Enchong Dee: The Ultimate Role Model.

February 19,2009
By: OnlyEnchongDee / Chongdees

ENCHONG DEE (noun) a person who is incredibly hooootttt, astonishingly cuuuttte, fabulously niiiicccceeee and absolutely OURS!! hahaha! Joke.. ABSOLUTELY FOR EVERYONE. :D

Here are some proofs that Enchong Dee deserves to be called the ULTIMATE ROLE MODEL:

-At his fresh years in showbiz, he already has proven himself to be a good actor based from the different shows that he did.. most specifically with two of his most recent projects wherein he played Nico in My Girl and Jhun in My Only Hope. In no time, we are all excited to see him in his upcoming projects in TV shows such as Maruja and Ikaw Lamang.

-He is a graduating student of De LaSalle University and was said to be a Dean’s Lister. This proves that he is not just your ordinary actor with good looks.. but he also has good brains, very good brains.

-He is an excellent swimmer and is included in the DLSU Swimming Team. As a matter of fact, last September 2008, he was able to grab the Seasons MVP for Men’s Swimming Division in the UAAP. He also often competes inside and outside the Philippines.. and most of these competitions, he brings another medal collection with him.

-We can also catch him doing his giggery gigger moves every Sunday in ASAP together with the rest of the Gigger Boys.

-Considering all these, there is no doubt that Enchong was chosen to be the endorser or as they call it, the ambassador of two of the biggest names in the industry, Coke and Bench. This is the reason why we can see billboards of Enchong everywhere… and we all love it! :D

Obviously, he don’t just accomplish all these works ordinarily.. he do it flawlessly.. giving his 1million percent effort. And in spite of all these tremendous work loads of our role model, he was able to do maintain a good relationship with his family, friends and even supporters.

To end this, let us quote Ate Ems’ line to describe Enchong, “Alam ko nobody’s perfect.. pero para sa akin, si Enchong perfect na” - WE TOTALLY AGREE! =)


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    External Links: *okay*
  • Good Morning, Another Enchong Universe!! :d

    This Is Soooo Amazing! :) :) :) :)
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    Reserved! :lol:
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    Reserved! ;)
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    Reserved! :)
  • missdee:)missdee:) onlyenchongdee PExer
    Reserved! :D
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    Reserved! :p
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    Reserved! :rotflmao:
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    The Ayala Malls have lined-up a series of shows featuring the brightest and most talented from ABS-CBN Star Magic.

    Here are the schedule of events:

    February 27, 6pm
    - Market Market Activity Center
    March 8, 5pm - Pavilion Mall 2F Activity Center
    March 22, 4pm - Metropoint
    April 4, 6pm - Alabang Town Center Town Plaza
    April 15, 6pm - Trinoma Activity Center
    April 18, 4pm - Glorietta Activity Center (with a meet and greet with the stars at 5pm at the Glorietta 5 Park)

    The show at the Market Market on February 27 features various Star Magic artists with Nikki Gil hosting. She is joined by Rafael Rosell and Maja Salvador. They will also sing and dance and to add glitter to the event, there will also be production numbers from the Gigger Boys, namely, Enchong Dee, Chris Gutierrez, Dino Imperial, Arron Villaflor, Sam Concepcion, AJ Perez and Robi Domingo. Guys need not fret as they are joined by the cute girls and they are Jessy Mendiola, Lauren Young, Isabelle Abiera and Empress Schuck. The girls and guys of Star Magic 16 will also be given a chance to showcase their talents in the show. Don't miss this exciting event! See you there!

    Credits to abs-cbn.com
  • Dito na tayo guys :)
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    Enchong and his buddies which included his manager Keren Pascual used the Mass Transit Railway to go around Hong Kong. "It was so fun because I experienced things that are outside a student's budget when traveling. Everything was just so new to me and it was one of the few trips that was purely for vacation, since I usually travel for swimming competitions."

    Enchong Dee visited Hong Kong twice last year, in October and in November. "Both were four-day trips", the swimming champ and Bench model tells YES! in an email interview. "I was able to experience and visit Disneyland Hotel, Marco Polo Hotel and the awesome W Hotel, which is such a cool place to stay at!"

    Enchong appreciating the Hong Kong skyline says he's happy to be chosen as one of the three Coke Smile Ambassadors: "Perhaps they feel that I can inspire kids to do what they love doing and instill the idea of not giving up on something you like to do, no matter what challenges you encounter, just like with what I do with swimming and showbiz, where I have the best of both worlds."

    Enchong made it a point to try the different rides, including Dumbo the Flying Elephant, Buzz Lightyear and Space Mountain, which he rode five times. He also watched the parade on the theme park's Main Street. "Although I'm not a fan of Disney Characters, it is still undeniable what Disneyland does. It felt like I was a little kid all over again."

    Aside from being an actor and a TV and print model, the 19-year-old Ernest Lorenzo "Enchong" Dee is first and foremost, a student. He's in his third year of A.B. developmental studies at De La Salle University.

