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LIEZEL GARCIA is INLOVE... A Pursuit to her One True Love --- MUSIC!!! [Thread IV]

:bounce:WELCOME, LIEZELIANS! :bounce:


There's a new disease that is fast-spreading... It is called LG ADDICTION!

LG Addiction is contagious and has become pandemic as people become so addicted to MARIA LIEZEL GARCIA, the Pride of Puerto Galera. Liezel Garcia is an aspiring singer of humble beginnings who tried her luck throUgh auditioning on PDA Season 2, which opened the door to her so-called popularity. But what made her become popular at present in not just a sheer luck. Equipped her unique and heart-capturing voice, coupled with her beauty inside and out, she showed the world how deserving she is to be a part of the music industry.

Currently, she has been gaining critical praise across the country for her impressive, soulful vocals, leading her towards reaching her dreams.

Here's a guide in determining if you have LG Addiction.

Instruction: Answer the following questions truthfully with either YES or NO. At the end of the test, count the number of YESes and see its interpretation below.

1. Can you state at least five (5) information about Liezel Garcia?

2. Can you name at least five (5) songs that she sang during the gala nights?

3. Do you know how many times she has become the Top Scholar during PDA Season 2?

4. Do you memorize the URL of her official website?

5. Are you registered to it?

6. Can you easily locate her thread in Pinoyexchange?

7. Are you always updated about her shows and gigs?

8. Have you ever sacrificed something for the sake of seeing Liezel or watch her on TV/listen to her on the radio?

9. Can you name at least five (5) Liezelians?

10. Do you send and receive messages (GMs or PMs) to and from the Liezelians?

11. Are you hurt when you read or hear negative comments about Liezel?

12. Do you consider yourself a Liezelian?





Your world almost revolves around Liezel Garcia. You know almost every detail about her. You always feel the need or have the urge to go online and check for updates about her even if you are too busy and is almost impossible to do so. You spend most of your time talking about her and can't resist from talking to a Liezelian. Liezel has your full support you don't mind spending lots of your resources for her.


You love Liezel Garcia and you support her as much as you can. you know many things about her and is interested of getting to know her more. However, you hesitate to sacrifice things in exchange of the opportunity to see her. You know some of the Liezelians and regularly contact them.


You admire Liezel Garcia because of her talent and beauty. You know little personal information and other details about her. You know few of the Liezelians and may or may not contact them. You seldom go online, that is why. You are not that updated about Liezel's shows ad gigs.


What the heck do you think you are doing? Why would you ever care answering these questions anyway? Haha. It's either you are lost, or in denial that you are addicted to Liezel Garcia, too! :eek_tongue:


Here's the GOOD NEWS: LG Addiction is the only disease that is good for the heart! :heartpump:







  • 1.jpg

    The Pride of Puerto Galera


    Birthday: December 20, 1984
    Place of Birth: Oriental Mindoro
    Height: 5’1”
    Weight: 105 lbs.
    Educ. Attainment: Mass Communication
    School: Polytechnic University of the Philippines
    Interests (other than singing): Dancing, acting
    Favorite Singers: Beyonce Knowles, Celine Dion
    Musical influences: Mariah Carey, Beyonce Knowles, Kyla, Lani Misalucha, Jaya, Sarah Geronimo, Ella Mae Saison
    Discovering my voice: When I was very young, my grandmother and I would get up at 5:00 a.m. She would teach me Tagalog songs and we’d sing together. I remember I started singing in public since I was three years old.
    First song ever performed: Dalagang Tagabukid
    Musical instrument I can play: Guitar (basic chords only)
    Musical instrument I’d like to learn: Piano, drums
    Greatest achievement: My two greatest achievements: when I finished college and when I was chosen as a finalist in PDA
    Biggest frustration: I want to be a model but I know I’ll never be one because I’m too small
    Greatest Dream: To be a professional singer
    Song of my life: On The Side Of Angels

    Quote Me: “You should fight for your life even thru trials… we need to grow, explore and move on.”

    Notes on Zhel:
    Probably her lola had great dreams for Zhel, thus the early morning trainings at 5:00 when she was too young to even appreciate what it could mean for her later in life.All she knew was that people would go crazy over her whenever she was given the microphone and made to sing in public.

    She was able to use this talent as she grew up, gaining popularity in her hometown as she reaped first prizes in local singing contests.Now that she has moved on to a grander scale, it’s just too bad that her lola can’t watch and hear her sing anymore.

