The Art of Jonathan Sankey

The Art of Jonathan Sankey

The Scanvas (sculpture-canvas) is a medium I have created that, in short, is intended to bridge the gap between my desires to both sculpt and paint. I create pieces that are intellectually, visually and emotionally interactive. A painting should not end where the canvas does, the canvas itself can be transformed to reaffirm a piece’s intentions.

My designs have an element of duplicity about their intent; the use of primary/secondary colors compliment most contemporary colour schemes while the voids within the pieces aim to adorn their surroundings more effectively through incorporating the backing-wall into the piece.

I enjoy incorporating a variety of pop-art images and elements within my pieces as not only do they tend to lend themselves to this style but their intentions are ironic. Images that look "stamped" and mass produced are in direct contradiction with the scanvas; a medium that cannot be replicated more than once due to the complexity of it's structure. I like to take something familiar and fuse it with something considerably different.

The pieces’ extremely abstract structure is contrary to the above notion of “fitting in” as they aim to challenge the concept of the canvas and push its limitations. Dubbed the sculpture-canvas (scanvas) its key purpose is to increase the power of communication between a piece and its audience and to aid in provoking abstract thought.

Jonathan Sankey

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