    He's a swim champ as well. In the last season of the University Athletic Association of the Philippines ( UAAP Season 71 2007-2008 ), Enchong won seven gold medals and was named Most Valuable Player in the men's division for swimming.

    Enchong says he's learning to master the art of time management: "It's never easy. But having 24 hours a day, I've managed to prioritize and manage my time accordingly. i need eight hours of sleep, three hours of training, five hours studying and of paying attention to professors, then I still have eight hours of giving my all to showbiz. Sometimes, if my schedules clash, then that's the time I compromise and ask permission from whomever I need to."
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    Turning Japanese
    -- Enchong Dee in Tempura Country

    ( Startravel section ) pp. 44

    Do as Enchong Dee did when he recently visited Japan. Roam around Shinjuku, a major commercial and administrative center. Have your fill of tempura. Walk past an eye-catching outdoor ad which is a familiar sight in the streets. Drop by Ginza, the location for the famous "The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift" film. Watch the world-reowned Cirque du Soleil show. And last but not the least, tap into your inner child with a trip to Japan's Disney by the sea.
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    Setting a New Statement with a Smile

    The country's leading beverage of choice, Coca-Cola, provides that essential physical and emotional refreshment that allows teens to spread the spirit of optimism and positivity to others. In spite of the everyday setbacks they are confronted with, the youth become infused with an infectious disposition that allows them to smile back at life. With its unique fizzy and bubbly taste, Coca-Cola leaves each teen with a smile they can't live without, a smile that they can share with friends.

    Recognizing the great potential and power that the Filipino youth holds and committed to upholding the need for refreshing optimism, Coca-Cola in collaboration with global retail brand Bench, launched the Drink Coke, Wear a Smile promo, one of the biggest partnerships of the year that will surely give every Filipino youth more reasons to smile. By harnessing optimism amongst the youth, Coca-Cola's latest campaign is set to jumpstart 2009 through three beautifully designed shirts bearing different statements expressing positivism. The Coke Smile Statement Shirts are the latest and hottest "in" thing among the youth that sends out positive shout-outs.

    The Coke Smile Ambassadors, Enchong Dee, hearthrob regular of ASAP '09 and power cast member of the Maruja remake; television sweetheart Kim Chiu of ASAP '09 and Tayong Dalawa; and youth icon Shaina Magdayao of ASAP '09 and Komiks Presents: Dragonna, spiced up the show as they modeled out in the show's finale reveal part and took on their very significant role of wearing and sharing smiles.
  • Asan na? Asan na? hahaha!
    Roll call!
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    Enchong Dee admits he’s not an old-fashioned suitor
    by Nap Quintos | February 19, 2009 1:18 PM |


    While documenting a day in the life of Enchong Dee last January 29, ABS-CBN.com managed to chat with him about his views about romance while en route to the Coke campaign launch in Makati. The young actor-swimmer revealed how it was like for him handling a relationship in his mid-teens. “I was 16 when I first had a girlfriend. Teammate ko siya. READ FULL STORY
  • winkzchin14winkzchin14 ! FREEDOM to EXPLORE ! PExer
    ABS-CBN.com takes you on a day in the life of Enchong Dee
    by Napoleon Quintos | February 18, 2009 10:18 AM


    ABS-CBN.com continues to bring you closer to your favorite Kapamilya stars by spending an entire day with Enchong Dee last January 29. ABS-CBN.com followed the young actor-athlete and Coke campaign ambassador as he went through his day as a college student, champion swimmer, and celebrity.

    4:30 am – ABS-CBN.com arrived at the Dee family residence in Quezon City. It was still dark out, but Enchong was already wide-awake and ready to go to class at the De La Salle University. His mother, Tess Dee, handed him a container of spaghetti for his lunch before he headed off to school. Even in the early hours, Enchong was already in the mood to chat with ABS-CBN.com about his scheduled activities for that day.

    The sun wasn’t up yet when the team arrived at the De La Salle University campus at Taft Avenue. Since outsiders could not be allowed to do so, Enchong kindly offered to bring along a small video camera to capture his usual activities in the university pool, class room, library, and around the campus field.

    2 pm – Enchong finished up with school for that day and met again with ABS-CBN.com to head on to the Coke campaign launch at the company’s office in Makati. While on the road, he talked about his life from the time he and his family left their hometown in Camarines Sur and settled in Manila so that his older brother, AJ Dee, could focus on his blossoming career in showbiz.

    3 pm – Enchong met up with his handler, Keren Pascual, at the venue. Enchong posed for cameras beside a huge billboard of him and other Coke endorsers and fellow Star Magic artists Shaina Magdayao and Kim Chiu. He then headed straight to the dressing room where Kim was already in the middle of preparations. Enchong rehearsed his spiels since he was hosting the event together with Shaina and Kim. Enchong, Shaina, and Kim first walked the runway wearing the newest Coke “positivity” shirts before doing their hosting duties.

    The show ended and all the employees and guests had photo opportunities with the three young stars. Enchong was definitely popular among the ladies, and even as he was on his way to the exit stairs, people were still trying to get photos taken with him.