    But what her lola can’t hear, perhaps her father can. He was never there to listen to her in her every singing contest; he left the family when she was six years old and was never heard from again until she was 20, then disappeared again.Maybe, inside the Academy, her voice will be able to reach out to her father and make him come home again.

    Taken from the Pinoy Dream Academy Official Site.


    Maria Liezel Garcia
    - beyonzel
    "the dreamer from Dubai"


    Click Here:
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    2. zanne_ph
    3. omalbv
    4. mj0784
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    9. seth_mbv
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    13. hanapkita
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    16. edz_lyn
    17. Meical Shayne a.k.a. Sinjin
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    23. leijuky
    24. jadette
    25. weetzie
    26. nypinay
    27. jaded
    28. bai_danica (danice_tria)
    29. mitchio14
    31. ralwynjames
    32. don_up7
    33. stratix30100
    34. chrisbenoit
    35. mr.a-z
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    38. angelfromnowhere
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    40. Aldreq
    41. taralets99
    42. DENNIVER
    43. TFCTwin
    44. patpat11241985
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    47. titanium <bhevs>
    48. ADMU
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    50. nursingstud
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    53. bejeja_tagum
    54. ferrari
    55. Fantastik
    56. BlairBass
    57. uchiha madara
    58. ehmhe
    59. mjrye
    60. ebetski <cousin of liezel>
    61. pinkaliciouz
    62. bigotilyo
    63. jonah22
    64. ezzie16tac
    65. potoserv
    66. cassis4men2
    67. ice_ice
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    83. frenchfries
    84. Tangtang
    85. princess1
    86. rl_estat
    87. ainsley08
    88. edsa77
    89. daomi25
    90. darski
    91. that_girl
    92. im_cool
    93. soclosed
    94. clawie
    95. koreanoveladik
    96. jonts
    97. opinionista
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    99. kutkot1
    100. pinoydreamer
    101. filcanada
    102. katy57
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    112. misisbucat
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    114. marie
    115. des113005
    116. bigbro08
    117. darna2267
    118. jeydie
    119. mikmik
    120. mabuhayOFW
    121. O R I E
    122. raetzel
    123. kitty annette
    124. uirie
    125. mjfmann
    126. xtine
    127. joan2
    128. Bhelliz
    129. sails
    130. ANNEANNE
    131. Denise angel
    132. sweet17
    153.m a c o i
    155. raysa_dyeyn (julieth)
    156. leerpej
    157.justin, the president!

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  • Here's the Liezelians' Official T-shirt Design:





    Please keep posted for the updates and other details about our shirt. this is still on the works. *okay*

    but here's the twist! :naughty:

    the TOP POSTER on Thread IV will be given a free Liezelian Shirt! :D:D

    so POST AS MUCH AS YOU CAN, guys! (please refer to the above rules in posting.)
  • Here are the photos of Liezel Garcia during her travel to Baguio City!






    isn't she gorgeous? :lovesigh:

    and she's with her MOM!

  • Preview-Status-poster24x36.jpg

    STATUS: A Valentine’s Night with the Scholars (Feb 13)
    This February 13, celebrate your pre-Love day with Liezel and the other scholars @ Ratsky, Tomas Morato. Please call (02)373-9882 for ticket info and reservations.

    from liezelgarcia.puertogalera.org

    BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW!!! *okay**okay**okay*
  • wow!! may bagong bahay na ulit??!!! ang ganda ah habang tumatagal lalong gumaganda ang mga bahay natin..salamat, salamat sa lahat Liezelians kung hindi dahil sa inyo di ko rin maaabot ang ganito..salamat sa palaging pagsuporta nyo saken..salamat sa hindi pagpatol sa mga nanghahamak sa tin at sa pagtatanggol nyo saken pag sumosobra na..basta lagi lang tayo mababa para mas pagpalain pa tayo..whoa! ang drama qo na ata ah?:bashful::mecry::hmm:

    Sa mga lurkers po, salamat sa pagdaan sa bahay namin at sana maging kaibigan din namin kayo..

    basta po wala na talaga ako mahihiling pa sa pagbibigay ni Lord saken ng mga kaibigang tulad nyo..Kung hindi dahil sa Kanya, di tayo magkakakilala..

    love you guys!!! God bless us all!!!
  • hello Liezelians and Lurkers! :wave:

    Welcome here at Liezel Garcia's latest thread! :bounce:

    here in our thread, we live by this rule:

    Thou shall not engage into senseless talks and endless rivalries! NO TO WAR! *okay*


    can't wait any longer to post here? :hear:

    First, make sure you have read everything that is posted above.

