]
    Len Llanes - [email protected]
    Lolit Solis - [email protected]
    Mel Navarro - [email protected]
    Nitz Miralles - [email protected] - isa sa PR ng GMA Shows
    Noel Ferrer - [email protected] - malakas ito kay Annete Gozon
    Ed Serrano - [email protected]
    Ronnie Carasco - [email protected] - malakas ito kay Wilma Galvante
    Wendel Alvarez - [email protected]

    Regal Film - [email protected]

    GMA Network - [email protected]
    GMA Artist Center - [email protected]
    GMA Artist Center - [email protected]
    GMA Network - [email protected]
    GMA Record - [email protected]
    Startalk - [email protected]
    Showbiz Central - [email protected]

    Wilma Galvante - [email protected]
    Ida Henares - [email protected]
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    galing galing naman ng gising ni ts rose namo mroblema kami kanina
    ni mana at tin kung sino ts then you came at 5k posts in hw part 150 :lol:
    lurk mode ka muna siguro kanina 'no :)


    we love heart!
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    New House na! Yahooo! :bounce:

    Heart Evangelista! :rocker:
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    micfercab wrote: »
    galing galing naman ng gising ni ts rose namo mroblema kami kanina
    ni mana at tin kung sino ts then you came at 5k posts in hw part 150 :lol:
    lurk mode ka muna siguro kanina 'no :)

    paggising ko naglurk na po ako!:lol:
    tapos nabasa ko agad ang mix mix na kinain mo po!:rotflmao:

    i want mix mix too! Hahaha! :rotfl:
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    Gorgeous Heart :)
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    mas ok rin mag vote sa sun rose :lol: pero ok din uli siyempre sa
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