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iCarly on Nickelodeon

iCarly (a.k.a. iCarly: The College Years, iCarly: The Next Generation, iCarly in Space, iCarly Kidz, iCarly: Back to the Future, iCarly and the Neels and iCarly Reborn) is an American preteen sitcom currently on Nickelodeon. Originally, it was a light-hearted comedy about kids who host their own webshow. It then went through a period in which the giant mutant newt growing in Carly's belly was the chief focus. Many of the former fans have asserted the show degenerated during this period into a series of "very special episodes", and the original webshow idea had been almost totally eclipsed by Carly's newt gestation. Recently, it has become focused more of action and sci-fi themes, although Carly's newt gestation still play a key role.

It originally starred Miranda Cosgrove as Carly Shay, Jennette McCurdy as Sam Puckett, the great Benson as Freddie Benson, Jerry Trainor as Spencer, John Tulane as Mark Matzko, and Delia Ketchum as Ms. Benson. Later, several giant mutant newts which lived in Carly's belly, Chippy the wily chipmunk, and several minor characters were added to the cast.

The show was so successful that it spawned a spin-off based on the "show-within-a-show" cAlvin and the Chipmunks. Chippy the wily chipmunk was transferred to the show in an attempt to boost ratings; however it was cancelled after just nine episodes, partly due to the Catholic Church condemning it for featuring Satanic talking animals.

Carly Shay is a thirteen year old girl who lives in the ghetto with her older brother, Spencer. She has 3 friends, Sam and Benson who are both secret lovers but bully each other to keep anyone from finding out, and Mark, a rather mysterious young man. Generically, their real lives involve finding treasure, being attacked by annoying jerks, and fighting tentacle monsters.

In the later part of season two, a giant mutant Newt was inserted into Carly's womb. Originally, the show intended to have the newt removed within a few episodes, but criticism by conservative activists forced the producers to rewrite the script, deciding to have Carly keep the Newt in her belly. After tossing around several ideas of how to have the Newt be removed accidentally without annoying conservatives, the producers and writers gave up, deciding to have Carly continue to gestate the giant mutant Newt. At arround the same time, it was revealed that the actress playing Carly, Miranda Cosgrove, had a giant mutant Newt growing in her belly in real life. Many of the episodes since then have focused primarily on Carly's Newt gestation, to the annoyance of the show's earlier fans.

Starting in season 5, the College Years, the show became more action oriented, and somewhat less focused on the fact that Carly has a newt living in her belly. This trend would continue in seasons 6-8, in the next generation story arc set 70 years in the future in a world ruled by newts. The webshow theme has largely fallen into the background, but is still present. Additionally, the amount of additions to the cast increased. This frequent re-tooling would continue in the show's later years.

Seasons 1-4: the original years, set mainly in high-school

Season 5: the college years, set mainly in college

Seasons 6-8: set 70 years into the future, in an America ruled by newts

Seasons 9 & 10: set in space following the destruction of Earth

Seasons 11 & 12: set before the original years, in kindergarten

Season 13: set after season 10

Season 14 onwards: set on a planet of newt-eel hybrids



iCarly > WOWP > Hannah Montana > everyone else > Unfabolous. Only Zoey 101 was better! :bounce2:


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