    Second, click this link and check if the previous thread already has 5000 posts:

    LIEZEL GARCIA IS LOVE... Rockin' Every Liezelian's World! [Thread III]

    Lastly, if 5000 posts is completed on the above link, you can now post here!

    ENJOY! :bungi:
  • Her Journey...

  • Don't forget to vote every hour.. everyday..



  • anagram.jpg

    Credits: *This anagram is created by Meng... awesome!
  • liezelianscopy-1.jpg

    :love:LIEZELIANS :love:

    L-iving our own days is quite annoying but living it with you, our days were colored.
    I-nstead of smiling, i am laughing, not just dancing, i own the dance floor.
    E-xtraordinary people met because of this angelic and extravagant voices.
    Z-any dolls and soldiers, we and we are, we maybe crazy but were sincere.
    E-nchanting kindness is what each other offers, giving it to everyone leads them.
    L-ove is us, love is her, love is what we see and hear.
    I-ntelligent speech is what you've hear, beautiful faces is all they've got.
    A-lways here with you, is what they could give but the most important is when they say, I love you.
    N-evertheless, they teach you grow, they give me strength, they provide love.
    S-weet people would always stay here in the sweetest lady's heart.

    from: ONE PROUD LIEZELIAN :love:
  • *okay*MENGAY BLOG*okay*


    Hey people ! Another Blog entry from me .. MENGAY J

    Internet is all over. They have said pwede na mag burol online SHACKS ! that was possible nowadays. But this is one thing I am sure about. A High-Tech Online ADIKS ! They are called LIEZEIANS. Someone builds a chat room named LG ONLINE. All are Liezel Garcia fanatics. They love the “The Pride of Puerto Galera” , They supported her from the start till to reach her goals and dreams. I am suppose to tell you all this things because I am a part. I am a one proud LIEZELIAN !

    Whoa ! I never imagine to have friends on the internet. No no, not really ! Cause we all know “on-line diseases” is fast growing. We can give a false information about our self. We all knew chats and all that stuffs. There were some giving you sucks, flirting or others were enemies pa nga. But this one .. Oh ! this was GREAT ! I have met different types of people. In different parts of the Philippines. Oh no ! Around the world pala. But an only one LIEZEL GARCIA in there HEART .. This was the start of my LG Addiction.

    “No, I don’t see her auditioned, I don’t even see her first months inside the academy”. That would be my answer if you’d ask me, if I watch her step by step. It’s that, with all the 16 scholars. She gave me a mark. A spark. A shine. A star factor.

    NBSB =))

    Listed above were some of the things I most admire to her (Liezel Garcia) That’s why a friendster and Liezel Garcia addicted, search her name ‘LIEZEL GARCIA’ – maybe she have her account there. But I haven’t see her account (MALAS) The graet thing is, I have search for LIEZEL GARCIA’S OFICIAL FRIENDSTER FAN SITE (BWENAS) Where I have met those important person in my life now. Once I click the ‘become a fan’ button, I have experience hilarious things HEHE wacky people, gives me smile into my face.

    I think mga tiga Dubai, yung mga una kong nakachat .. And my mind becomes broaden about Liezel. Potoserve, is the first one, whom I texted. Who I ask to be my Ate. And she gave me the privilege to be. There were usernames like michaelangelo, gmufool, maricar … etc. At ang dame pa, can’t remember lang all. WHOOO ! rhaysa, Pd Jenmaci, Rhodz, Jeuz. They are my chatmates, sila ang naabutan ko when its my time to go online.

    But this one Kharyzs gets me to be more close to everyone. She is my ATE daw, a 17 year old chick from Antipolo. At I never imagine this, (GULAT) CHARIZS ANNE DELA CRUZ ang full name niya. My two younger sisters names. And my long lost friend surname ! WHOA .. We become sisters, we fought but still were friends and were more closer now.

    Then I have met my loving SISY, ATE ELOISA, from Tanauan Batangas, whom gives the love like I never felt before. She is an older sister, as I promise. We text everyday, chikahan, kulitan, adikan, kwentuhan. More of Liezel Garcia of course. She would always stay here in my heart as I promises her. ELOISA ROXAS, the best ate ko.

    Ate Alffa. Who calls me ‘NENG’ I thought, wrong type from M to N haha. But no ! uso daw pala yun sakanila. She is also from Batangas, the niece of Liezel Garcia. ALFFA MANALO, “Ang Dalang Filipina” an Ate, a friend. A great student.

