m wondering kung saan ako makakahiram pa ng mga laser discs.
i dnt like vcd's dahil puro pirate at malabo ang quality of sound and picture.
i plan on getting a dvd player but ang problema naman is mahal ata ang dics nun and i think ill just have a hard time finding a videoshop who rents out dvd's...
...care to comment on this ? =)


  • ?nema?nema Road Worthy Man PExer
    You'd be surprised how cheaper DVDs are compared to LDs, and how easier they are to find.
  • regineisqueenregineisqueen she reignes! PExer
    buhay pa ba ld's? we have tons at home, but i'm afraid to buy new ones, eh...
  • AnaliAnali Just visiting PExer
    Chick-boy, did you buy a DVD player yet? The format's become more and more popular lately, and there are lots of rental stores that carry DVDs now.


    PinoyDVD at http://www.pinoydvd.com

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