    6 pm – Enchong invited ABS-CBN.com back to their house for a quick change and an hour to rest. His mommy Tess had prepared some refreshments, and while Enchong was in his room, she made some juicy revelations about her son’s personality not known to many.

    7 pm – The team went to the Star Magic offices in the ABS-CBN compound for Enchong’s dance rehearsal for a production number on ASAP ‘09. He rehearsed with fellow Gigger Boys Dino Imperial, AJ Perez, Arron Villaflor, and Sam Concepcion. After an hour, ABS-CBN.com asked Enchong for his message to fans and sponsor acknowledgements before calling it a day.

    9 pm - Despite the long and busy day, Enchong still found time to accommodate ABS-CBN Interactive’s request for a recording of his ringback tone and set up his KText. He made a quick stop at the ABSi office at the ELJ Building before heading back home.
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    NAME: Ernest Lorenzo Dee
    BIRTHDAY: November 5, 1988
    OCCUPATION: Actor, Model, Athlete
    SCHOOLS: De La Salle University-Manila
    HOMETOWN: Naga City, Camarines Sur
    Height: 170 cm tall
    HOBBIES AND INTEREST: Swimming and Chocolates!
    HE SPEAKS: Bicol, English and Tagalog.
    FAVORITE SONG: Cannonball by Damien Rice
    IDEAL DATE PLACE: A vendor's street where we can eat exotic food, like fishballs, but not in the Philippines- I'd like to try doing this in a foreign country.
  • DEEsturbiaDEEsturbia Ghabz [Chong♥Jess] PExer
    More on Enchong Dee? :bow:


    The thing about fame is that: You’re treated better than everyone
    The thing I love most about what I do is: I’m busy everyday
    People might be surprised to know that: I eat four times a day
    The most important thing I’ve ever learned is that: You can’t trust everybody
    I wish when I started off I’d been told to: be alert of things around you
    The worst thing that ever happened to me was that: I fell in the fish pond during kindergarten
    And what this taught me was: Listen to oldies when they tell you not to be too close to bullies
    The secret to happines is: respect!
    My best ever outfit consisted of a: polo, coat … basta formal! And oh, my timex watch!
    My Super! Saturday night consists of: friends from Bicol and just hang out in our house
    The soundtrack to my life would include: Cannonball by Damien Rice
    If I was invisible for a day, I would: Travel all over Egypt and get every treausre I can get
    The thing that makes me most angry is: when I’m hungry
    If I was the most powerful person on earth: I would order people and get every treasure I can get
    The best thing about family is that: You have someone to turn to all the time.
    When I’m gone, they’ll probably say: “sayang naman, miss ko na sya!”
    If money was no option: “I dont think so!”
    When I retire, I would like: to buy a house in the province and chill
    The world would be a much better place if: Americans will continue their isolation system
    My hero is: my dad!
    The thing that makes my life worth living is: Everytime I get to influence people
    My greatest hope for the future is: for the Philippines to be rich again
    The worst thing somebody said about me was: “Nagbago na sya, ang yabang na nya”
    My favorite moments are when:I was held second honors in High school
    My most embarrassing moment was when: I fell in the fish pond
    Describe the perfect woman: God-fearing, maasikaso, knows to cook well, and open-minded
    Where are you most ticklish: in my funny bone, near my ribs
    What is the one piece of clothing that makes you feel sexy: Briefs from Bench
    What can one do that makes you feel sexy: Just appreciate me
    What can one do that guarantee your being seduced: simply eyes
    What secret seduction technique you have in your sleeve: none!
    What was the last thing you could not say no: Swimming competition!
    What makes up for a great kiss: When both people brushed their teeth! haha
    What is on your bedside table: homework and scripts!
    I'm saving up for: A laptop
    My biggest indulgence is: to be a dean’s lister
    My current state of mind is: I’m rich and famous! haha
    My five favorite words are: Grabe! Thank you! Welcome! Thank God! I’m happy for you!
    I aspire to be: an Icon
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    February 02, 2009

    ENCHONG: Smile your day mga chongdees! andito ko ngayon sa swimming pool namin kakatapos lang namin magwater polo... sarap ng game, kasi panalo kami. Heheh! Pero larong bata lang yun. Enjoy lang kami:) txt you later...

    ENCHONG: Naglunch ka na ba? Kakalabas ko lang galing class tapos kumain ako ng sundae cone. Kasama ko rin syempre ang mga teammates ko:) sana kain ka na ng lunch mo para hindi kumukulo yung tiyan nyo heheh. Ingat!

    ENCHONG: Huling hirit for the day... Natawa kasi kapatid ko kanina sakin kasi pwedenya raw makita mukha nya sa buong pilipinas pag kasama ko sya... Kaya ito, kasama ko sya ngayon dito sa bahay kakain lang kami ng bulalo...yum! Laki ng ng tyan ko e hehehc: ingat kayo hah!
  • Okay na ba yung nashare ko na intro sa first part? Sorry guys.. worn-out to the max ako! Gathered facts + crucial cramming = yun! :p hahaha

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