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Where to Buy - High Quality Fabrics for Pants, Shirts and Suits

I've been to shops in Shangri-la Mall. The stocks are nice, but I want more variety...San kaya meron? I've never tried Divisoria. Maganda ba tinda dun?

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  • skuidwardskuidward PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
  • :)Divisoria has a lot of fabrics for pants,suits etc... that will fit your budget. The most convenient place to shop for fabrics is Tutuban Mall-Ground Floor Cluster Building and Prime Block Building. Go there on weekdays to avoid the crowds and easier haggling.
  • yes, Divisoria. you could go to Ylaya St., there's a building there where each and every fabric could be found. if u want good quality fabrics for suits and polos, go to Benson(no. 14, pasilyo S, divine mart, ylaya st). he has the BEST! he supplies for the designers.:)
  • agree @ bebangers. i call it the giant fabric house. :))
  • meron kayang Egyptian cotton sa Divisoria?
  • Yes there is also egyptian cotton shirting fabrics available at Benson’s.

    Right now he also just imported Vitale Barberis Canonico suiting fabrics from Italy. They are very affordable for the superb quality.

    He is the distributor i think of VITALE in the Philippines.
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