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Mega Plaza Death February 24, 2009

so last february 24, we saw a dead guy from our classroom (mega plaza is right across our school). first we thought it was suicide but it was too impossible since he was near the wall. he had broken his left leg and right arm.
SOCO came, gma and abs-cbn vans started arriving but the body was not there anymore. but we managed to take pictures of the dead person.
we waited for news reports about it but heck, there wasn't even a single internet article about the incident. so yeah, if anyone else knows about this... i'm just curious about how he died.
below are the pictures. i put spoiler tags because they might disturb some people.


  • [crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]dsc04874.jpg[/crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]
  • is mega plaza a residential condominium building? baka the management is trying to keep things under wrap to protect their reputation.

    i know of a certain condo in makati. a resident was murdered and robbed due to lax security but it was never in the news.
  • that's nothing new in the Phils............. news blackout, that is........ if you have the right connections and/or willing to shell out some cash, kayang-kaya ipa-news blackout kung anuman ang gusto mo..............:flog:
  • it looks like the City and Land Mega Plaza Condominium in Ortigas.
  • yup news blackout indeed. there was a shooting incident last november (or december, di ko na maalala?) i and an officemate was aboard the bus in going home south of manila. nakakapagtaka that night (it was tues) kasi biglang bumagal byahe. when we were arriving at shell buendia, eksakto sa kabilang lane (forbes park gate?) isang taxi ang pinaulanan ng baril ng halos limang armadong sundalo (naka fatigue kasi sila). eksakot yun nung pagtayo ko kasi sa tatluhan ako nakaupo, dahan dahan lang yung takbo nung bus since mbagal nga yung daloy ng trapik. syempre kanya kanya ng specualtions yung mga tao sa loob ng bus. ako i was expecting to be delivered sa 11pm news pero sad to say. wala. kinabukasan wala din at hanggang ngayon di ko alam what transpired back then, who was the victim and was it a shoot out or a rub out.at bakit kailangang may news black out.
  • So much for our credible news outfits.
  • Just because an event does not get reported in the papers or in the news does not necessarily mean there is a news blackout.
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