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+2 More Squads?

durden_tylerdurden_tyler PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
2 firms want to join pro league
By Joaquin Henson Updated March 17, 2009 12:00 AM

MANILA, Philippines - Despite a global economic downturn, business is healthy in the PBA and commissioner Sonny Barrios said the other day at least two big businessmen are studying the viability of joining Asia’s first play-for-pay league.

Barrios declined to identify the interested parties but the rumor is one belongs to a family that used to own a PBA franchise and the other is a long-time supporter of the game. Both are involved in consumer goods.

The recent exit of Harbour Centre owner Mikee Romero from PBA team Burger King also raises the possibility of a third force. After Harbour Centre won six straight PBL titles, Romero looked forward to moving to the next level and Burger King would’ve been his entry point to the PBA.

Even as the prospect of three new franchises looms, PBA operations manager Rickie Santos said if the PBA expands, it could only be in even numbers because of scheduling considerations.

In the ongoing Fiesta Conference, the PBA’s 10 franchises are split into two brackets where groupmates meet each other once and play the squads from the other division twice during the inter-intra elimination round of 14 games each team.

In the previous elimination format, each team played 18 games.

Santos explained in an odd number setup, it would be impossible to arrange a uniform schedule for teams divided into two groups under the inter-intra format.

In the event the league expands to 14 teams, Santos said it is likely to create a Division I and Division II where after each conference, the top two Division II teams are elevated to Division I and the last two Division I teams are demoted to Division II.

PBA media bureau chief and special assistant to the commissioner Willie Marcial said it’s not surprising that companies are inquiring about entering the league.

“We had a banner year in 2007-08 where we ended the season with 22,000 fans watching Game 7 of the Fiesta Conference finals between Ginebra and Air21,” said Marcial. “Then, in the last conference, we averaged over 6,000 fans a game and our ticket sales amounted to P35 million, a seven percent increase. In Game 7 of the finals, 17,000 fans watched and that was particularly significant since the series did not involve Ginebra, San Miguel Beer or Purefoods which rate the highest in terms of popularity.”

Marcial said the success of conference title sponsors in boosting their product sales is drawing more and more bidders.

“If you check the sales records of Kentucky Fried Chicken, Smart, Grand Matador and now Motolite, you’ll notice they all experienced major increases as a result of their exposure as PBA title sponsors,” said Marcial. “The impact is evident. That’s why the PBA has been able to bring in more sponsors with Phoenix Fuel, Tropical Hut and Dickies. We’ve also got contracts with our official outfitter Accel, official ball Molten, official underwear Hanes and official power drink Gatorade. We’re in the process of signing up our official jeans and a sponsor for our Batang PBA project.”

Barrios said Red Bull’s success in the energy drink market was traced to its participation in the PBA.

“Red Bull brought up sales volumes not only for itself but for other brands because it raised the awareness level of energy drinks,” said Barrios. “But Red Bull was way beyond reach as the No. 1 energy drink. Now, Mr. (George) Chua hopes to use the same formula to make his new brand, Barako Bull, No. 1. Businessmen are realizing the economic benefits of gaining media mileage through the PBA.”

Marcial said the coming All-Star series is expected to project even a stronger image for the PBA. The series will be held in three stages. First, the North All-Stars reinforced by three imports will play coach Yeng Guiao’s national team in Victorias on April 22. Second, the South All-Stars, also reinforced by three other imports, will play Guiao’s squad in Panabo, Davao, on April 24. Finally, the North and South starters with four imports not named for the two previous games will engage the national quintet at the Araneta Coliseum in the culmination of the All-Star extravaganza.


  • good news to.... is lamoiyan franchise (happe) 1 of them??.... wee... more teams, more excitement...
  • Dapat na siguro 2 coverors na ang humawak kasi more games = less TV time :glee:
  • aseroasero PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    masaya na ako sa 10 teams which means 2 games per week and favorite team ko...
  • I agree..

    split na dapat to other networks kung marami na...

    Sa CS pa rin ang WFS..

    sa other network na ang TTHS...or mag bidding ng games... ala NBA..di ba? Wala na kasi dapat monopoly ng broadcast e...

    pero yung division II format? THAT'S TOTAL BS!:grrr:

    Expansion ay expansion. PERIOD!
  • I agree

    dapat dalawa na broadcaster na PBA

    good idea ang 12 teams
  • more weak teams....
  • durden_tylerdurden_tyler PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    ^ How so? Teams like SMB, TNT, PF and others are actually "too" deep. There should be an expansion draft plus the elevated players...
  • i think the pba can accomodate maybe 2 more teams. some teams are just too overloaded with talent - at least, on paper.
  • thescenethescene PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Sino kaya yung family that used to own a franchise in the PBA? The Ayala? Gokongwei? Tan?
  • ^ Tan possible kasi dahil sa Tanduay.. pero Ayala and Gokongwei? wala naman silang previous team? correct me if i'm wrong :glee:

    si Harbour Naman possible din kaso di ba may ruling sa PBA na di lahat ng nasa roster mo sa PBL pwde isama to PBA..i think only yung top 2 players or first 5.. :hmm:

    i think ok ang 14 teams pero yung idea na top 2 teams sa division 2 promoted sa Division 1 and yung 2 kulelat sa Division 1 eh ilalagay sa Division 2 parang iba yung ganun.. gawin nilang 15 teams para may North, Central and South Division parang NBA style :lol:
  • ayala previously had purefoods before it was sold to SMB...
  • Big Ticket wrote: »
    ayala previously had purefoods before it was sold to SMB...

    correct. the rest is history
  • Larry LegendLarry Legend Member PEx Icon 🎖️🎖️🎖️
    What about the Concepcions? They used to own the RFM franchise in the PBA. Sila kaya yung former franchise-holder na sinasabi sa column?
  • Larry LegendLarry Legend Member PEx Icon 🎖️🎖️🎖️
    ^ Tan possible kasi dahil sa Tanduay.. pero Ayala and Gokongwei? wala naman silang previous team? correct me if i'm wrong :glee:

    The Gokongwei family used to own a PBA franchise. The different incarnations of their teams were Great Taste, Tivoli Ice Cream and Presto. They disbanded at the end of the 1992 season and Sta Lucia Realty bought their franchise.

    source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Taste_Coffee_Makers

    So, may chance nga na ang Gokongwei ang family na babalik sa PBA.
  • shaq_attacks32shaq_attacks32 Mas CUTE and BIRD namin! PEx Expert 🎖️
    magkano ba entrace fee sa pba? at bakit ganun ka mahal sana mga 5 milyon lang. para hindi naman mahirap *** team na gs2 pumasok. baka mag apply *** abs-cbn as a team sa pba.
  • Purefoods? Previously owned by Ayala? hehe thanks sa info never knew that part..mula't sapul kasi pagkakaalam ko dyan eh SMC na sila.. hehehe

    so madami rin pa lang possibilities kung sino-sino yung possible na bumalik...teka di ba ang Coca-Cola Tigers ngayon ito yung franchise ni RFM Sunkist?...
  • i think 20M-40M yung fee sa PBA. not sure though..
  • PF only became an SMC ballclub on 2001 or 2002.
  • fernando_hierrofernando_hierro Member PEx Expert 🎖️
    ayala - di na babalik sa pba yan
    gokongwei - walang pera para sa pba yan, panay utang yan, malaki talo ng jg summit at urc sa marketable investments nila, mark-to-market losses
    concepcion - walang wala na yan, di na kasi presidente si tita cory, tsaka sa joey con - mahina yan

    pwede talaga yung lucio tan
  • malaki ang galit ng anak ni lucio tan sa PBA so...
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