    And this “MITCHIO” whom I never encounter the name when I’m online. But she knew me (NAKS ! Lakas ng dating mo Mengay) LOL ! Ate Elois gave her number to me, pero di na pala yun ang gamet niya (ang POGA) then one day we’ve finally chat, nagpangabot kame at last. She is the one who thought me the word “ADIK” My Ate Vena, my ATE TAKTE VENUS CORDOVA, a registered nurse from Muntinlupa. Party lover, sister, sweet lady, galante, the one I loved.

    And Oh ! This cute Rhodzs .. She’s always online, kahit anong oras yan ee, sa PEX, at sa Chatango. So if you have something in mind that you wanna know nor confirmed about Liezel, don’t think twice, just ask her. I bet you, she’ll probably have an answer ! haha. RHODA GONZALES, our birthday girl .. from Marikina. Our accountant, ang aming ingat-yaman. Alam niyo, super saya ko, when she says, she loves me, I don’t know why, at kasi akala ko, I’m the only one loving her, and she don’t to me. HAHA mali pala ako. THANKYOU Ate Rhods.

    Potoserve. My first Ate sa lahat sakanila. A fanarts maker, a lovable artist, a talented woman, an addicted fan, God fearing one, and a beautiful person in and out. Napaka laki ng utang ko ditto ee .. I love her, only because she is she. LANIE PEREZ, from Batangas.

    This was the craziest encounter of all ! KWEENEE .. LOL ! She is bai_danica, DANICA for short.My idol, my insperation. From Sultan Kudarat, from Davao, an NPA for short ulet ! Here it goes, I get mad kase to my Ate Cha, the 3 of us were OL at that time and some of the LL’s pa. Ate Cha, have messages for me, but as usual I snob her, and talked to idol, that was our first meeting (AT ANG KAPAL KO TALAGA) I ask Idol Dan if she could be my Ate, cause I don’t have an Ate na .. and she replied, “SIGE” without knowing why, And the crazy thing is, we don’t know each other well pa pala, and hindi ko siya natandaan .. (NAKAKAHIYA) But getting to know her is so AMAZING ! I am learning and I am loving it. DANICA JOY ANIMAS, an IDOL, a sister, a friend.

    KUYA CHUA . my Kuya, who I have met din sa chatroom ! He’s so mysterious. He didn’t give his first name till he gave it to me as a friendster message. He is the cousin/nephew of my Idol Zhel. And sabi pa niya “Namimiss na nga namen siya ditto sa bahay” I quote. Buth then I replied, “Ako din ee, miss ko na siya sa bahay (sa academy pala dapat)” sabi pa ni Kuya oh “Hindi, pinsan ko talaga siya” I saw his pictures and he is with Liezel talaga sa Dubai .. haha TOTOO pala, kala ko FEELINGERO lang ee ! He is the brother of Ate Alffa, kaya pala mabaet ! JINKY MANALO, Dubai based, from Batangas. A loving kuya. KULEEET !

    Madeliezel. I first encounter this username, when she and Ate Lanie, were discussing about ASAP. I got to know her more when we started texting. “ANG BABAENG GM ANG REPLY” She is fun to be with .. Alam niyo ba, nagkatapuhan kame nito ee. HAHA kaya wala na akong natatanggap na GM’s niya ! She never realize siguro that I really love her ! Anyways, *little drama princess na ako* (SANA LANG MABASA NIYA TO DI BA)
    MADEL ARCHETA, from Mandaluyong, sea lover, yalala, my Ate.

    Those were some of the LIEZELIANS that I am attached with .. OTHERS ? next blog entry .. this is the end of my kwento for now.
    Oh ano hinahanap niyo ? HA ? ATE DHENCY ? ay nakalimutan ko .. HAHA JOKE LANG ! (pwede ba yun?)

    DHENCY ? I always encounter the name before, but we didn’t chat that often .. Actually, we don’t talaga I knew more about her because of Ate Elois, they call each other “bestfwend” I visited kase Ate Elois profile on friendster to leave some comments. At ako, si pakielamerang chismosa naintriga. I click the name LABZUDHENCY, and I view her. She viewed me back also, then I got to know she is an LL’s pala .. I ask for her number and we texted. Getting to know her is something that I won’t regret in my entire whole life .. (GRABE AA , ENTIRE NA WHOLE PA) redunDHENCY .. She really tells me, she loves me, and I think, it’s not a lie. She make me feel I am her younger sister. That it came to a point, na pati sa kapatid ko she is giving important si CHARIZE LL’s din haha. She always calls me pandak, as if I’m that short. And she is a more like KAPRE to me .. DHENCY FRIAS ‘y KAPRENG BSWET , from Cubao .. a sister. A friend. A truthful lover, and an important part of me.

