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JEROME "Jeje" VENTINILLA : PDA Little Dreamers Top 7

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Jerome Ventinilla aka Jeje is a finalist of PDA Little Dreamers. Before he turned two, Jerome's vocabulary was already rich with words from the gospel, picked up from the first songs he heard in church. Since the day he learned his first song, music has filled his heart and home. Now its also fills his weekends as he joins the 11 other Little Dreamers in music classes and onstage.
Inspired by these classes at the Academy music now also fills Jerome's dreams. With the guidance of his music teachers, he sees himself as a great performer in the future. Beyond that, he hopes to become a music Teacher, sharing everything he have learned with people who share his passion.


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www.jeromeventinilla.tk - www.jeromeventinilla.tk - www.jeromeventinilla.tk

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:rotflmao: www.jeromeventinilla.com - www.jeromeventinilla.tk :rotflmao:


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