What will this decade be musically remembered for?

Less than a year before the turn of the decade, folks.

More or less, every decade before this saw some dominant sound(s) and artist(s) come out in some way, shape or form - and that's how those decades will be remembered.

Now, I've outlined a ROUGH idea of what I mean. I could be wrong and might have left out some things, but that's not the point to be discussed.
  • <1950s - Blues & Jazz
  • 1950's - Jazz + Birth of Rock n Roll
  • 1960's - Boom of Rock n Roll, Psychedelia
  • 1970's - Prog Rock, Punk & Disco
  • 1980's - New Wave, Synth Pop/Rock, Hip Hop & Heavy Metal
  • 1990's - Alternative & Grunge
  • 2000's - ???

The question is... how will THIS decade be remembered musically?

What do you think?


  • lark_2007lark_2007 tambay PExer
    electronic dance pop fused with rap
  • rockstaridolrockstaridol Custom User Title ✭✭✭
    More on R&B and hiphop sad to say.

    Try looking at the best selling singles and albums in this decade. That could be a gauge.

    It's also the decade of overnight sensation musicians thanks to myspace and youtube. Colbie Caillat, Cassie and Panic at the Disco are examples of these
  • quentsquents Banned by Admin PExer
    American Idol...
  • pay_seepay_see Member PExer
    Obscure artists crossing over to mainstream.
  • Bamboo-lokBamboo-lok Member PExer
    hints and moments of greatness from some really talented (and underrated) artists... pero yun nga lang, hints and moments lang, generally the last 10-13 years were pretty cr*ppy compared to the seattle movement/early 90's era.
  • Christina Aguilera!

    mad? questions? complaints?

    call 1-800-DEAL-FA,G :)
  • quents wrote: »
    American Idol...
    Actually, yeah I think I kind of agree with you here...
    Bamboo-lok wrote: »
    generally the last 10-13 years were pretty cr*ppy compared to the seattle movement/early 90's era.
    Christina Aguilera!
  • onyxwitch09onyxwitch09 Member PExer
    pop, hiphop and rnb!
    Bamboo-lok wrote: »
    hints and moments of greatness from some really talented (and underrated) artists... pero yun nga lang, hints and moments lang, generally the last 10-13 years were pretty cr*ppy compared to the seattle movement/early 90's era.

    You mean crppy yung mga songs this decade?
    Pero kung iko-compare ko mas prefer ko yung music nung 90's in my opinion.
  • vonjunztvonjunzt I'm OK, you're OK PExer
    We're seeing less innovation these days because record firms at some point decided they knew how to produce a successful act and had become less patient with the process of developing an artist. The whole process became very mechanical (they gave up on you if you didn't move X number of units with your first album).

    Semisonic's drummer, Jacob Slichter:

    "When our contract ended with MCA we had definitely entered the era that we are in now which is the era of the blockbuster. There's no such thing as a "developing artist." If we were starting now the record labels would probably be even less patient with us than what we experienced in the nineties. Our first CD, Great Divide, came out in 1996 and sold thirty thousand copies. Today, I don't know if we would even have a shot at making our next CD because of all the pressure from the top of these multi-national corporations who own the record labels. The record company is not concerned with building a band's career; they are concerned with hitting their third-quarter financials."*

    This is a sentiment echoed by others, notably Elton John.

    Consider this: it took Billy Joel four albums to find his audience. Where would he be in today's environment?

    * http://www.failuremag.com/arch_arts_semisonic.html
  • mambabakawmambabakaw Member PExer
    pop and revivals?

    one poster here is quite right. mostly hints and moment of greatness lang.
  • Drahow ein EnteDrahow ein Ente twitter.com/htdee PExer
    gangsta rap :grin:
  • Artists who think more of $$$ than real music. Those are your mainstream artists
  • ermonskiermonski I PITY THE FOOL!!! ✭✭✭
    R&B and Hiphop

    the second band boom here in the Philippines


    tugs tugs tugs music everywhere
  • ImpenneteriImpenneteri &#61520;&#61509;&#61528;&#61541;&#61554; ✭✭✭
    This decade it's more like good music video = "good song", any genre will do but when you can have videos with girls showing some skins and revealing outfits and with guys flashing their bling blings then for sure it will be a great hit even though the song itself is full of crap lyrics.

    Even rock, parang walang dating halos lahat walang vocal power and heavy guitars or instruments. Walang panama sa heavy metals nung 80's.

    Siguro kung pagsabayin mo mag tugtog ang artis ngayon at nung 80's baka magmukhang amateur mga artists ngayon. Ganun na ka pangit ang mga kanta ngayon mas mabuti pang makinig na lang sa AM radio.
  • ermonskiermonski I PITY THE FOOL!!! ✭✭✭
    ^ though a number of comebacks from yester-decades happened last year which is, good, pero underrated hehe
  • pay_seepay_see Member PExer
    90's is when pop music is at its most definitive and highest point .... pop rock bands, teenage group, boybands, girl bands, teen blondes, etc. this where the images of a pop artist really the most descriptive of.

    as much as "obscure" artists crossing over the mainstream territory, pop artists today are guided by better producers (an artist can be completely talentless as long as their producers are smart and knows what to do), a lot of them hangs out with hip-hop artists/rappers/beat masters and even real talent musicians are openly collaborating with real pop artists. they are producing better sound/beat than ever.

    which is a better pop, today's or the 90's? i pick the 90's. it's the less conscience, un-guilty, unashamed straight-up pop.
  • the_icewolfthe_icewolf in the DMZ... PExer
    2000 -rnb infused hiphop; collaborations...

    most songs i liked the past years:

    timbaland+one republic-apologize
    kanye west -homecoming
    akon+lil wayne+wyclef -sweetest girl

    usually collaborations ang magaganda...

    saka pansin ko lang, karamihan ng mga hook sa mga kantang bago; me mga similarities sa 80s hits... have to listen carefully though...
  • pepmanpepman Member PExer
    RnB and Hip-hop, as we say.
  • jake69jake69 Member
    emo ( my chemical romance, dashboard confessional and their ilk )

    the demise of hip/hop and rap ...first half of 200s, mabenta pa si nelly and missy elliot...ngayon, flop ang latest album ni nelly at wala pang release date album ni missy..nagsawa na mga tao sa genre na to.

    acoustic music ( as far as pinas is concern..right paolo santos? )

    bossa nova ( sitti anyone?)

    THE RETURN OF ROCK ( big sellers ang metallica, acdc at led zep comeback albums )
  • delanodelano Mercy In You ✭✭✭
    Agree with the collaborations (esp. r&b, pop) and American Idols.

    Rock music, can't remember any big phenomenon (not even emo i guess).

    Too much music nowadays, just click this and click that.

    But for me, I now worship Billie Holiday and the Magnetic Fields :D Getting old.

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