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Francis M Passed away:March 6, 2009

JandreksJandreks Bodeger-futboler-poledancer PExer
Annouced at GMA 7's Eat Bulaga.


  • bayaniVANbayaniVAN J'adore treVBault ✭✭✭✭
    condolences to his family.. your music will always be remembered......
  • nathalieburgernathalieburger Member PExer
    Let's pray for Francis Magalona's soul..
  • rebekita2560rebekita2560 Member PExer
    Rapper Francis Magalona passes away
    First Posted 12:44:00 03/06/2009

    Filed Under: Entertainment (general), death notices

    MANILA, Philippines—Rapper-TV host Francis Magalona has succumbed to leukemia at the Medical City in Mandaluyong City on Friday. He was 44.

    Our prayers to Francis M and his family. May his soul rest in peace.
  • fanstaticfanstatic Member PExer
    he is a great loss to our music industry

    condolences to hisfamily

    rest in peace master rapper

    your music we will live forever in our heart
  • pinkmusepinkmuse Member PExer
    i'm not shocked, but so deeply saddened with this news :(
  • coolpanda_18coolpanda_18 kHuyaH Orly PExer
    Our condolences...


    May he rest in peace...:depressed:
  • henyo526henyo526 Member PExer
    Farewell "Man from Manila"... You'll truly be missed...
  • twenty_fivetwenty_five Member PExer
    thats life,lets pray for us...iam twenty_five from melissa ricks thread here in pieyexchange....
  • engr chrisengr chris Ridin' Solo ✭✭
    Master Rapper will leave forever.

    My very first album that I owned was a Francis M album
  • johncenagurlfanjohncenagurlfan Natasha po. :D PExer
    mamimiss ko siya.. :(
  • velveT_RosevelveT_Rose Member PExer
    Its kinda hard with you not around
    Know you in heaven smilin' down
    Watchin' us while we pray for you
    Every day we pray for you
    Til the day we meet again
    In my heart is where I'll keep you friend
    Memories give me the strength I need to proceed
    Strength I need to believe
    My thought's big I just can't define
    Wish I could turn back the hands of time
    Us in the 6, shop for new clothes and kicks
    You and me taking flicks
    Makin' hits, stages they receive you on
    I still cant believe you're gone
    Give anything to hear half your breath
    I know you still living your life, after death

    God bless your soul man...

    you will surely be missed...

    Farewell Master Rapper...
  • messyportalmessyportal Member PExer
    ang bata nya pa para mamatay, isa sya sa mga marka ng pilipinas shobiz n music industry
  • krams-06krams-06 Member PExer

    OUR CONDOLENCES to Mr. Francis 'Kiko' Magalona.

    May He Rest in Peace!

    From the Sweeties ValEjay Fammy - Yacht & Ejaysters - Nest
  • Yaki_Yaki_ Kokak PExer
    WTF. he is too freaking young to die. Granted his kids are well off already but come on. I thought he was cured of leukemia?

    His great contributions to the music industry will forever be remembered
  • scmb09_Davescmb09_Dave Randpa-Lolo PExer
    We are so sorry for the loss of Francis M. Our warmest condolences to his family.

    May God bless his soul.

    - From Samsters.
  • fanstaticfanstatic Member PExer
    our Heartfelt Condolences To The Family Of Francis Magalona

    Rest In Peace The True King Of Rap

  • spongklongspongklong chuBBy PExer
    kinda OT but i think francism's death may have an effect on the final set concert of the eheads tomorrow somehow... eheads and francis m are friends since the early 90s.. and for me, francis m's blog about ely buendia when he had his 1st angioplasty procedure started this eheads reunion.. i hope the eheads pay tribute to him tomorrow (which i think will definitely happen)..

    thanks for all the memories francis!
  • happysadakohappysadako freelancer T_T PExer
    oh no..ang bata pa ni clara and arkin para mawala ang daddy nila..:(

  • ladybeeladybee =Heaven Sent= PExer
    Condolence to his Family, relatives and friends..

    may he rest in peace...
  • legolasslegolass Moderator PExer
    oh no, hindi ko kasi napanood ang Eat Bulaga today. Akala ko pa naman he was recovering from his illness :(

    Rest in peace, Francis! :( :(

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