    Being and experiencing the LG ADDICTION, were all FUN ! We didn’t ends there, We are now leading our ways na to Our 4th HOME !

    THANK YOU to Our Dearest LIEZEL GARCIA, We’ve got to know each other this well. We all become friends and sisters too. We won’t stop loving and supporting you till the end, as YOU GAVE US EACH OTHER NOW !

    I won’t regret any of the things I have sacrifice for all of you, LIEZELIANS and LIEZEL GARCIA. Thank you for teaching me all the good karmas in this world, I salute all of you, for the love and and respect you’ve offer to me.

    End of the entry ..
  • yahoooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    lipat bahay na,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    1.Message To Liezel,,
    LIEZEL,ahmmm,,,thans for all kasi at first na makilala kita alam ko na napakabait mo.hope na sana more career and sana kahit busy ka na sa mga darating pang panahon,hope that wag mo ako kalilimutan ,kasi andito lang ako for good times and bad times I can help you when you have a problem basta more powers to you idol.at tsaka sana kung makikilala na kita in person sana maaccept mo ako not only a fan but as a friend.thanks idol,,,
    2.hi LIEZELLIANs,
    thanks for all kasi kahit di ko pa kayo nakikilala in person ang bait niyo na sa akin sana kung mameet ko kayo in person maging real friends tayo at kung may problem kayo I can be your adviser kaya ko naman makatulong sa inyo kahit sa ganung paraan lang.basta andito lang ako para sa inyo magsabi lang kayo sa akin kung may problems kayo at syempre bigyan ko kayo ng advice.sana kung sa time na ganun din ako may problem sana matulungan niyo rin ako,,,(hahaaha)basta thank you very much kasi inaccept niyo ako dito sa LIEZELLIANS,many many many thanks sa inyo guys.
    3.as Liezellians masasabi ko na napakalaki ng nabago ko sa buhay ko 1st is natuto akong maging matatag sa life ko kapag may problem ako kasi iniisip ko na anjan naman kayo para mag advice sa akin sa mga problems ko.
    2nd is naging creative ako sa aking mga fan art kahit ulit ulit kong pinopost,nagpapasalamat ako kasi may mga taong nakakaapreciate ng mga ginawa ko nag karoon ako ng tiwala sa sarili.
    IMPACT NI LIEZEL sa buhay ko is dahil sa kanya yung talent ko sa pagkanta lalo kong napaimprove kasi gusto ko rin maging singer alam ko na kahit sinong orinaryong tao kayang maging katulad niya dahil kay liezel mas nakikita ko sa arili ko kaya ko ring maging katulad niya nahaa pa yung talent ko sa singing at siyempre dahil kay liezel dun a mga pinagdaanan niya sa buhay niya nalabanan niya kaya yun idol ko talaga siya kasi siya lang ang hinangaan ko ng sobra sobra..
  • beyonzel wrote: »
    wow!! may bagong bahay na ulit??!!! ang ganda ah habang tumatagal lalong gumaganda ang mga bahay natin..salamat, salamat sa lahat Liezelians kung hindi dahil sa inyo di ko rin maaabot ang ganito..salamat sa palaging pagsuporta nyo saken..salamat sa hindi pagpatol sa mga nanghahamak sa tin at sa pagtatanggol nyo saken pag sumosobra na..basta lagi lang tayo mababa para mas pagpalain pa tayo..whoa! ang drama qo na ata ah?:bashful::mecry::hmm:

    Sa mga lurkers po, salamat sa pagdaan sa bahay namin at sana maging kaibigan din namin kayo..

    basta po wala na talaga ako mahihiling pa sa pagbibigay ni Lord saken ng mga kaibigang tulad nyo..Kung hindi dahil sa Kanya, di tayo magkakakilala..

    love you guys!!! God bless us all!!!

    wuhoooooooo.. ang galing ni idol.. nasa bagong bahay na agad! mabuhay ka!

    ay idol basta walang iwanan itoh. hanggang sa makamit na natin ang tagumpay. kasi tagumpay mo tagumpay din naming lahat! :bashful:
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